Why I don't like Aria's fight

Disclaimer 1: I don’t say “It’s too difficult”/“Nerf it”/“I can’t do that”. I can and I do that successfully with all the different characters.

Disclaimer 2: This is my personal impression, I’m not implying you should think or feel the same.

Among different roles in this game and many others I definitely prefer attacker’s role. I like to kill enemies and I like to do it fast; however, I’m not a risky man, if being a good attacker requires me to be glass cannon I rely on my knowledge of game mechanics, enemies behaviour and environment to compensate that “glassiness” (I also love life leach attribute). But I’m not a fan of surviving at all costs, kiting and so on - shooting and punching is what I play this game for. I’m also a kind of perfectionist/control freak and I don’t like chaotic fights, unpleasant surprises and one-shot deaths; all those luck-based events in general.

As you might understand, Aria’s fight doesn’t quite favour my preferences. Almost all the time you have to do many things at once: kill adds, kill anchors, watch boss for her powerful strikes and dodge them, watch the ground to avoid being hit by arriving anchor and even watch two bosses at once in the end. Oh, I forgot one little thing - you also have to keep hitting boss, because it’s your main objective - to kill her. And my mistakes are likely to be punished with a hit of more than half of my health or even instant death.

With all those things happening at once I have little time to learn boss patterns, adds spawns, anchors spawns, timings, etc. In order to learn how to perform a “clean” fight, a fight that was intended by devs (if it was at all…), I actually have to stop fighting, but it’s not quite what I play this game for.

And with a team everything becomes even more chaotic and each mistake results in an even greater punishment. Like it wasn’t enough already.

It’s not like I’m constantly dying, not at all. 2 deaths is my max so far, average death count is 1. But, because of its very nature, the whole battle going feels dissatisfying to me. And even if I managed to do a deathless run, it feels a bit like it wasn’t result of my efforts but just the luck.

I just beat Aria with Caldarius at 100 OP and died only once, and you know what? I say - skrew that. I’m not going to do that anymore. Until I have like 2 lives left by the middle of the fight (that, you guess, is impossible at current difficulty), I’m not going to spend my nerves trying to suppress the pure chaotic nature of that fight, to avoid insta- and nearly-insta-deaths and stuff. My skill is enough to beat the boss just by unleashing all the damage I have with my character - without taking care of surviving. Since it doesn’t help much anyway and a few deaths won’t fail the mission.

This boss discourages me from “clean” fighting. Why make an effort to fight properly when it gives so little result? I don’t like that too, but between these I choose the easier way.

P.S. If you want to ask me what I suggest to improve, at first I’d prefer to see a video how the designer of that boss does the fight. With a ranged and with a melee hero. Probably with a team of 3. Maybe it would be enough for me to see what I’m doing wrong or to make sure that this fight was initially intended to be exactly like that, and thus, doesn’t require improvements.


So you’re just against RNG in boss fights and getting one shot?

This is a new one for Gearbox, even for their record of being very twisted at times.

I’ve done it 60 times now and have just about memorized what to do without even looking.

Each character has done 100 OPs and I have my favs for that fight.
This makes me, us, think, how the Devs thought about Kleese and Boldur in there.
Both of those characters are pretty awesome but the fight is so different.

By far my easiest fights in there are Kleese with that trick at the door and Ambra, because, Ambra Helix 7.

The thing I hate at 100 OPs isn’t the 3k damage they do, it’s my same pet peeve, everything in there throws bombs.
You have to be a ballerina, which is why I make Ambra faster, they can barely touch her in there. :smile:


Not exactly.

This fight will still feel like a chaotic mess to me even if there was no RNG at all (and there’s not much RNG there already). RNG is good when it has its place, like, for example, randomized packs in regular missions.

What I don’t like is when there is so much going on around you and it all requires your attention. And a bullet. It’s not like I can grow additional arms for my character, and an eye on the back of my head.

I’m also not against one-shots - I’m against sudden one-shots. Like today, I was tracking the boss carefully, she was far away and wasn’t charging her spears attack, there was no anchors arriving and only a few adds in the distance. I noticed one add behind me, turned around to kill it and, once I did it, died. I don’t know what it was and will never know. I lost sight of the battlefield for just half a second, but it was enough. Such experience is quite frustrating.

I definitely prefer fights which have more order in them and which are more clear and easier to understand and to learn what you have to do to have a clean fight.


You can imagine how frustrating it is for some of us who aren’t so good at this game. It basically is a game of luck for me :confused:

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I just walked someone thru 100 OPs for their first time and yes they were very thankful.
We got every challenge, got Aria fast, good for them. :wink:

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I feel you. When I’m playing by myself I just ignore strategy and burst her down as fast as I can. I just can’t be bothered at this point to run around like a chicken with my head cut off anymore. My most played character in the OP is Whiskey and I find that Overdrive headshots works wonders for bursting her down before she can do anything.


