Why I ship AmaZane (Amara x Zane) A thread for fan speculation

In my hype for the upcoming Borderlands 3, one of the new draws of the game for me had been how incredibly unique and different the characters in this sequel looked. They all looked like the main characters of their own video games, all brought to this universe I’ve loved since the release of the first game. The character I knew I’d want to play first was Zane. At first glance, I thought I would be playing an older, classier, and experienced John Wick. Seriously, the man is a foxy granpa. He inspired me to make a future fanfic with him as the lead role. What does this have to with me shipping Zane and Amara, well, I didn’t mean to start shipping the two, but when I got into the pairing, the two seemed to click for me. It started with a Zane centric fanfic I was planning. The moment I saw him in the first reveal trailer, I fell in love with him. Though, at the time, I had thought he was someone else. First thoughts when I saw him: Lone wolf character, an older, wiser, and mellowed out John Wick. Someone who didn’t speak much unless necessary, and kept mostly to himself, cause he was that professional. To me, he was perfect for the fanfic I had in mind. The premise, enemies from his past have come back to take revenge on him, and so Zane would have to reveal parts of his past and himself to the Crimson Raiders. Thus opening a way to expand on the character and his relationship with the others. I was going to make the fic interactive in how Zane handled situations and the kind of relationships he could have with the other characters. Of course, I wanted it to be within reason, so the first few that were going to be romantic options were Amara and Moxxi.

I was willing to wait on more characters to add to the list should I learn more about the character and the people he’d be interacting with in the game. Until then, I had these two to consider. To me, Amara definitely seemed like the best option, considering that the two would be fighting together, and would actually make quite the interesting dynamic. It wasn’t until I actually heard and saw what they were like that I began to actually believe it could work. I mean, I was going to have quite a few options for Zane, from the people we would meet in-game to OC’s I’d come up with that may have had connections to Zane. Women and men that Zane could have been attracted to, provided it was well within reason of the character. Since learning more about the characters in these last few months, I can say the fic I had planned for Zane no longer applies for him. He wasn’t a lone wolf, but a wily fox, a trickster, a smart bandit who didn’t believe in the nonsense most bandits like his brothers did. The one thing I was right about with Zane, he was a cunning mercenary that was just that damn good at his job.

I don’t think Zane’s fighting with the Raiders because he believes in their cause. At this point, I think the Crimson Raiders have become a well-known group in the galaxy. They were the ones who killed Handsome Jack and defeated Hyperion, as well as had members that opened multiple vaults on Pandora, a planet considered a barren inhospitable wasteland. Zane I think, joins them with the idea that he’ll acquire loot, riches, and power beyond belief. He just has to help the group beat the Calypsos, the very people who tried to have him killed at the beginning of the game, and get to the vault before they do. This is where the pairing came in, you have a group of people, 4 that have never known or worked with each other before. They have a common goal and fight for a common cause, but each has a different reason for doing so. Amara was vigilante on her home planet. She struck fear and respect into the people. Zane came from a bandit family and left them to join an assassins academy. He’s worked under every corporation in the galaxy. Guy’s just that good at his job. Though you see where the two conflict, and why it is Amara would dash any chance at a relationship with them. I find it strange the two work together in the same team, being that Amara has probably dedicated her life to stopping men like Zane. Whether you were the boss or the lackey, you didn’t escape justice. Yet in the trailers, these two and their other two teammates FL4K and Moze work together in sync. Like any team, I’d imagine it took a while for them to work in harmony, but it always leaves you wondering what change as people they had undergone to trust one another in the way they do now.

I think Zane would be the ice-breaker, or at least the one to admit he’s got a crush on Amara. Despite her being a goody-two-shoes he’d become attracted to her violence, her sense of vigilante justice, and of course, her to the point methods and mindset. The woman embodies strength and beauty personified. To Zane, she’s a good woman, trustworthy, someone he can believe won’t stab him in the back. No, if she turns on him, she’ll do it face to face, a factor he can appreciate after years of being a corporate hitman. The kind of partner he’d want would be strong. The kind of person who he’d respect, and one that could knock him on his ass, both figuratively and literally. Meaning, it’s someone who will remind him of why he chose to be with them, and one who could keep him in line because even he knows how full of himself he can get. Zane definitely strikes me as the type to fall for someone who can knock him on his arse. Zane is a man that has never known true loyalty, compassion or virtue. Coming from a bandit background, it’s easy to understand why. He’s always respected power and riches because they were the only thing that seemed to matter in the universe. Then he meets the Raiders and the team he’s meant to fight with. Amara would stick out to him most, not just because he’s fighting alongside a siren, but also because she’s plenty powerful and skilled on her own. For a man like Zane, power is a draw for him, it’s a sexy turn on. He’s always fought for the highest bidder, has probably worked with people that have made his pants tight in the past. But Amara overshadows them by a longshot and has more to her than just the power and riches she obtains and wields in their fight for the vaults. She’s a powerful, virtuous, and trustable person that he could trust with his devotion. She could no doubt handle him and his craziness, so that’s a bonus for him. Hell, Zane’s brother Captain Flynt had a son named Sparky. Makes you wonder what kind of person could handle or even want to be with a Flynt. Especially if they can all be as wild, feral, and extreme.

