Why I don't play Amara

What’s that? I don’t want to play Amara?
Well, why ever not, you say.
She’s the strongest VH! you say.
Why you hating on my waifu? you unfortunately might say.

Bruh her hand model looks weird and I hate it.


Dude… She’s a Brawler… A killer… The beast and pure Alpha dog. She’s not going to have delicate features. But if you notice her hands to much while playing… Are you really playing? Lol

You listen here! I didn’t say anything about delicate hands or anything!
I see a weird hand, I call it like it is! You know what else?? She’s got a weird outfit too! There! I said it!

Lol… To each their own. I love Amara.

Well I think Fl4k foot looks weird…
but it s ok because…

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And Zane has terrible trigger discipline, he’s always got his forefinger through the trigger guard.

So they all gots problems.

We got cool robo hands, Irish glove gauntlet boi, moze mech mittens, and then…


Amara looks like beyonce

Mmm, Beyonce with theo vons nose. and toes for thumbs :clown_face:

I’m just clownin’ guys don’t kill me

I thought you should love her! Amara is an Axton of this BL installment. Flashy character, so full of herself. Would not surprise if, in BL4, we would find some naughty magazines with her.

i dont wanna play amara because her attitude is super pissed off all the time.
and not in a fun way. she’s all violence and challenge, pfhahaha

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