Why I love this game, and everything that is right with it

It seems that Battleborn’s forums are kinda overflowed with topics like (scratch the unused mention of your liking) : Oh, noes! The game won’t survive Overwatch!/Nerf Galilea, please/This game is doomed to die/Marquis is ruining the game/The matchmaking is absolutely horrible/etc…

Now, I won’t lie. These topics exist for a reason. People are legitimely afraid, tired or angry with some of the game’s issues.

But seriously, guys, even despite that, and even moreso when the devs listen to your plight and work hard to correct those issues, this game is absolutely frigging great. Don’t believe me? Here is a list of what I find awesome :

It is a FPS/MOBA/RPG hybrid. Try to find me another game like that. Come on. I’m waiting.

The artistic direction of the game is absolutely flawless : the factions are clearly defined, as are the planets, the characters, the minions… I find that everything in this game makes sense, artistically speaking.

25 characters, all completely original, all completely likable, all of them not blatant copy-pastes of other characters from other medium (McCree, Genji, Reaper and the likes, I am looking at you…), and all of them genuinely funny when they have their moments. Which happens a lot. Because Gearbox.

The fact that support characters can and will hold their ground. Playing support doesn’t mean you’re reduced to spam the heal in this game (expect if you’re playing Miko, but the heal is REALLY good, so… It doesn’t count?)

Toby. Nuff said

A MOBA with an actual story mode who, despites some shortcomings, actually exists AND is actually a lot of fun most of the time. Better yet, they plan to expand it in the future !

Even now, we already have 6 multiplayer maps, 2 for each mode. This is more than LOL and Dota, for example, will ever have. Especially when the devs plan to add even more to the game.

Space luchadors. Nuff said.

Meltdown Mode, or how to actually create an innovative and fun gamemode in a MOBA that still feels like a MOBA, while playing completely differently than a classical MOBA.

The Shard system : while it is rather underused in a lot of Story missions (Defence missions non withstanding), it is actually a brilliant idea in multiplayer : do I sacrifice my shards now to build a turret, who will help me push the lane or guard an objective, or do I save them for later to activate my gear ? I could always equip cheap gear, but that comes with a downside. Or do I take a legendary? Or two, or three? They’re costly, yes, but they can change the flow of the game! Then again, that thumper turret would be a really worthwhile investment right now.

The taunts. Rather than insulting your opponent over the chat, do it with style, in a manner unique to every character !

That one is small, but : you can change the colors of your team and of your opponent’s. Tired of the same ole green vs red? Let’s play pink vs orange! Or blue vs yellow! Or red vs green, expect this time YOU’RE the red!

And, last but not least : Toby. Nuff said.
(Wait, I already said that one, didn’t I?)


And you. Yes, you over there. Do you have any other reasons why the game is fantastic? If yes, then come and share them here!

As soon as the matchmaking gives you a good game between two similar teams its THE best multiplayer experience I have had in years. The rush of a good comeback with teamwork is amazing. haven’t had something like that in a long long time. It’s new and refreshing.

And the fact I can have a good game splitscreen on the couch is also something I missed lately in new games and this filled my needs on that part as well.

I say well done Gearbox! Just a bit of tweeking here and there but that is normal. You can only find problems like galli and the cheese of marquis after you launch.

And one last thing. I think Gearbox is the most involved dev I have ever seen. Keep it up guys!

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Your second comment pop up as i finshed its like you actually spoke to me
The background lore while i would of liked to seen more in the game story its a great and for 4 slots of text and one audio log they is a lot there.
My fav so far is ambra says she is an leader not a support and that gal is a liar.I think its really funny because the worlds about the end and she wont speak to gal and her orders must be relayed though a third person.
That and its almost like ambra yourself is saying attack with me i am not just a support.

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Let’s not forget the music too! Oh and the Story mode lines actually changes each time you play it! Encouraging you to replay the mission on different characters and see how much the dialogue changes.
(try El dragoon in the Algorithm! He actually starts to Roast Isic like he’s on WWE! XD)

Also the design in some stages are incredible! Vast terrains with lots of details in the BG. This is a game made with lots of love from artists and designers.


The game is really a gem and despite some shortcomings (all games have then!!) came out of the gate strong. My largest concern was if the heroes were all going to feel unique and be fun to play. They nailed it in this respect and I could choose the “pick a random hero option” and not be disappointed. Once they get matchmaking to be more accurate in choosing teams the game will only have superficial issues. The matchmaking issues aren’t constant for me ether, last night I played 3 matches and all were very well balanced. So for those wondering if it’s a constant struggle I would say that, only in my experience, it’s intermittent. I hear hero balancing gripes as well but, after playing all but Ghalt and Deande I can say people just like to complain. Are there some balancing issues? Sure, welcome to multiplayer. Overall though the balancing problems are more with team composition and opponent team composition rather than individual heroes. Use your voicechat and heroes suddenly seem stronger!!!