As for Amara, if she was interested in that special someone, that someone is likely to be her sparring partner. Amara would seek the one that challenges her. Who’s not afraid to be themselves around her, who would fight beside her, and be there for her when she’s hurt. (This could go either physically or mentally.) Amara was the vigilante tiger of Partali, she’s accepted the responsibility of helping and cleaning up her community because she believes in a just cause. She fights for those who are oppressed and are unable to defend themselves. It’s hard work and does not guarantee success, but she has the power to make a difference. If not with her fists, then with the power she wields as a siren. Amara is strong and steadfast in her beliefs. If something is not to her liking, she changes it, and she does so with a lot of guns and her own fists. Her siren powers aren’t even a crutch she relies on, her skill and power are all her own. But despite being the vigilante of her community, I doubt she had many experiences outside of being the “Tiger of Partali.” from her want to protect and help the oppressed as her bio says, I can tell that she’s a kind, compassionate, and nurturing soul. It’s her life in Partali that made her a rough, strong, and gruff person. She had to be, not only had she taken up the responsibility of cleaning up her community of crime, she was a siren. It would have made her a target even if she hadn’t become the tiger of Partali. Though, I’d imagine that would have been a difficult life to lead. Even if she had the power to overcome the challenges set before her, she was just one person and dealing in such a role and it’s responsibilities, it would have left scars.

She wouldn’t be open to many experiences, she’d be too distracted to actually do so. Which is why she seeks to learn more about the universe, the people she meets, and their complexities. She finds the task of learning the easiest to accomplish in the conflicts she overcomes. What better way to reveal one’s true nature than to see what they’re really like when it matters most. Which is why Zane would stick out to her the most. She doesn’t understand his brand of insanity. The man lives off chaos and conflict, not for any particular reasons other than that he enjoys it and enjoys being compensated for it. He’s wild and carefree, a factor I think Amara would be disgusted at him for at first. She’d have lived most of her life fighting what she believed was the good fight. She’d always accepted responsibility for fighting in a cause she believes in. Then someone like Zane comes along, and she doesn’t understand him, prompting conflict between the two. But in these conflicts, Amara learns more about Zane, and to an extent herself. There is a method to the man’s madness, and though she believes he’s not right in his beliefs, she comes to understand why he can enjoy the universe and his life for what they are. To Amara, Zane represents the freedom and thrill that life has to offer. The experiences she never had or could properly understand because she always carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. After all of this, even with her strength and confidence, she’s still finding herself. That adventurous and free spirit grows ever stronger with her, and it’s all the result of the journey she undertakes with the Crimson Raiders and her team. Each of them teaches her something new about herself. Not that she would admit it aloud, but she loved the challenge Zane presented, the fight for the sense of self-being and worth in a beautiful yet cruel and dangerous universe. To find truth and order within the confusion and chaos. In short, Zane helps Amara remain sure of herself when he presented her with a moral dilemma the actions they must undertake in the race for the vaults. Freedom and happiness vs responsibility and meaningfulness. He taught her that the two could be one and the same and that there was no shame in doing something simply because it made you alone feel good. In ways, he could make finding her zen clear when she herself couldn’t figure it out. Not everything is black and white like she thought it was. Sometimes it takes a different perspective to figure it all out. To help those who need it, she must sometimes take on the role of both the liberator and oppressor. Zane has done bad things in his life, but it’s not to say he hasn’t done any good in those actions. It’s this excitement, this thrill, and wisdom that would draw her to the man.

This is the short shameless summary I came up with for this ship:
The two deal with each other a lot within the group, probably being the ones with the most conflicting views and distrust of each other of them all. Both knowing what they want, and not being afraid to go for it. Arguing with Amara probably makes Zane feel young, virile, and excited. He loves the aura of strength and authority she gives off. The thrill and possibility of facing such a woman make both his mind and heart race. He composes himself, not wanting to look weak, and show her he’s worth her time. He’s never walked away from something he wanted, he wants her and is willing to face her in any capacity to win her respect and affection. Amara doesn’t understand Zane, but that is also her draw to him. Despite his demeanor, Zane tends to be more confident of himself then any other in the group, and if we’re talking on pure power and abilities, that’s saying a lot. She’d call him a fool, but she’s seen the way he fights, and how he even takes out enemies many times more powerful then he is with a few elaborate gadgets. She wonders if he’s devised any plans that could overcome her, even with her siren abilities. Not only does this give Zane her respect, but it also does something to her that both frustrates and pushes her buttons. She’s actually excited at the prospects of that man overcoming her. Maybe because she feels he’s a worthy opponent. Maybe because she just enjoys a good fight. Maybe because she’s met someone that could help her discover more about herself. Don’t ever think she’ll admit to the idea of possibly being turned on.

