Why i like Paradise the most

I mostly play paraisde primarily because it has so many great platforms that characters that can reach these vantage points can perch and scope the field. the other PVP maps have so few if no high platform spots and what’s worse some that look like i can perch on have invisible walls(benedict) and cancel your flight when you bump into it.

also paradise is a great map for junglers/bouncers the player that bounces from side to side to help teammates.

so my request for future maps please consider how you made paradise with so many spots to land on throughout the map. i seen other characters go on these platforms so its not only benedicts that can take advantage of them

some of the other maps are very hindering to a benedict player who biggest thing is to be in the sky and they have low ceilings or nothing to perch on.

I have to agree. Compared to Coldsnap, Pradise just seems much easier to move around and navigate. Even in the CTT I didn’t get lost (very much lol) in it.

Agree.The map is well designed.I rarely want to play Coldsnap

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Add me as another agreement.

If I had a choice to only play Paradise I would. I pretty much like everything about how that map is designed. I actually like the environment better on Coldsnap…but I don’t like playing the Coldsnap map at all.

I think the primary reason is that I usually play pretty squishy characters, and I find that squishy characters have more room to manuever on Paradise. I think that for me, I’m going to have to just choose alternate characters when the Coldsnap map gets picked…so I’ll say that’s on me to have to adapt to Coldsnap, rather than playing the same way that I normally do.

So perhaps I’ll grow to not dislike Coldsnap, but for the moment it’s not letting me excel at the characters I want to play, so for now I don’t like it.

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also why i like paradise and same with overgrowth is there are easy acces to shards.

some heros really depend on getting expense gear activated

i dont like maps that dont have big shards

I like big shards and I can’t deny, you other brother’s… I’ll just see myself out…

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