Why I didn't play the Closed Technical Test

I just answered the survey, but wanted to elaborate so the devs will hopefully get the message.

Very brief background: I’m a 20-year QA vet, professionally. If it involves QA, I know it. This isn’t a rant from some rando who expected a fully-working retail product.

Several times, I fired up the CTT. Anxiously anticipating getting my test on. I think I gave up after that first weekend, because my free time ran out with the weekend.

I never got past a queue. Never once. Matchmaking never found me a game to play. I tried every option, I believe, and I tried them all more than once. Closest I got, it found my team, but never found the opposing before I gave up. Longest wait, I think, was around 60 minutes before I gave up and went on to other things.

I love Gearbox, know people who work for Gearbox, am a fellow DFW guy, etc. But damn…if you’re going to throw a closed beta like this, your internal QA HAS HAS HAS to run load testing against the matchmaking servers to make sure they work in the most basic way. Either that, or whoever handles the logistical planning of inviting playtesters needs to have a realistic concept of how many you’ll need.

This honestly felt like a deliberate waste of my time. And no, I don’t want any replies detailing how many bajillion people were able to play, as that isn’t the point. I’ve seen no shortage of reports similar to my experiences. Poor planning and poorer execution are to blame here, guys.

I appreciate all you do, and you’ve yet to release a Gearbox-developed product that I haven’t adored, but in the future, take it to heart: value the time of your volunteers. Some folks, like me, have very limited free time, and to waste even a couple of hours of that on a lost cause was no small deal for me.

Plan better.

Execute better.

Thank you.

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I gave up on the beta after about 30mins because everytime i pulled the trigger my gun would continue to shoot until i ran out of bullets. This made the game almost impossible to play. I felt like mcgruber with my gun just shooting crazy around.

Interesting. Did you send a ticket to support to report this problem? This might be something they might want to be made aware of so that they can find and fix the problem in case it is happening to others.

If you know that the problem is complained about everywhere, you probably also know the answer that goes with it?

@TheFunfighter: if you don’t like a thread, don’t post in it.

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As this is a “Why I didn’t play the CTT” thread, here’s why I couldn’t.

There was no southpaw setting options.

In this day and age what games don’t have a southpaw option or at least give you the ability to change all the button and stick/toggle options.

Apart from Fallout 4 that is. What’s up with you Bethesda?

However I had my son over to stay a few times while the test was on and from what I saw he enjoyed it.

i didn’t help with the ctt because of a connection and love i felt with testing motiga’s gigantic. during weekend playtests i’d play from the moment i woke until my eyes closed shut. with a very low population of testers on xbox, many of which would quit and cancel the entire game for everyone due to their being mismatched with friends, queue times could be sixty seconds or minutes and almost half the games failed to launch anyways. to consider this as time wasted overlooks, underminds the friends i made through playing a game we love and the time we were together when ■■■■ broke