Why I can't log in my SHiFT account in PS3

I mean, I created the SHiFT account because I saw that you give us special content and stuff
But, when I log in, it says that the service isn’t avalaible right now, and I tried other days, and says the same thing
A friend have the same problem as me

Try logging back in to the SHiFT website and see if that works. If it does, double check that your account is shown as linked to your PSN one. Note that a typo in your name on either end will prevent successful connection when you launch BL2 or TPS.

Mate, when I link it, it says ‘Acces denies to’ and a series of numbers and letters like an error, see here.

Not sure what the deal with that is, but a couple of possibilities occur to me:

  1. You are entering credentials on the PSN site that are different from the ones associated with your PSN account. Make sure you’re entering the same e-mail address as used to create your PSN account. I’d recommend verifying that you can sign in to PSN directly (without going via the SHiFT site) before trying anything else.
  2. Sony have made some change on their end, so that the PSN login site is no longer talking properly to the SHiFT site. If this is the case, GBX and Sony will need to figure out how to fix the sign-in issue.

At this point, your best bet after confirming (1) above would be to file a support ticket with GBX SHiFT, which you can do from the link near the top of this page:


It worked, thanks!!

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