Though as for how they might handle being in a relationship, I don’t think Amara, Zane, or quite frankly any of the vault hunters know how to engage in intimacy. They might understand lust, desire, and probably sex, but how to interact with one another in a deep emotional level, not sure anyone really knows how to go about it in this series. Each official relationship in Borderlands has a bit of an awkward dynamic to it. Amara and Zane would be no different in this aspect, opening up to one another would be quite the obstacle. Though I had the idea that this would be how Zane went about it, as bandits can be straightforward, forceful, and even stalker-like when faced with something they really want. Though in time, I’m sure he’d learn that if it matters it shouldn’t be forced, cause this is not something that he can solve with strength, guns, and violence like he usually does. He can be crazy and tenacious, but is not so bullheaded in attempts he knows or learns won’t work. Amara would be irritable, stand-offish, and would likely play rough with the one who catches her attention. Her feelings are not something she can just punch, but something she must confront to center herself. Despite being badasses, nothing can really prepare you for that significant someone. People often think that when they find that special someone, they’re something out of their dreams. The reality, who we end up with is not who we’d expect, but someone who makes us happy anyway. It just becomes a matter for these two to figure it out. Being themselves would be the answer, they’re not people comfortable showing signs of affection. Only occasionally through inside jokes, witty sass, teasing one another, and the occasional pleasure of each others company. The lives they’ve lived have made them hard people, they’re not the type to show affection through words or gifts, but through their actions. Their idea of bonding or date night would probably be through fighting and completing dangerous missions together or in their team. They’d appear no different to the rest of the team or the raiders because being in a relationship wouldn’t affect how they’d appear to others. They wouldn’t go through a personality change, but just accept their feelings, and what they mean to each other. No point in worrying about whether or not it’ll work out. They’d just be happy with one another, and embrace whatever comes next for them.

So yeah, this is why I ship them. In my unhealthy and probably insane obsession and hype for the upcoming characters, I fell in love with this ship for them. Of course, this is all just my speculation, and at best my own headcanon. But I like to think, whether you ship these two in simple friendship or in an actual relationship, they’d make quite an interesting dynamic. One capable of being a story all it’s own. Of course, you can all agree or disagree, but this was my conclusion with the characters should any of them develop feelings for each other. I’d certainly love to hear yours if you have anything on them or any other characters. Whether you ship characters, would love to talk about one or have your own speculations, it’d all be welcomed here. Would certainly love to talk about possible outcomes and possibilities all the characters could experience. It could be your own speculations and headcanons, would love to hear it all.


I think Amara is a lesbian :slight_smile: I don’t tend to like ships, but I feel like her and Moze would end up being close, and Zane and Fl4k would become best friends.


I have no doubts about that. They could be, but what is your basis for it? I’d love to hear why you think they will be.

Why do you think that?

There the only women in that group, it wouldn’t be that out of place, so you could be right. Though, it wouldn’t surprise me if Moze and Ellie were even closer as friends, considering how Moze would likely go to Ellie for help in repairing iron bear.


Zane and Fl4k: outside of some personal headcanon reasons I’m gonna keep to myself for reasons of not being full on obnoxious, I think between Fl4k’s Circuitry and affinity for wildlife, and Zane’s humanness and love for gadgetry, they find a bond that connects them on a level that isn’t just superficial. They’re like opposite sides of a coin, a perfectly matched balance of living machine, with Zane being 60/40 one way, and Fl4k being 60/40 the other.

Amara: because I’m a lesbian and she’s a badass and I wanna be her so I want her to be me. Gonna be honest there, more “this is what I want us to be” more than anything else.

Moze: omg. I want Moze and Gaige to be best friends.

Zane and FL4K, would certainly bond in that sense, though to be honest, I think being a machine connected to wildlife is one of FL4K’s draws. It makes them cute and lovable to pretty much anyone. If they can handle beasts , people shouldn’t be a problem. They’re bound to grow on you however you are.

As for Amara, well I can’t say I agree with you. I don’t want Gearbox just to make a character gay for the sake of a fan who simply wants them to be gay. Especially if it’s contradictory to the character. Plus, I personally don’t want them to because it might ruin what I think would be a wonderful ship if Amara is the type to eventually seek a loving relationship. Don’t want them to rule out the possibility of a ship I or anyone else could enjoy. You are still you regardless of the character you play, besides, for as many of you that wish this was the case there are plenty of guys and gals who also wish this isn’t the case. As I said, this thread is mainly for speculation and headcanon. If Amara is gay to you, then enjoy the headcanon, it’s not one I personally agree with given why it is Amara is who she is.

As for Moze and Gaige, that would be awesome. Sadly though, Gearbox doesn’t have plans for her at the moment. But we can all hope that this comes to be, cause now I want Iron bear to meet death-trap.


Hmm… random thought… What if FL4K actually ends up being Innuendo Bot? >.>

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My God, don’t even suggest such a horror.

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Oh. I love Fl4k for so many reasons.

And I’ll let you slide for trashing my Amara thoughts because one, you properly gendered Fl4k, and two, my head Canon craps in your ship so it’s fair. Lol. =p

I just don’t like our Vault Hunters necessarily canoodling, because I don’t enjoy Lliland at allll

I don’t enjoy Liland at all either nor Jathena. Though it may be Gearbox’s fault in the writing department for how they handled them both. With Liland, I don’t really think Lilith was right for Roland, and I’don’t think Roland could handle Lilith. Roland was a soldier through and through, committed to honor and duty. Lilith struck me as a free bird, not the type to be domesticated and locked in a cage, but free and untamed. If she were to seek a relationship with anyone in their group, I personally think it should have been Mordecai. I think those two would have understood each other better then Liland.

