Why I love Battleborn

I have been wanting to say this since before launch. I enjoy MOBAs, but have a hard time getting into them. League was a ton of fun. I really love the number crunching and strat building. I just can’t stand the click action of MOBAs.

I am an avid fan of shooters. Have been since Timesplitters 2 and Half Life. CoD was my first shooter I got competitive with. Even though I regret buying some shooters, I have a load of fun with them.

Battleborn bridges that gap for me. I can play a shooter and do the number crunching with my builds. I can also think of out of the box strategies to try. It lets me play a MOBA in a shooter friendly environment.

I look forward to the future of this game and am diving into so many different characters and builds. Gearbox, please continue being awesome.


Im right there with ya, I too love this game. This is my first experience with any type of MOBA, ive played plenty of shooters before but i was interested in Battleborn simply because of my love for Borderlands 1 & 2. I have an absolute blast playing this game and I too would love to see the player base expand and grow. The character progression and the many different combinations of helix/gear loadouts are amazing.


I was ready to hate this game so hard. Then I played the beta and fell in love. First game I’ve felt a sense of loyalty and appreciation toward in many years.


you make me feel old, the only shooter i really got into was goldeeye for n64, I played a little bit of half life, but never felt i got into it as much. Anyways, this is the first “shooter” that I have really gotten into since and I have had a ton of fun with it…if only they would get the servers to be a bit more…reliable…than that would be great. I have had a ton of disconnection issues since the game was released (never had a problem with beta). I may be an old timer, but when I can play I can do really good, I top score probably half the games I end up playing even though I rarely get top kill count. love the gane, hate the massive disconnect problems and i know its not just me after seeing other teammates disconnect repeatedly.

I was around for Goldeneye on N64, but I only had a Genesis. Played Sonic games for about 8 years. Sure there was that one kid who had Goldeneye, but he was also that kid that invited you solely because he had been playing it day in and day out. He knew that he could wipe the floor with you. Wasn’t ever any fun.