Why I feel Galz/Rath are still too strong in PvP

This is just a quick little observation I’ve made about why Galilea and Rath seem to have an unfair advantage in PvP compared to most other melee character…

They spin.

I s**t you not. It’s that simple. They have a spin at the end of their first 2 hits in their combos which allows them to not even have to look at you to hit you. All they have to do is be near you and they will hit you hard. When you look at characters such as Attikus and Phoebe they need to look directly at their target to even hope to hit them. It’s not always easy to look directly at an moving opponent, ESPECIALLY in first person melee range.
All of these characters tend to do a similar amount of damage with each hit (for the most part), but the fact that these two have an AoE attack that does the same amount of damage as a standard attack means they require less skill to play and, if used by a skilled player, can outclass most every other melee badass in the game. They will always have a leg up on their competition because of this.

I know people will still say it’s because of other things, and while I do believe that these characters are also still overpowered because of their stun utilities (etc) it is also important to address the fact that they have this little trick up their arsenal as well.

well, galilea is inherently broken because of her mutations and stun. the melee spin certainly doesnt help. rath’s ult is the most noob thing in the entire game, other than montana in general. but here is what i have come to realize as of last night. i have recently been playing in a full team of high command rank, and for the most part, high skill level players. about twice a day we lose to incredible teams. it only happens twice, but when we get smoked, we get smoked. it is weird to shift gears from surrendering 90 pct of games in the first few minutes, or before they even start, to all of a sudden being absolutely smoked. so because of this, i have spent some time really analyzing the similarities between the playstyles and team compositions of these other premade teams that have been able to beat us those few times. i realized one thing: they never used assassin characters whatsoever. there was one melee in boldur one time, but he is a tank so it isnt the same.

the point im trying to make is that someone like rath might seem really strong in a pub game when he gets fed and gets his ult up, etc. i know what you mean. i have been in those games and said the same things. i do think his ult needs a rework. but ultimately, at high levels, all melee characters are extremely inferior to ranged and AOE characters. it is a major design flaw that you will probably never hear much about because, quite frankly, there isnt much high level play going on. all it is is pub stomping. but the game really comes down to lane clear/AOE/CC. and melee, with the exception of the broken galilea, is really bad


Well, one little tidbit i learned…is you can jump galilea’s sheild throw…literally just jump over it. I saw some dude do it to me…so i started doing it. Now the dmg is rough but now it’s pretty even in the beginning of the match…if ur running a character who is not a tank or melee heavy she should get you. What the heck is oscar mike doing out in middle. (he has a gun) If your running attikus or montana you’ll see she really doesn’t stand a chance unless she stuns you. Rath is tough and that lift can really mess u up…but you can dodge it on occasion and if not just have gear to offset it and try to buy it asap. Like dmg reduction, or less cc…that will help you recover faster i believe. We have to keep in mind there is a lot of variables in this game, distance, movement speed, attack speed, and skill dmg…all augmented by gear. Most of the time if your getting worked it’s probably the gear not the character. Gotta collect the gear to really compete. I’ve gotta a good bit everything and i just assume there will be a galilea or rath every time i play so that’s what i run…also a shard builder cause ya…the turrets do help alot…don’t neglect a fully lvl’d turret. We need to start a character thread for each character on good strategies, strengths and weaknesses.

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Rath ults I knock him up with Montana and he’s done

As a master of gala I have to say the complaints about melee characters are getting old. Your team either doesnt have a proper team comp to deal with them and or your playing into their strengths and not their weaknesses.

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I think Rath is an easy char. It can be either a killing machine or a hold back for the team. I personally only had problems with Raths when I started playing, then it went away. They are kind of squish and if you keep your distance (while playing meele char it won’t have much trouble)>
Gaulth does insane dmg with trap+pull+shots, I have been killed by gaults in like a rotation having like 3k health on a kelvin while I did very minor damage. he seems really strong, but I wouldn’t say OP. Only times I really had a problem fighting gaults were when he had other support classes.