As for Jathena, I personally think Athena could have done better. If she was to end up with someone, it should have been with someone who’d support and encourage her. Athena at the end of Tales was painful to watch. I understand sacrifice is necessary in a relationship, but Athena was a warrior and vault hunter at heart. Love is supposed to bring out the best in both parties, not restrict them to the point where the other goes behind one’s back. I personally don’t think their relationship was meant to work.

Reason I ship Zane and Amara, I think the two would encourage and support each other in bringing out their best. Amara loves to fight, and Zane loves the thrill and danger of his profession. It’s a scenario in which I think both would benefit from the relationship, and bring about feelings of happiness and joy the two wouldn’t have known on their own. For Zane, a reason and cause to believe in. For Amara, something and someone she could call her own. As for them canoodling, well I’m not saying it’s certain, just a possibility. They are people in a group of four that go on dangerous missions and advetures together. Chances are likely someone within the group will have feelings toward another. I ruled out FL4K because they’re a machine discovering who they are and what they’re existence means. I ruled out Moze, because she doesn’t share any mindset that could connect to either Amara or Zane. She’s a soldier, one who deserted to do her own thing, something just for her. The reason I ended up not shipping her and Amara, I didn’t want another Liland. I’m not saying Zane and Amara would be perfect, but out of everyone in the series so far, if the two were interested in that special someone, they’d be happiest with each other. At least, that’s what I speculated.


You’ve got to remember that Athena has NEVER enjoyed her job. It’s the reason she was tricked into killing her sister and blamed for helping a murderous dictator take over Pandora. Janey is kind of the first person she’s had a relationship with that wasn’t entirely transactional or based on some sort of authority over her. Janey doesn’t want to live in constant fear, but mercenary work is the only thing Athena knows and she thinks it’s the only way she can contribute financially.

That’s why I would have liked to see more of Athena in Tales. That whole story is about people with different pasts coming together for a common goal and finding friendship and trust in the process. I like the idea of Athena being a part of that group and learning from it.


Never saw it that way, you make a good point. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that Athena had to go behind Janey’s back. It’s more of compatibility that concerns me, Janey is right to be fearful of danger, but she chose to be with someone who’s only known that life. It made her the person she is now, good or bad, I wouldn’t want her to be in a relationship that would make her just as unhappy. Being someone she’s not…loving someone is not really changing who you are, but them bringing out the best in you because they inspire you to be your best. Athena may not have wanted the life of a mercenary, but it’s the one she knows best.

All I’m hoping for at this point with those two, that they have become adjusted to one another. I’d rather not see Athena taking a job she’s terrible or unhappy with when she can do so much better than that. And I hope for Janey’s sake, Athena is not withholding important information or lying to her anymore. There’s compromise, but both have to be open and accepting of each other at this point. It’d be disappointing to see they’re in the same rut as they were before in Tales. I hope you’re right, and that Athena and others actually learned from the experience.


Wanted to bring this up for one last go around to see if anyone had any insight to share on the characters and what they might be like. Any details or characteristics that would lead to a reasonable conclusion on why they are what they are. Doesn’t even have to be a big one like why I ship Amara and Zane. It could be little details you think others may not have noticed.

For example, I think Zane has a terrible fear of fire, or at least really, really, REALLY hates being set on fire. Not saying anyone wouldn’t, but the significance of it I think can be heard when he’s been set aflame. All that badassery and confidence fades away when you hear him crying and howling in pain as he takes fire damage. He sounds as if he’s on the verge of crying or breaking down. Not sure if it’s anything significant though, the idea this time around for our playable vault hunters is to make them more expressive and reactive to the characters and world around them. It could just be the voice actors bringing life to the vault hunters, and performing their roles well in giving them realistic reactions. But in Zane’s case, it’s really expressive when he’s been set aflame. Reason I think it’s of any significance, Zane was the little brother of Captain Flynt.

If you’ve played the new commander Lilith DLC, then (Spoiler alert for any who haven’t played yet) you find an echo recording of Captain in Dahl Abandon. It’s one of the things that confirmed my suspicion of Zane having a bandit like mentality. Apparently, the idea of the brothers keeping in touch is sending a kill squad, and then mailing back their severed heads. No hard feelings, Captain just laughed it off, saying it was just “Classic Zane.” It really makes me wonder how messed up growing up must have been for the Flynt brothers. Captain liked torturing Clap-trap with fire, you gotta wonder if he had done the same thing to Zane when they were younger. It wouldn’t be surprising if realistically, Zane had an aversion to fire cause he had been traumatized by it from Captain. Though it could just be me making another speculated conclusion on what the character may be like. I’d welcome any thoughts on the matter, or another one concerning any of the other characters in Borderlands.