What I don’t like is that 98% of the time I spend fighting with the same thralls who fought an infinite number of times in all the other missions and not fighting with Sister Aria. I wish it was me and the boss only, using all the tricks and intelligence to come out winner. The fight against ISIC in algorithm is an example of a cool boss fight.


It takes a few attempts but you can figure out the patterns. In single player it is a lot easier to go full out attack and kill her quickly. Hard to do without at least one insta-death. El dragon was the worst for me that way and bolder was my best I think don’t think I died with him

I think I’ve thought out a simple feature that could make this fight less frustrating and more understandable, especially for a team: each time you kill a thrall the boss is silenced for 0.1 sec for lesser thralls and 0.5 sec for bigger ones. Not much, but just enough to cancel her skill.

This adds a distinct tactics to go clear the hall while having reduced chance of recieving a hit to your back which you cannot avoid because you can’t look at the boss all the time. Or you can still choose to take more risk and try to burst boss down without doing it all. Longer but safer, or faster but risky - seems fair to me, isn’t it?

Because currently longer doesn’t mean safer; if you are not extremely good to lower the overall chance of dying throughout the whole fight it seems reasonable to ignore any tactics at all, that leads to shorter length of the fight that, in turn, leads to lowered chance of dying.

If you think the fight will be too easy then, reduce the casting/charging time for Aria’s skills/attacks and their cooldowns if needed (if AI’s cancelled skill goes into cooldown).


If I have to compare to other boss fights, I think Aria is my favorite. It keeps things interesting and challenging. And it’s not neverending like Isic or Rendain.


I like aria fight tbh

Me and my sister did it with 100 op points every time nearly got skins for all characters now… All i need is benedict skins and miko

But the fight is insanely easy dont worry about the ancors or even bother with destroying the towers to prevent her shield just use the stairs and keep the adds under control whilst u beat on aria

When she does her red lightning attack just dont get near her

When she does her light javeling dance hide behide a wall as they are homing attacks

And just beat on her when she does her back flip and smash on the floor then step away from her because she will do her light javeling chain on u

The fight is insanely easy u just choke point the adds on the stairs and deal with aria jumping in the archways …when she does the raindain spirals they stay in on top of the stairs

Othet then this i like aria design i wish they made more bosses like her

Atm most u can cheese by body blocking them in the corner most notice is last boss in renegade and the experiment

First boss in experiment u can kill him with the suicide bots

Reindain is stupid easy just take him the the snow plateform and take him up on top and beat on him and kill any adds that jump up towards u or knock them off

Gun hulk… From achive just go down stairs once u get him to 50% hp he cannot smash u up when ur on the lower terrain

Isic… if he targets u just stand under him and let others destroy his legs as he will not move around as the targeted person is below him which makes him an easy

I have not really encountered a hard boss tbh

Raindain fight is cool on advance as u fight bosses in pairs which is awsome i wish they did more combos like this in the future

Really want to fight 2 deadly twins in future plz

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Yeah, you just exploited AI flaws. Such tactics don’t feel quite right to me, I called them “soft cheating” in another thread. And no wonder it became easy. Do you like it because you managed to “break” it?

It clearly wasn’t designed for three players to crowd on those stairs while shooting the boss occasionally.

Making it easier is not the point of this thread. The thing is none of approaches I know for this fight feel naturally flowing, and presence of obviously cheesy tactics (which make the fight “insanely easy”) doesn’t changes anything on that matter. I want this boss fight to be more understandable, not easier, because it kinda wasn’t meant to be easy at first.

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I know where you’re coming from … i’m also not a friend of this chaotic fights, it doesn’t feel good to me, just annoying. The way the Aria fight is implemented represents how raid-boss-fights in Destiny work. They create such chaotic ( and in Destiny on top absurd ) boss-fights because there are allways ppl who tell the devs that “clean” boss-fights are boring and not challenging enough.

Best regards.

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I attempted a clean fight on my terms with Pendles. Found out there’s a time limit on the fight :astonished: 100 CP, had her down halfway with 13 lives on the board, then the big countdown on my screen. :cry:

You probably ran out of mission time. It’s 60 minutes for Operations and 100 minutes for regular missions.

Oh, is that different from the server time? I spent a lot of time looking for that 100th CP, but still had an hour on the server time so I thought I was good.

Yeah, not intuitive… And when you have 10 (or 5?) minutes left there’s a timer in the top-center part of the screen, between lives counter and score.

It is, although it only matters for solo ops. Server time keeps ticking if you pause the game (which can only be done solo), while ops time does not.

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You had an hour left on server time? Aren’t the servers like 100 hours of allotted time? Did you just leave ur Xbox on for like a week?