I personally think supports are broken. A team who has a healer or a shielder usually have a large advantage over a team that do not have one. I think in a game like this, ppl shouldn’t be forced to play supports, but whatever they like to be competitive.

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I agree. I love playing Boldur and Thorn. Playing thorn I have very minor issues with meele chars tbh.

congratz first person i have seen say this xD now the gal’s will know what im doing. its like with ghalts hook. i always step right, easiest way to dodgecant rely on that though tbh, easy to predict

i think ppl r afraid to give up their edge but literally not giving counter out will ruin the game and ppl will cry for buffs when they really r just uninformed.

Rath isnt an issue imo. If his ult is on cooldown is when you should attack.

No, people should not get to play what they like… This is a team based game, the key word being “team”… If your team is lacking support, then someone should take that role to support your team, or you already have a disadvantage to the opposite team if they have one… If you’re playing with random PUG’s and are always losing, I can guarantee it is usually down to your team composition…

My only reason to give this reply to you, was the last sentence in your reply.

What do you mean. Gallilea let’s her side push an enemy team back to spawn. She can go invisible to avoid Thumper on retreat along with all her other ■■■■■■■■ cc and damage skills.

Rath has no projectile, has to be in the middle of the foray or catching players off guard . Basically the only way to be effective is up close where even using CS , you can lose track of your opponent with the knock up. At the start , he is a surprisingly slow character when opponent can break out in a full sprint to get away even when you are in their face hacking away . Plus the screen is filled with whoever you are battling up in front of you so situational awareness is highly limited and exposes you to flanking. No spin would severely handicap this character imho.

Brett for one she goes underground not invis. And 2 you can still damage her. And honestly if a gala is using her ult to position herself to a thumper its a suicide run.

None of that has any influence whatsoever in this discussion. Spinning melee is hugely advantageous in wave clearing. You gotta focus the shepherd first, but gali and rath focus shepherd and kill all the other minions in doing so. Gali spin should be a helix.

And again this is a closed minded suggestion. Gala spin is OP because it can clear waves? Well gess guess ISIC shouldnt be allowed to fire mini guns a cannon and multiple missles in siege mode that never ends… Or Mike shouldnt have an AOE napalm that can clear waves AND not be taking damage while doing so. Or hey lets ditch the thorn aoe poison. Smh thinking melee spin attacks are OP for wave clear is simply dumb to suggest

I dont think you know what closed minded means. So in other words, a Pusher shouldnt have push power but your melee tank should because reasons? Got it. Your comparisons are pointless and you suggest no reason for them, they’re basically random “take things from other people” rants. Constant melee AoE makes wave clearing and therefor farming and leveling up extremely easy. But i guess thats what you want, an easy EASY character. And by the way, you cant hurt gali during her ult http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/276221328441066185/2FB0A84E0EE9364081EC682CBCA3AF95B74AE29B/ tested, AoE did nothing.

she’s not a tank…and the tank will usually win a fight if lvls r close. Montana and attikus will wrech her if they r the same lvl and spec’d for dmg per sec. Gali was really good…now she’s just kinda good…and i could kill her in the beta 1v1, at launch 1v1 and now 1v1 with attikus. It’s all about the gear…gali is easy b/c the gear to use is obvious…but that doesn’t make her op…and her melee combo is fine…with the spin. Plus if your on a smart team with miko or reyna healing a tank and destroying her every time she comes marching down the center of the battlefield. I want someone to tank for me and i’ll butter them up with reyna…then you’ll see how little she is really capable of.

Shes classified as a Defender, and has a shield and sustain abilities. Dont put too much importance on ‘Roles’, Toby’s role is Adorable Territorial. A lot is about gear, all attack speed gear benefits her more than most characters. What makes her OP is a special blend of “everything” and a dash of “else”. I imagine an Attikus could beat her…if he initiates. If she initiates you, you’re dead. Because 2 second stun and 1100DPS (now reduced by 18%! still more than attikus)
“I beat up newbie gali players” stories not withstanding, shes still the top pick or top ban in all current scrims because good players know just how powerful she is.

Tbf Rath spin is the only good thing he got and great for players who are starting out.

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