Suppose I’ll just use this forum thread to share speculations and ideas concerning the characters when it comes to how they are and what they are, and why. For the next speculation I have in mind, it concerns Amara’s style aesthetic. No doubt she wears the style clothing of the community and culture she came from, but one thing I felt she was trying to be modest about was the purple cloth she has rapped around her waist. To me, this is the indication of two things. That she is self conscious of her appearence, and tries to be modest. The other, she may feel insecure, and knows people are looking at her.

The reason I say this…well come on, to all of us that are attracted to her, you took a good look at her design. Still, why would I think she felt insecure, especially when she bares a lot of skin. Reason for this, she wants people to see her as strong and confident. For all her beauty and strength, she’s not untouchable. Her siren powers do not mean she can’t be hurt or mortally wounded, she’s likely had more than a few humbling experiences with this knowledge. You can see her battle scars from her belly, to her arms, and even to her face. The big scar on her belly might even indicate she had been shivved or stabbed. Likely in a fist fight when she was “cleaning” her community of “garbage.”

What does this have to do with her choice of clothing. She doesn’t show skin to attract or impress people, she uses it as a means to scare off people who would attempt to hurt or use her. Cause let’s be honest, those of us attracted to her, unless you were really confident in yourself, who would actually make the attempt? You have this bodacious badass of a woman in front of you with all her strength, beauty, and battle scars. How sure of yourself would you actually be in her presence? What would even make you feel you were good enough for her? Still, from what we’ve seen of her so far, she’s easy enough to talk to. This is if you weren’t scared off by her presence in the first place. How she dresses could be a defense mechanism of hers.

As for her being self-conscious and modest, as I mentioned before, she probably knows people are looking at her. If the battle scars and confidence she exuded didn’t deter you from wanting to get to know her in the slightest, than you’re likely to face the real person behind the persona. Amara herself is likely a delightful person, she probably just doesn’t know how to interact with people outside the persona she puts up. She likely needed this persona to survive Partali, and become it’s vigilante. That’s where the modesty aspect comes in, she wouldn’t be comfortable being bare to anyone. It’s seeing her and how she really is that would make her stand-offish and irritable. She doesn’t like being seen as weak, she knows she wouldn’t have lived this long if that was how others perceived her. Her kindness and mercy are not weakness. She’s not your eye candy, and not someone she’s comfortable sharing intimate feelings with. I reckon she probably avoids doing this to save face when she can. Just don’t push her on trying to open up, unless you wanna get punched in the face.

Of course, I could be wrong about this. This could be Amara’s choice of style, a way to simply represent her humble beginnings. Still, I felt it was something worth speculated explanation. I came to this conclision because Lilith and Maya are quite different. Lilith’s choice of clothing and chracteristics seem open and inviting. Not worried in the slightest, because she thinks she has nothing to worry about. It was her gain if you underestimated her. Kind of a big-headed arrogant flaw on her part, but she was a siren, and a pretty powerful one. Hard to fault her for such a mindset when she had no reason to believe anyone could overcome her abilities. Maya didn’t really understand sexual attraction, what she wore before and wears now, likely just her style. Living with monks was likely the reason for this, she wouldn’t be aware of the benefits or issues her attractiveness might have brought upon her. (Looking at son of Crammerwax DLC.) Amara on the other hand, growing up hard in a dangerous community likely ran into these issues. I’d imagine it’d be hard for her to let anyone in, let alone get close to her. Her very stance in-game always shows her as ready for a fight. Whether she’s getting ready to sprint, or is ready to throw the first punch with her arms and fists hanging at ther sides. She’s definitely the type of person you’d have to fight for if you want her to open up to you. You’d have to show her why you’d be worth her time when there’s so many fights to be had.


This post concerns FL4K and just how old they might be. From the Commander Lilith DLC, it’s confirmed that FL4K has already been around for awhile. Already they were somewhat of a little legend among some bandits on Pandora. Despite popular belief, I don’t think FL4K has any ties or connections to Hyperion. Yeah, they have an exoskeleton similar to Loader-bot from Tales, but it’s possible this A.I. could have existed during the colonizing times of Dahl. One of my reasons for this line of thought, they’re wearing an old Dahl jacket. It’s not one I’ve seen on any other NPC, could have been an old discarded uniform jacket that had been phased out by Dahl. Dahl itself is a military like corporation, it wouldn’t be surprising if they acted in occurence to the actual military.

They’d discard old assets in favor of new, better, and more practical uniforms to represent their corporation and colors. What does this have to do with FL4K? Well from these old Dahl clothing, it at least could pin-point the A.I.'s origins. I think FL4K is a native of Pandora, or was at least born/came into being on Pandora. As for the chasis the A.I. inhabits, it could have been something Dahl was experimenting with. Soldier like A.I.'s used in battlefields, much like Hyperion loaders, except Dahl had it’s own version. It’s possible that this plan Dahl had for smart, combative, soldier like A.I’s failed. Instead of being the ruthless killing machines they were meant to be, they got thinking, feeling, and concious beings like FL4K. As far as we know, FL4K is the only A.I. of their kind. I’m not counting Loader-bot because A.I. Jack in Tales said that the robotic endoskeleton was something of Nakayama’s design. Unless Loader-bot died, and FL4K took the endoskeleton for themselves, I find it highly unlikely that the two are related in any way.

