Why I Don't Hate Post-Nerf El Dragon

(wisecarver) #61

…If you get the boom bot challenge in the first part how do you pull that one off with him?

(Theavarchivist) #62

You can actually just stand at the Beacon and offhand melee them away one at a time with any character.

(Skeksis Syl) #63

Actually iirc, dragon splashes aoe field at 2 will auto kill boom bots if they just touch the field since they take about 1000x more dam from skills. Killed many boom bots in the algorithm this way

(Theavarchivist) #64

Yeah that too. I usually splash the first wave and punt the 2nd.

(Skeksis Syl) #65

Yeah that challenge is definetly on the lower end of his concerns on that op if your smart

(Look children, it's the end of the world!! :D) #66

I always get worried I won’t be able have a good enough response to longer posts, then mine are just as long x_x here goes.

I disagree with him going so far this direction. He should not be an agile squishy support poke. That doesn’t match the type of character he is. He is more in the support role now because he can’t survive at all (never really could) and everyone else can outdo anything he can. His clothesline can give slow to opponents, his splash can do dot damage to an area, he has a stun (which everyone on the other team will know is coming causing them to avoid you completely to group up, he can’t 1v5) He has a knock up (no escape) and an area melee which kinda has crappy range now. None of that is enough to contribute to a team especially when another team has characters who can effortlessly wreck players without taking too much damage (oriendi, Thorn) and the team knows you, well… are El Dragon lol. He will just die in seconds, even with the tank stacks. I liked the role that the game itself describes him. A skirmisher brawler, someone who can deal and take damage within the fight, and zoom to different areas of the fight and map to poke or yes build stuff. He ended up being more of the flipside, melee glass cannon like the designer said, which does not match the in game description in my opinion. El Dragon should be BRAWLING with characters, participating in fights, not making a split second reveal to leave immediately after. If you asked me, I’d like to see him go a more tanky route. Take the glass cannon out. He’s a big wrestler with robot arms (and a floating crown =) ) Let him do less damage, but take more, so his utility can be of more use. He could knock up characters, splash them for dps, slow them, weaken them, he could use more of his ability tree this way. Maybe the speed buff after splash would be more of use, let his non-knock up clothesline dash more often etc…Actually this is kinda supportish… Minus the building and being scared of anything that moves. But El Dragon belongs IN the fights using the cool utilities that he has, not cowering from enemies until the planets align and the most perfect opportunity arrives. I think most may disagree with him being more brawler because killing with him is satisfying, people like the idea of him getting stacks, and it goes with his character design, a champ with a belt who wants bigger numbers. But I’d want to be able to use his abilities more and be in fights often. He is too cool and flashy to stay away so much.

(Maskerader) #67

No, they don’t. Just because you did this doesn’t mean he’s OK. He’s much weaker and harder to play now compared to all other characters.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #68

He got hit in 3 dif ways, each alone would put him in a nice place.

Lower his hp without nerfing his aoe would make him a glasscanon, he still can do penta kills with his combo.

Nerf his basic meele combo; specially his clap power and range, still can pull stuns for the team and stay in lane long enough.

Nerf his aoe and stun time, this would make him focuse more in his basic combo and make en fuego a damage burst ult.

But nope he got hit in survavility, damage, range and cc.

Its not about if he can or not finish ops100 is how hard it is for him to do it. Rath and phoebe have a hard time vs brutes because their meele dmg is higher than their gun dmg and el dragón can clap crit.

His hp is so low and has no way to survive a burst dmg or sustain… For me he was hard to play in pve vs fat minions, now he is just not fun at all, his aoe is crap and in pvp i have seen many el dragón and none survive, if they hit lvl 5 before the first sentry gets destroy they should feel proud, i dont even think they can get to lvl 7 before the game is over.

(Look children, it's the end of the world!! :D) #69

In response to pre-nerf El Dragon. I thought he was completely balanced myself. Yes he could deal good damage, yes his ult was powerful, but that was because he was a MELEE character with low health. He could still be shut down easily. I’ve had so many games where I still got my ass kicked, which convinced me to use him 90% of the time to get better with him. And then he gets nerfed so hard that I feel like all that time was wasted lol.

Apparently it was the other much more naturally gifted El Dragon players who convinced the devs that he needed to be way weaker. Like Ryze ver. 2 from league of legends, or Illidan from heroes of the storm, he was a character who was unstoppable in the hands of a professional player, while people like me just get screwed over, and even more screwed over with heavy nerfs. This is probably rude but I wonder if his stats were changed this way so that players would just back off of him until he could be fixed. But then I come across this thread where people enjoy using him as a support character who needs to be played incredibly conservatively lol.

(Dr H0 H0) #70

Your not alone since i felt he was balanced in comp play but just shredded in pubs since they didn’t know how to deal with him. i already messaged grant as soon as I got a feel for his changes and gave him my opinion. Randy mentioned to me he had a “few” hot fixes lined up for him but all I’ve noticed so far are his dot’s making a return.

I can still pub stomp with him so i’m not sure if the nerfs had their desired effect. The only way to really solve that problem is take a look at his kit since it’s mean’t to do just that, kill people who don’t have the CC to deal with it. Right now Rath is overall better as a support because he’s safe and doesn’t need to throw his squishy body into the enemy. No reason to pick him in comp matches unless I’m using him unfortunately…

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #71

Many just wanted a clap nerf including @Dr_H0H0, the fact people say “he makes a good support melee” is ridiculous as that does not fit his lore AT ALL and he is met to be a carry with his kit