Why I can't find DLC2 on PlayStation Store?

I, Have, Searched, Everywhere, To find dlc2 and play it like a normal human being but no, There has to be a crapy early April Fools joke about releasingthe dlc2 to everyone but me. I have BL3 Super deluxe edition! What do you want me to do? Make a new account and buy it as if my dad is still with me? I am broke and broken because I loved this series. I want to know, Am I punished for being a hard working good heart human being or what?
This is the pics I got that have all the information you need to know what the heck is going on there

There have been accounts that the DLC has been made unavailable in certain parts of the world. The one account in particular I’ve seen is from Saudi Arabia. The government there may have blocked the DLC from becoming available, or Gearbox may have chosen not to make it available, because of it involving a wedding between two male characters.

So that means that I have incomplete game and I will have to buy another game with season pass from another account that isn’t Saudi Arabian account. if that’s the case then, I might not be able to buy anything Untill next two years due to financial problems I have. Darn. If only they could remove some of the that “element” then it could get to Saudi Arabia PS store. God darn it!

You should ask 2k support, you already paid for super deluxe edition.