So now we have FL4K’s legend, the old ripped and tattered Dahl clothing, and the history of inhumane treatment Dahl has inflicted upon their own people. Plus, the A.I. has the bonds of two creatures native to Pandora. A skag and a spiderant, and unless FL4K goes through their pets like disposable garbage to be thrown away once their use has been fulfilled, I’m willing to bet they’ve traveled with these pets for some time now. As for the Jabber…don’t know how he could have found that on Pandora. FL4K could have ventured off Pandora for awhile, until they answered Lilith’s call for help. They could be like Zane, and are only coming back home to Pandora after leaving to pursue their own thing. The only thing that puzzles me about FL4K is their motivations in wandering the worlds, and hunting the vaults. I may be missing something there, but as for everything else, I think FL4K has already existed for sometime now.


I didn’t read any of this, but respect the hell out of anyone willing to type this much about fictional characters doin it. Have some likes.


The likes are appreciated, thank you. Though feel free to add your own thoughts on the upcoming characters. These are just some of my thoughts and speculations. Of course, the ship is just a headcanon of mine I enjoy, but I think it fits the characters fairly well. Unless you or others feel different, it could just be me. BL3 is almost here, despite knowing the characters will be more responsive and expressive in the upcoming game, I feel as though we’ll only get to know little of what they’re like outside of being badasses. I doubt it’s an around the clock thing. People are people afterall.

Plus, I like playing with the characters we have now. Since Tales, I’ve started to wonder what the other vault hunters were like in their hunts for the vaults. What kind of trials did they face when it came to working as a team? Were some closer to each other then the rest? What kind of conversations could any of them have had regarding their own personal views and topics. I get the characters are mostly silent so that the player get’s a sense of immersion, and feel like the characters in the moment. But I do wonder what they’d actually do and what they’re really like.

Anyway, again, thanks for the likes. I’m not done yet, so expect another post soon. Either tomorrow or the day after. Depends on whether or not my speculation is actually accurate to what has been revealed thus far. Of course, I may not be 100% accurate, but I figured I may as well get as close as I possibly can.


This post is about Moze, what she could mean to the team, and what she could be like. From her bio, we are told she is a battle hardened veteran from Vladof. She deserted to fight for her own cause, win her own riches, and probably to win her own glory. The reason I say this, Moze’s backstory seems somewhat similar to both Roland and Axton. Though Roland did not leave Atlas of his own accord, his origin in the comics reveal that his desertion for vengeance against a higher-up Atlas official who killed his squad. After having his revenge, Roland left to hunt for the vaults. It’s never explained why Roland just up and decided to become a vault hunter. I believe it was to seek his own way and fortune, and to take for himself the very riches Atlas sought in the vaults.

Axton was a glory hound, though he was in the Dahl corporation, he did not respect or follow his chain of command. This is one of the reasons I think he and Gaige got along with each other better than any others in the group. Also why I think they buddied up in search for others in the hunt for the vaults. At their core, the two are are thrill seeking anarchists, who do what they do to disrupt or disregard authority for their own fun and gain. The only differences was in age, and how they went about. Anyway, Axton deserted because he disregarded authority and caused needless casualties for his own amusement and ego. It’s for these very reasons he chose to hunt the vaults. He answered a fake ad from Hyperion, that should tell you something.

What does this have to do with Moze? I think she’s somewhat similar to both Roland and Axton in her methods. Though she likely has her own personality and flare, the soldier classes have always been pretty clear cut when it comes to their personal views. To me, it seems her story is somewhat similar at least. She left Vladof, though why would she do this? If her bio is anything to go by, she’s proven that she was an experienced soldier within their ranks. They trusted her to pilot their mechs, and no doubt she represented Vladof very well in it. Unless her origins are somewhat similar to Roland’s, I think Moze left simply because she was done. She fought the corporations wars and did her time in service to them. She also could have felt that fighting in the corporation was a waste of her time and skills, and that she could have done better.

So the conclusion I can draw from this, Moze was simply done fighting for others. She set out in search of the vaults to have her own fun and make her own riches. Nothing to complex, she’s not fighting for a cause, she’s done that already. Not fighting to figure things out, to make the decision to leave her corporation, she had to be sure of herself. Unless it’s revealed she messed up bad or was betrayed by her corporation, I’d say her reasons for hunting the vaults are pretty clear cut. This is her own personal project, something just for her, something she feels is worth putting time and effort into. The chance to properly test her skills. To tinker with her mech, reveal it’s strengths and weaknesses, and make it even more powerful. These decisions will no doubt be influenced by her new vault hunter squad.

