Why I don’t care about any of these loot events:

I enjoyed the world drop system much more. I I fall into the min-max endgame crowd, and with the release of Mayhem 2.0 nearly all viable weapons became exclusive to dedicated drop farming. I actually hate save quit farming, it was my primary grudge against BL2.

I would LOVE to see M6+ weapons added to the world drop loot pool. You would still have to play in higher Mayhem levels. The chances of getting them to drop would still be extremely low with the world drop loot pool. But to be able to see a Kaoson or Plaguebearer etc. drop in Slaughter Shaft would be much more enjoyable.


Like BL1 Moxxi’s Underdome and Claptrap Revolution? Would’ve been a nice perk for completing trials, circles of slaughter, takedowns, etc on NVHM and TVHM.


I think the Loot Events are great. It gives more opportunities to obtain legendary gear in creative ways and enhances playability for those seeking specific world drops. However, the problem with me is that I don’t find any of the world drops to be desireable, thus diminishing my personal interest.


Are there any drops that primarily come from the world that are even worth it for any1 that serves for more then just a placeholder?

Very much feel the say way,played a few runs and out of hundreds of drops i may have found one thing worth picking up,so instead i went back to my hunting very unique pieces and within a few runs scored a Garcia urad and working on a build that i’d given up on that now maybe workable,there is still other content that keeps me engaged but wish some of the events felt fresh with stuff that was new and may feel new to those who haven’t been playing since around launch but maybe this is why it feels stale

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Nice thought process, unfortunately it’s unprecedented.

Neither in BL1 nor in BL2 Pearls were BIS weapons. They were rare (BL2) or even extremely rare (BL1). Some were very good, maybe Tier 1 (many BL1 pearls and some BL2 pearls like the Bekah or Butcher too). Others were good to mediocre. And some just sucked (e.g. Bearcat).

Point is, they were not required for min-maxers/max damage playstyles or builds since they never were the best weapons.

Unlike BL3, were each new iteration of legendaries is more powerful than the last one. Gearbox didn’t just forget to add a new rarity, they implemented power creep.


Oh, I agree. Pearlescent gear wasn’t always the best. Gearbox haven’t managed to keep the loot tiers accurate in terms of power levels, but B3 has the worst disparity within the legendary tier, of any game (IMO). The gap between the best legendaries and the worst is absolutely insane. The best purples are far better than the worst legendaries, and the best legendaries clearly feel like a better tier than most of them.