Why I like Reyna over Miko for heals

To put it simply, the ability to also get a decent amount of kills while also saving everybody’s life with those quick overshield/heals. I played mostly Miko in the open beta and started out with her/him/it? in the actual game, but when I decided to play Reyna because someone else took Miko, everything changed.

Even having two supports on the team worked out super well, with the person playing Miko doing a decent job on main heals I managed to almost outheal and get more kills than Miko. Just my two cents on the two.

I’m on xbox one, gt Bo Baz18 if you wanna group up. (I still need to unlock Deande and Ghalt playing advanced)

Edit: Forgot to mention that I think the game is pretty fairly balanced, I’ve seen everybody kick butt with each character. Please don’t nerf Reyna lol


I wouldnt say say needs a nerf. Once you can her legendary you can heal them by charging their overshield if you didnt know its great.
reyna great an keeping one target unkillable with overshields burst heal and chargeing the overshield so there take no damage. where as miko is better for keeping the team alive switching between targets easily to keep their health full. Ambra is alot more attacking supoort healing her team while damaging enemies.kleese i find him good at hold down an area healing near my team mates and keeping there shields up.
People say they is only one support i say thoose people have not played the other.


Reyna’s pretty great, though her damage is kinda pitiful. I get more kills with Miko…

If anything I think she needs a small early game buff. If you can get her levelled up she’s great but early on she doesn’t help anyone.

She’s capable of some significant single target bursts with some of her mutations. (not assasin level significant, but that’s appropriate for her.)

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Does her alt attack actually do more damage per shot or is it only good for taking down shields? I felt like certain larger enemies I was doing more damage with her secondary but it was heat of battle so was hard to tell.

Her alt does more damage per shot, but slower rate of fire. The total DPS is slightly lower (12 dps less), but it’s way more against shields.

What I’d suggest is launching plasma until it over heats and then using a pistol clip. Rinse and repeat and then grab the awesome mutation.

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If you get the priority target homing from her 2nd helix upgrade (left side), she can cause some serious trouble. It pretty much ensures half to low health enemies can’t flee.


unfortunally no one seems to know how great Reyna is and that she can be a fullsupport. every time when I’m in group and tell i will support and i pick reyna - all no no miko is all we need. this is so frustrated because i can heal so much more than miko…

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All I know is Miko never gives me a problem, If I’m up against a Renya, it’s a struggle ( I main Thorn). She is very frustrating to try and kill. I have also seen quite a few people wreck with her on Xbox. Often times of there is a Renya in my match, they will have one of the top scores in the game.

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No, i’m pretty sure Miko can out heal Reyna for sure. And Reyna’s ultimate seems kind of…bad to me. I’m not saying it’s useless. It’s got some cliche uses against a sentry but eh. It’s duration is just too short and comparing it to Miko’s ultimate, Ambra’s, etc just makes things worse.

She’s definitely not a bad choice if you’re running 2 support. But as a lone support i’d rather just have raw heals. Her oversheld tends to get ripped through fast at times.

I like all of the support characters so far. Although I’d say miko is the least interesting of the bunch.

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With Ambras final helix mutation she can support a whole team and outheal the enemy miko 9 times out of 10. And still get a handful of kills. Mostly just assists though which is fine with me. So glad I don’t have to rely on not only someone picking miko but also playing miko as support. Sometimes you get a horrible miko on your team.

She’s actually one of my favorites, she just fits the support role so perfectly and the only one I continue to pick up when my team needs a supporter. she needs no changes, probably the most perfected character in the game.

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Ryena’s final mutation makes her final pretty awesome. Its her lvl 10 mutation and it gives all allies in her shield an overshield when she uses it. Ryena is probably the best support character in the right hands.

I always wanted to try that one, but stick to Mobility Module for the duration. :smile:
While a great mutation on Paper (imagine the support it could give to a push in Incursion), it also requires people to communicate enough to use it on the whole Team.

Since I mostly play public PvE Missions, it’s just a bit too situational.

As for the original topic, I also prefer Reyna over Miko (played a lot as Miko in the CTT and Beta though). Not only does she bring offensive utility (by crushing enemy Shields), but can outheal a Miko (to be fair, that’s based on how Healing Done is calculated) as well. Her Priority Target is one of my favorite skills in the game (Damage taken debuff + situational slow = awesome) and she’s simply BADASS. :dukeaffirmative:

Every match in both PvE and PvP I’ve always out healed the Mikos, every single time. For what ever reason Mikos just like get super greedy on ■■■■ and just stop healing people at some points in the match. Meanwhile I’m sitting here saving mad lives with overshields and burst heals.

Also Reyna’s named legendary item allows her to shoot teammates with overshields she applied and then heal them from that, late game in the low 100s of hp per shot. If you combine this with the no heating on shield and the 6s longer shields I can shield someone and just follow them around shooting with them healing as needed. By the time my shield wears off on them (due to my gear set ups) Im able to reapply the shield giving burst heals and allowing me to keep shooting my teammate. Also every time I hit a player with my heals I get them as well.

As far as reyna’s ult its very useful. Being able to block bullets is wonderful, as well as ejecting characters away from you. I’ve knocked back countless melee characters, stopped tons of sniper shots and over all just pissed off the enemy team with a well placed shield. And each shield is useful for its on reasons. The left side helix makes it so your enemies shields get wiped when they walk into it, which is fantastic on any big shielder characters. The middle one allows me to overshield any ally inside of it, which then allows me to heal them with my pulse gun. And then for mobile shield I have the right helix.

The only place that I personally think Reyna sucks on is her damage, it blows… Hard, but she is mainly suppose to be a support character. So I’m fine with the damage output. Reyna was my first character to Master and she’s just #bae cause I love playing the support roles for teams.

How do you guys land those Priority Target shots in incursion? Half of the time it just goes for minions instead.

Reyna is amazing at healing with her legendary, it just takes a few levels to get going. In case you guys didn’t know, her legendary healing is increased by both the AoE plasma rifle helix choice, as well as the increased damage on plasma rifle shots helix choice. With both of these, I end up healing low 200s. So one healing overshield followed by a couple shots is all u need to get most ally health back up to full

Reynas legendary makes her good, her early game is a bit rough but I think kleese is the best support, but I need to look at alani more to see how she compares now that shes out.

Heh, if anything, what Reyna puts out is really substandard compared to Alani, which is her closest comparison point. That doesn’t mean that Alani needs to be nerfed (except for her damage potential a little bit, maybe), but rather I feel that Alani’s healing is a good healing baseline.

I think that Reyna should be buffed a bit to make her competitive versus Alani, so there’s more of a reason to actually choose her. Speaking of her aesthetics and how she feels to play, I’m more fond of Reyna, too. But right now Alani curbstomps her in every way. I’ve always felt the Rogues were a bit underpowered and needed looking at in order to bring them up to a baseline. And Alani’s a great baseline.

Once they have Reyna to a point where she feels like she’s a viable alternative to Alani, then we’ll really have a Reyna people will talk about. And she’ll be more loved than in our little niche.