I know. Dragon being my main, I obviously had to do this mission solo to unlock the lore ^^
He is so hammy during the Algorithm, I had to pause the game for a moment to catch my breath

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I actually speak A LOT to myself when I am gaming so things like this are quite common.

Loved this nice and positive topic, Battleborn deserves it!

Also why I love this game:
Phoebe on The Renegade. Nuff said.

Forums tend to be a place people come to complain. If you’re happy and having fun with the game, you’re probably not on the forums. So, I think we should remember that. I mean, go look at the forums for a game like Hearthstone, one solid wall of complaints yet the game is doing fine. So I’m not surprised to see a lot of complaints here and some of them are valid.

That said, I really wish people would stop with the “this game is dead” nonsense. It’s been two weeks, chill out.

I agree with your points on the game itself, especially the shard system. It does give you some interesting choices to make, which is a general theme of this game that works. Helix, provides interesting choices that affect how you play. You can only take 3 pieces of gear, so again, you have to make some choices that can have a big impact. I imagine if this game ever goes competitive there being entire strategies around who is dedicated to collecting shards and doing buildables and who brings legendary gear and who doesn’t, etc etc etc.

Love the characters, love how they’re all interesting and have their own quirks. Meltdown and Incursion are both fun and I love the MOBA style of play. Like having the story mode when I get sick of pvp. So yeah, good game all around and people need to settle down.

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I know that usually forums are places where you go to debate, and when you love a game, you hardly want to debate over it, you just want to play it ^^

But with all those gloomy topics around, i thought Gearbox’s new baby needed some really deserved love. Hence this thread.

And I also really dig in the Helix system, especially once the mutations get going. Three upgrades for a level, and you can only choose one, that really forces some strategic planning


I imagine it’s good for people who can get full green connection constantly…

Plus the lvl matchmaking is lazy.

Currently playing the game on a permanent red connection on 1024 X 768 res, with buggy stops and lag teleport.
And I still love it.
Why do I love basically pixelated humanoid blobs running around? They’re SO FRIKKIN FUNNY, and as are the players.
Plus Reyna has a DBZ taunt and as a PSA if you’re playing her and kill me, please PLEASE taunt with that. I’ll be on the verge of seeking you out on the map.

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I love when El Dragon gets mad at ISIC in the Algorithm and ISIC is all like, who are you again?


From my experience no one is saying battleborn is a bad game and that it didn’t do things right. A lot of the discussions I myself have made or see is that once you get some serious play time it seems light on content right when you really want to start digging your teeth Into it. That mixed with the feeling the game hasn’t done enough to stand out in the midst of heavy competition for player base against other releasing games. I think the worry is less this game isn’t good and more will it last? Does it have staying power? Why is there not a bigger push to compete harder with the other companies?

Atleast that’s my experience with the atmosphere on the forums with people.

Despite many people being salty about characters like Galilea still, I think that this is one of the most balanced games I’ve played right out of the gate. Which is very surprising considering the huge number of characters to choose from (one of my favorite aspects of the game) and how differently they all play. If you enjoy adapting to different playstyles and learning to use your tools the best you can then you’ll love this game.

Also, I really like the helix system along with how you can unlock mutations for them through leveling to gain new bonuses. A lot of games the talents system is really an illusion of choice and there is one clear best way to build the character, but not in this one for the most part. Obviously, some talent choices on the same level do outshine the others but that’s always going to happen sometimes. For the most part I feel like you can build your character to specifically do well against certain team comps or to excel in different situations/playstyles. To me anyone who says badly about this game is overlooking a huge amount of positives and focusing on problems that every game in existence has like matchmaking.

Don’t post much but I feel I need to for Battleborn loving the game so far the attention to detail is incredible really like how weapons and moves change w augmentations w the helix like doing the defense for phoebe her sword glows blue :slight_smile: super sweet or boldur when u activate runes etc. I could play the story missions over and over again I still go bk and replay a lot of my old games anyways bioshock and bioshock 2 to name a few don’t understand the lack of content argument Battleborn is definetly one of the best games to launch in years requires skill and coordination anyone that don’t enjoy the game probably couldn’t grasp that concept me my 3 bros and 3 of my cousins bought the game and it was worth every penny keep up the good work gearbox

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