Why I so many complaining about bloody harvest?

I don’t get it. Its only seasonal and why do a lot of ppl have problems with it?

  • You get more content - an entire new area for free. Yay?
  • Its halloween themed!
  • And you get more loot and skins

Some complained about the ghosts but this is also a problem I don’t undestand. Imho they equal to more loot. Every time you pop a ghost you get more loot! Even on m3 I found them to be quite easily downed.

So can somebody explain why the heck there are so many complaints about content that is free to use?

Don’t know, maybe read those threads from ppl that are not happy? :smiley:


You dont get more loot. You get less loot. If what you wanted to farm was base game anointments during this weeks anniversary event, then your chances of getting them greatly diminished since the event specific anointments have diluted the current drops.
I just got a Back Ham shield with an anointment, I only had 1 other anointed version of that shield, so I got excited only to discover its a temporary seasonal event anointment instead of the base game one.
Plus we cant disable the event, even if all I want is the base game I have no choice but have this stuff invade my game.


I think a lot of people are annoyed that they’re now getting mostly Terrified anointments rather than the regular anointments they were trying to farm for.

Personally I like the event a lot and some of the Terrified anointments seem great (I still need to find some good weapons that add the Terrified effect too for after the event is over). I might feel differently if I hadn’t already gotten some good regular anointed stuff from the first few days of the anniversary event though.

If you bother asking, you can always read their posts :wink:

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If anyone wants regular loot play offline.

So disable QoL things, balances to items, builds and the 4th anniversary week increase to anointed drops just to avoid a forced free DLC that cannot be disabled? Good idea.

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Temporary solution .

Dont forget if you play offline you will still have the benefit of all the patches minus the hotfixes plus you get 900%XP on mayhem 3 and way better drops.

And if you are bugged by the current event, offline is the place to be.

The 4th anniversary week event wont be available offline, thus no increase in anointed gear.

Please use an existing thread on this topic, thanks.