Speaking of this squad she is meant to fight with, I think she’d be the leader. I’m a bit iffy about that claim though, considering Zane and how his own experiences might have made him their leader. Not to say that there would be a designated leader in their group, but there certainly would be one that they’d listen to the most. I’m thinking Moze because again, battle hardened veteran, soldiers know how to communicate, startegize, and take initiative in the battlefield. Hitman are as they are called, they carry out hits as effectively and cleanly as possible. They find ways around the battlefield as opposed to facing them head on. No doubt Zane could handle himself in a firefight, he has tools to out wit and out play foes stronger then him, but Moze has a walking tank on her side. Zane’s no less of a badass for this, takes a lot of balls to face down people and creatures with a few gadgets, makes him a one man army. Being clever and intuitive was part of his job, he wouldn’t have lived this long if he wasn’t any good at his job. But Moze is much younger than him, looks to be at least in her mid twentie’s, and she has all this experience as a soldier in her corporation. That means a lot of experience fighting alongside others, as opposed to Zane, who takes out targets as quickly and quietly as possible. One knows how to fight alongside others, and utilize their strengths and weaknesses in a team. The other usually works alone or on the down low, waiting for that moment to strike.

As for Moze herself, in a few words to explain her chracter, I’d say high functioning tank girl. Has all the passion, sexuality, confidence, and cunningness without much of the craziness. Loves her iron mech like it’s her own baby, open about laying with others, though that could just be me. I say this because of how confident she appears to be with the possibility of flashing others. Her top shirt is unzipped, and is modestly reveaings, but still gives the impression she’s open to mingling. Not to mention the question of whether or not she wears undergarments, from her hips to her private areas, it makes you wonder if she’s wearing anything underneath. One side of her hip reveals a Vladof tattoo, which makes you wonder how far along it goes. Not saying this could imply she’s a sexually active person, but compared to Axton and Roland who appeared more reseved in their uniforms, Moze seems more relaxed and loose with it. Could just be for comfort, but I won’t rule out the possibility that she probably likes to be out there. Wouldn’t surprise me if the corporations were like Starship Troopers in regards to sexual relationships within their ranks. This is what I could assess from what we’ve seen of our gunner class so far. Again, just my speculation, anyone is free bring forth their own speculation on the matter.


This’ll be my last post for this thread. Reason for it, I’ve already burned out much of what I could find on our latest vault hunters. I’ve talked about their motivations, filled in the gaps of why it is they do what they do and are who they are with the best reasonable conclusions I could come up with. This thread began on the reasons I ship Amara and Zane, so I figured I’d go a little more in depth with the reasons this time around. I thank all who read these posts, it’s a lot I know, but I hope it was entertaining. Also, I hope it gave you all new ideas and perspective on our upcoming characters.

Now as for the ship itself, it’s a play off the wants and desires of both Amara and Zane. You will recall from my first post that I said Zane was pretty much a bandit. The difference between him and most bandits, he is a skilled and high functioning bandit. At the core of Zane’s character, he is a person that only acts in the interests of others if those interests serve his. Namely, if what is promised guarantees riches, food, shelter, and fun new guns and toys to play with. Zane likes to think himself above people like his brothers, people who he probably disliked or hated in some compacity. Now they are his family, the only people who share his blood and some sort of bond with. But still, he left them behind to pursue his own interests. Either he thought he could do better then becoming a bandit leader on Pandora or he really hated Pandora, and all the monsters and people that inhabited it. Zane is working with the very people who killed his brothers, he either doesn’t care, or is thinking good riddance. Just another part of his past erased.

I think it may be the latter, because Zane may have wanted nothing to do with them. If he really was born from Pandora, it would have meant that he and his brothers were exposed to the brutality and cruelty of living on such a planet. Hence why Zane has no issue in gore and violence, as he says when he picks up the Gigamind brain after the boss fight, “Eh, I’ve had worse.” He may not just be speaking of his time as a corporate hitman, but his own life growing up on Pandora. So of course, living in such conditions would have left it’s mark on him. It made him cold, self-serving, and willing to do anything to survive and get what he wants. I also think it may partly be the reason he decides to stay in the game, despite probably being set to retire at this point in his life. Much like Tina from the “Commander Lilith” DLC, Zane may fear that if he stops moving, shows some vulnerability, or somehow lacks in what he’s good at, he will die. That’s probably why he’ll keep fighting until he dies, doesn’t want to spend his days in peaceful ignorance waiting to die. That’s why he surrounds himself with his gadgets, and wears only the finest clothing meant to keep him alive. Zane is the classic, ‘You live by the gun and you die by the gun.’

Still, the man is only human, so he must have some way to cope. The confidence and bravado he exudes could be that very coping mechanism. Whether he believes it or not, it’s a positive outlook that gives him the strength and courage to face the challenges ahead. Either that, or he’s become that confident of himself, he’s still alive afterall. But if it is the former, then it would also explain why he drinks. He could just be the idea of your typical happy-go-lucky drunk Irishman, but from helping Lorelei, it seems more like he just wanted a pint to relax and take a load off. Getting drunk or dulling his senses for a bit calms his nerves from the hardships of his profession.

