Why I can`t play the DLC offline?!?

I am getting tired of the never ending problems of this game. Took my notebook to play on my mother in law house, there is no internet over there, just to discover I can`t play the DLC offline! FIX, IT!

Thing is, what if you have no internet what so ever where you live at? Or that the company go under? (hopefully not) If you can only play the DLC, that you payed for, ONLINE. Then what the point in buying them from the start? I might as well just buy the basic game and Not the DLC.

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I absolutely agree with FluffyMadness. This is terrible. If it is Epic I am glad this is the only game I have through there server… They S U ck for sure…

If the DLC - or game - is not running in offline mode, please open a support ticket for assistance:


I know you mean well, but I hate filing ticket’s. normally have to creat a pass word, jump through a few hoop’s and it just is aggravating.

This is a problem I was hoping the dev’s would jump on and fix, or instruct the the party at fault to fix it.

I did manage to finally play it off line, but after killing the main boss before I could open all the chests the game dropped said I needed to be online to play… This after finishing the entire DLC… Main I bypassed a lot of the little side quest’s.

Way I managed to do it was to log in online, and then once I was in game I jerked My USB WiFi, and it hickuped a little, and then kept letting me play.

but like I said after killing the main boss it stuck back at me. I hope the ultimate gear was not in one of the unopened chest… :slight_smile: . logging back it it did show I had completed the quest at least.

You don’t need an account to create a ticket, only if you want to follow progress on-line. Otherwise, all interaction is via email. I will agree that some of the things the standard script requires a mildly irritating.


I contacted someone in GBX associated with CS on their side, and he strongly encouraged filing the ticket as this may be something the support desk can help with. Even if they can’t, the more instances of a problem that are logged, the more likely it is that cause and solution can be identified and a fix issued. While GBX staff do check the forums for issues, they have repeatedly indicated that having logs via the CS system helps track, identify, and prioritize issues for the bug fix team.


This is not ok with me. If i knew my dlc was locked to online play i would not have bought this game. I really wouldnt have. I hate live service games. I thought i purchased the game and all its content ro play in. Like bl2 ultimate was.

W t hell. Is this intended or what as im experiencing this now. Im sure people wouldn’t buy the game if they knew.

It is not intended, and it seems (iirc) that this is only the case if you’re using the Epic launcher? (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.) Which is why support tickets are important, even though they can be frustrating to submit and follow up on.

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YES ONLY EPIC LAUNCHER is affected. Steam works as expected.

Since I submitted my ticket to EGS (2+ months ago) I’ve seen at least 2 launcher updates but haven’t had the time or desire to test Epic launcher DLC offline. If I remember, I’ll try to test on Tuesday/Wednesday next week.