Why i love mayhem modes

i have been playing borderlands 3 since late December and have seen the amount of progression the game and the community as a whole went through since lunch. We have had our ups and downs but in my opinion the state of the current game is in near perfection with the exception of a few bugs that i feel gearbox will never fully ignore.
But i am here to talk about the new mayhem made easy multipliers put forth in the game featuring all the easy multipliers like lootsplosion and speed demon all at once Tho it is a limited event i have been having a fun time with all the new options. Mayhem mode itself was lacking without multipliers i found myself on mayhem 4 wanting more the endgame felt dry for quite some time and i even quite playing until some time later mayhem 10 gave me that. So some say that most of the multipliers are annoying, clunky, witch is true for some multipliers i don"t have to tell you. (cough pool party) but all in all you have plenty of options in multipliers that don"t terribly effect the performance and fps of the game i personally lootsplosion chain gang drone ranger and buddy system. i hope to see improvements in how much color and how distracting most other multipliers are just tone down the effects we can barley see whats happening on screen if you have 4 palyers with stupid rolls if you guys can fix that and make it smooth and watchable not just chaos on the screen the this game will never get old and i will play it for years to come sincerely silentwaffle.


Your avatar reminds me how the modifiers should be.

  1. Selectable
  2. Rewarding

In Halo you can select modifier as you wish and you get rewarded in some way.
In bl3 you are afraid of changing them. You just get punished and your time gets wasted if you do so.
When you select modifier which make your game more difficult this could be rewarded with higher dedicated drop chances or better anoits on your drops,for example.
There is no reason for me to play with most modifiers that make it unnecessary difficult like floor is lava, pools, any elemental resistance (pretends on character&build) that stupid ‘i go throug the floor’ cryo ball and soooo many others. Or why should I even try to farm an corrosive immune wotan? not more fun, not more drops, It just takes longer. In a game about grinding and the worst RNG ever seen.
If those would be rewarding and selectable, I would at least try them out.
If I don’t like them I could easily go back to my old set of modifiers.
But right now, most people hate it when their modifiers change because they are afraid of rerolling.
I quitted playing bl3 several times because I was rerolling and rerolling and … rerolling. After 20 minutes I said to myself ■■■■ that ■■■■■■■■, let’s play a game where I can actually play the game.
I wonder how often that happens to bl3 players on one day :thinking:


I personally think all those who want modifiers to be selectable are making a mistake. But it’s not their fault - it’s Gearbox’s fault. The main problem with modifiers in my opinion is the same problem elsewhere in the game: poor balancing.

Even from within the same tier, different modifiers have dramatically different levels of impact on the game. For example, Floor is Lava is a giant pain in the butt, while the Healy Avenger can instaheal a boss after 15 minutes of grinding him down, which when it happens is a total nightmare, while Totally Radical just makes some enemies immune to an element you’re probably not using anyway. Rogue Lite is a severe penalty no matter how you look at it, while Buddy System can actually make killing enemies easier with some weapons (eg. Recursion).

But while the penalty of the modifiers can vary greatly, there’s no commensurate reward for using one over the other. So it’s only logical that players will want to reroll until they get the least annoying ones, and call for the system to become manually selectable.

The problem is that many of the less desirable modifiers are actually the more interesting, gameplay-wise. Post Mortem unexpectedly turns you from hunter to hunted, which is exciting. Rogue Lite can force you to totally rethink your playstyle. These modifiers push you into different gameplay territory, which is after all their raison d’etre. But without any extra reward being offered, why would anyone want to place these extra punishments on themselves? I certainly don’t.

If those who demand selectable modifiers get what they want, then the effect will be that we all just play with more or less the least invasive, least interesting, least noticeable modifiers. Which is what already happens, except we all have to hit Q to reroll for 10 minutes non-stop like idiots first.

I say that the modifiers are, in spirit, a good thing, and that they should change the game up and add new challenges. But they have to be either better balanced, or else offer differentiated rewards.

If they are to remain randomised, then they need to be balanced in a way that each modifier feels roughly as punishing as the others - otherwise the harder ones (even if more interesting) will just feel unfair and annoying.

If Gearbox can’t balance them, then we should be given the ability to choose our own modifiers. But, they should provide extra rewards, in accordance with their imbalances. So, keep the really undesirable ones like Floor is Lava and Post Mortem, but reward those players who choose them with extra 5% XP or +6 Luck or whatever. Then, those people who want to take the path of least resistance still can, while at the same time, playing with one of the more interesting and challenging modifiers will actually become somewhat desirable, rather than just annoying.


Great post @Volny!

I am guilty of rerolling until I find the rolls that effect me the least.

Modifiers need to be balanced. Some of the most impactful ones are in the medium category. Floor Is Lava, Mob Mentality, Pain Tolerance and Freeze Tag are the biggest offenders IMO.

And now the players don’t even have to be the ones to change their modifiers. GBX will do it for you, even when you don’t log in for the events.
Knowing my modifiers were changed is actually keeping me from even checking in and playing a little bit.
DLC4 will be an incentive to play one play through. But I know I will be sitting there pushing square at least 30 minutes to an hour. To insure I don’t have a console crashing modifier in the list.
Thank you GBX for encouraging me to not play your game…

I like mayhem mild since we can see better and for those who played lower mayhem but can jump up to m10 now.

Unfortunately, I have little incentive to play until we get the level increase and farm stuff all over again.