Why I don’t care about any of these loot events:

The next dlc will have all the meta weapons and it doesn’t matter. Power creep is terrible in this game and balance is just… non-existent.

I honestly won’t give a ■■■■ about this game until gbx stops supporting it and the sandbox is permanent.


The idea of games as a service is pretty alienating with loot and level based games. It works better for sports games and fighting games where the mechanics are tweaked or rosters are updated.

What if they capped the level and instead just awarded additional Skill Points? That could be the capstone of each Guardian Rank tree.

For Looter Shooters treating them as games as a service feels more fair if the publisher is releasing cyclical Takedown events and maps to mob. All the leveling revisions at the expense of previous time in game is unfortunate.


Well lets be honest its not really for us more so the streamers because that is who they are catering to now days.


Suit yourself.

I prefer not to wait until then to play the game with weapons I want new versions of (in the meantime).

I like this respectful way of seeing it. I personally am enjoying the journey for the most part.

I do very much wish they’d stop upping the level cap. Add content rather than artificially resetting my gear I spent hours farming for.

On topic and to prove my above point: I dread these events because I know when they start, there’s another level cap right around the corner, making me less likely to try to enjoy them.

Like said above, stabilize the level, and widen out the content. I’d say they should open up hell and the cartels permanently with just repeatable entry quests or something and continuously treat those things like head hunters players can attempt. Stop raising the level cap, and definitely don’t do it right after events where you give us meaningless amounts of loot we’re just gonna throw out. I mean, how hard is raising the level cap on the balance of the game anyway? Every time the cap is raised, some of the meta breaks and it’s the same story of rebalancing and waiting for a nice hotfix again.


Monarch, Backburner, Plaguebearer, Reflux, Sand Hawk are part of the meta and yet you don’t need any dlcs to get them.

I get what you’re trying to say, I agree with some of it, powercreep in this game is wild and dlc stuff is amazing on purpose so you get baited to buy them. But you’re being dishonest/biased when you say next dlc will have all the meta weapons. That’s not true to this day.

I cannot care about these loot events, as I am unable to play them.
Best to wait until it’s all released, and they stop messing with it. See if it works; out it, if it still doesn’t.
And the longer it becomes since I have played it, I miss it much less; if at all.

Come November though, this game will be forgotten like a fart in the wind…

Buuuuuut… Streamers cater to viewers and subs. When people check out on their streams they change what they do on stream to try and increase viewership and engagement.

The appetite of viewers is where the power lies, and their consciousness of their influence over the marketplace.

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Well, there’s that and they tend to love springing a new level cap raise right afterward.


I feel differently. As soon as they stop supporting it and the sandbox is permanent, I move onto the next game. I have a huge backlog of games which I haven’t been playing because I have been enjoying Borderlands 3 so much.

Honestly Borderlands hasn’t been as enjoyable as when I first became a fan ever since BL2, and I figured out why after picking up Guild Wars 2 again 7 years later. That game lets to do almost whatever you want at max level to progress your character. Borderlands 1 is the only game in the series that has a natural feeling of gear progression. You could pretty much do whatever you want, opening various chests, using a mismatch of purple, legendary, and even blue weapons, and you’d never feel underpowered because you didn’t have the best gear. Gear progession in Borderlands now is nothing more than repeatedly slamming your head against the same walls over and over until the meta weapons finally fall out, rinse and repeat for every mayhem level under 10 and every level cap increase. And then people pretend as if handicapping yourself with semi decent weapons means they’re still viable.

These events aren’t incentives for me to come back, but once DLC 4 drops I’m gonna go back to my BL1 mindset and do a semi clean slate playthough. Gonna reset the campaign on my max level character, delete every piece of gear on them and in my bank and rely almost exclusively on random gear drops and just do whatever I want. As long as I can progress up to mayhem 6 I’ll be content, and if not, who cares. Feeling like I needed to pursue the meta and mayhem exclusive gear made me grow to hate them. Vladof weapons are my favorite weapons to use and yet I hate the Monarch because of how stupid easy it is to kill things compared to other Vladof weapons. It baffles me how a mayhem 6 Monarch can be better than a mayhem 10 Shredifier.


I did this with one of my BL2 characters once… sold off everything in his bank, sold off all his backpack/equipped items, and reset the playthrough and used whatever came my way. It was fun. :slight_smile:


Since DLC 2 i am just completing the DLCs then taking a break right after. I don’t know if I burned out, or that the game is so unbalanced and these constant changes to equipment and levels make it very hard to enjoy. After DLC 4 I won’t come back or purchase further DLC until they leave the game alone.


And the best part is that you don’t even need to wait for DLC4 to play that way. You could do it at launch, actually.

I think bulk of complaints about nerfs, balance, dedicated drop rates etc. is coming from people who favor a specific play style: min max crowd, maximum difficulty, hardest content etc. Sometimes I think that GBX is refusing to address these asks deliberately: may be they don’t want you to save/quit farm the same poor boss ad nauseam.

If you play the game with the philosophy of “let me see what cool gun is going to drop next”, most of the issues debated at length on this forum are irrelevant. Sounds like you are about to try this approach.

In that sense BL3 is much more like BL1 - generous drop rates and plenty of interesting guns that work. Not necessarily at MH10 for raid content, but that’s a separate topic.


I used to play all day every day since release but got stale soon once I had got everything I was looking for, not really bothered about the game in general anymore,its just not fun. Haven’t played in like 2 months and these events arent enticing at all,I’ll have a look at the krieg dlc and that’s about it.

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Now that I think about it I think the logic is:

  1. Add Loot Events to get people interested in the game.

  2. Add new content to keep them interested.

  3. Add more levels to reward playing new content, even if players aren’t very positive about it.

Even if you switch 1 & 3, it’s still planned obsolescence. At least they don’t close servers like the sports games do.


I might start prior so I can be ready for DLC 4 the day it drops, but right now I’m having alot more fun in Guild Wars 2 so I’m gonna have to try and balance my time in both.

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I did this a couple of times too in BL2, did not farm anything, only used what dropped along the way. And once I was done with the campaign, I emptied out again and did all the DLCs starting each one empty. Much fun. :slight_smile:

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If it helps, try to think of it the way I do: Gearbox added a new loot tier to the game, but they forgot to make it a different colour/appearance. So, guns like the monarch are actually pearlescent tier, but the game makes them look legendary (like when it glitches and turns some of the legendary stuff into unique stuff). The pearlescent gear is all the most powerful legendaries, like the sandhawk, etc, and most of the meta stuff.
I mean, the monarch is basically the next tier up version of the dictator, so it’s obvious that it’s a pearlescent dictator, which proves the point. The only reason the game doesn’t show it as a new loot tier, seems to be that gearbox said they weren’t making any more loot tiers, so they’ve added weapons in those tiers without the tiers themselves.

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To be fair, at launch they didn’t. They specifically said that they weren’t adding dedicated drops and everything was world drop (except for exclusive items), to encourage players to mob rather than farming. The community went nuts, insisting that they add dedicated drops for players that WANTED to farm (something I think was a mistake). Gearbox gave it, and added dedicated drops, even though they hadn’t designed the game for them, and they’re still trying to sort that mess out (they recently made even more bosses respawnable, to spread the loot out more, and make it easier to farm).
I wish they’d kept everything as world drops, but more like the “loot the universe” event, where certain maps had an increased chance of certain types of drop (like a map with more pistols, or one with more tediore, etc).