Now what does all this have to do with the pairing? Well, it was to sum up Zane’s character, and why he might be attracted to Amara. Yes, power and strength is a trait he’d definitely go for in anyone he decides to associate with. But to Zane, it also could mean a few other things. I mentioned before that Amara exudes a confidence in herself and the image she presents herself as. Though probably being a sweet person to talk to, it’s not ideal for her reveal any vulnerabilities. Zane could understand this, likely one of the reasons he would be attracted to her. Amara knows better then to show others she is not associated with what she’s like when in the company of friends and aquaintences. Even then, she’s careful about what parts of herself she chooses to reveal to those close to her. It’s an aspect in which the two can relate. To Zane, Amara also offers something he hadn’t considered, an alternative he would have shooken his head to. A legit reason to fight, someone or something to believe in. Amara is by no means the perfect heroine vigilante, she’s not completely selfless in her actions, she just does what she thinks is right. Zane doesn’t really believe in doing the right thing for the sake of helping others. But in time as he fights alongside his three new companions, he comes to admire and even respect the trait. Which makes sense if you decide to run through Zane in missions that require generosity. Much like the black marketeer, when you have to decide whether or not to give him money for his family. I think if Zane is the one to give him the money, despite it being against his nature to give hand outs when he could have used the money for himself, it’s the influence of his three other vault hunters. I like to think before they got to Promethea, after their forming as a group and team, each of them communicated to each other what they were to be about as a group. At least for that period of time, that was how they would go about dealing with one another. I also like to think Amara was in Zane’s face about his methods, and that if he couldn’t respect the boundaries the team agreed upon, he was free to take it up with her. Zane would then slyly promise that if he had such an issue he would definitely see her about it. A casual flirt to which Amara is not amused, but who’s face is turning red at the suggestion. A blush? Her getting angry at the man’s daringness? Both?

Another reason I ship the two, they both grew up in hard conditions, and became more then they could have been given their circumstances. It would have been easy for Zane to stay on Pandora and become a bandit king. It would have been easy for Amara to let the crime ridden culture of her community to twist her into someone else. Though these two took different diverging paths, they came out better then what would have been expected. They are alive, and have become stronger people for it. I believe these aspects of their characters could form some understanding or kinship from. Feelings would certainly be something they wouldn’t be comfortable talking about. That would require vulnerability, to which I think the two would be comprehensive about. Instead, they would reminisce of their own hardhips. Show each other their old battle scars. Laugh at their own mistakes and expenses in regards to dumb decisions they could have made in the past.

In the end, what draws the two to each other is their own nature. As I mentioned, Zane is bandit at heart, and would only do things that serve his own interests. To have someone like Amara, a person that legitimately cares for the betterment of others, and who’s not afraid to get violent in pursuit of her ideals. Someone who is both compassionate and brutal. Not a common sight to find in their universe. How I figure Zane, if you can convince him that doing the right thing would serve his own self interests, he will fight for you if he believes you’ll keep that promise. Amara’s own interests are obvious in her bios, she’s someone who enjoys being a revolutionary. Someone who enjoys bringing about change when what she see’s is not to her liking. This life she chooses to lead holds many fights and conflicts to be had, as well as bountiful rewards. For someone like Zane who lives off these conflicts, and being with someone who uses there power to cause them, well…why wouldn’t he want her? As for Amara, if she knew she could have someone as handy and resourceful as Zane to fight with her through all these hardships, why wouldn’t she take him up on the offer of a beneficial partnership. It also means she has the power to change the man’s heart for the better. For someone who wants the betterment of others, why would she turn away his company?

In this way, the two become each other’s whole world. Whether as partners, friends, or lovers through their own hardships and desires, the two could come together. Even if they don’t become as close to each other I think they would, they’d still make quite the duo. Like a Hobbs and Shaw type duo, with all the hilarity and witty banter you could imagine. Anyway, this is my take on them, as well as my take on the other new vault hunters. To those who have read, I hope you have enjoyed the read. Whether it was entertaining, insightful, or just wrong in your eyes, I appreciate the viewing. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see if I even came close to what these characters are like. I hope I was right in some of my assessments of them.

OH MY GOD I KNEW IT, I KNEW I WAS RIGHT IN MY FIRST ASSUMPTION THAT HE WAS A LONE WOLF…still think he may be a bit wily, but I had it right the first time around. If you’ve seen the Zane character trailer today, and have read some of my thoughts, assumptions, and speculations on him, then you know what I’m talking about.

I short:

-Never knew true loyalty- Check- He admits in the trailer that he bounces around and has never had true friends.
-Doesn’t like being vulnerbable-Check- His line of work has certainly had that effect on him. He’s defensive around other people. Even admits he puts people away.
-Get’s drunk and uses bravado as a means of coping with the hardships he faces.- Check- He had to cope with the hardships he’s faced somehow. Especially if he has faced them on his own.
-Loves violence and the wealth and riches promised in return for his services- Check- He does his job with a smile on his face.
-Is just that damn good at his job- Check- Threw a giant off a cliff without a gun, took on a deadly varkid nest like it was nothing, took on a frontal assault of COV, threw a psycho in the trash and used another for plumbing. Business is good for him.

Needless to say, I am eager to see what the other trailers are like. I just…AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I KNEW I WAS RIGHT IN CHOOSING HIM TO BE MY FIRST AND MY MAIN SQUEEZE. THANK YOU GEARBOX.


Zane with a Skag is cannon; everything else is just fan fic