Why I think the current meta is breeding toxicity

It cuta regen, life steal, heal

I know it effects all types of healing. I was more trying to see why they thought a wound was so bad for Miko, but when they brought up Galilea’s new survivability, why they didn’t see wounds as shutdowns to Last Light Galileas as well.

She still has her ult and shield to compensate unless it’s a perma-wound ISIC.


After the health regen change I build her tanky with regen so I don’t require a support up my butt for idtga. The damage boost is high enough where she doesn’t require any boosts and just needs a boost to her survivability. I think I get around 50 regen? with my build and 10% damage reduction. Depends on who your support is though.


Pure facts on your posts but… still too much to read on phone! I just scrolled through some of your sentences and I agree with everything that I read.

It’s very common for players to mention certain characters are OP when they haven’t even played and mastered them themselves. That just takes away a lot of the credibility behind their statement in my opinion.

I always recommend to play and fully mastered the toon that is considered OP. After learning all their strengths and weaknesses then come back and state if they truly are OP.

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That’s interesting. I’m surprised even you all changed you’re playstyle. I would have thought with your level of play and communication it would have made the AS still preferable. Although I am curious. Did you make that decision solely because of LL’s buff? Or because of the massive buff to hps and damage reduction gear?

I also made the same Gally playstyle change as Hoho, building her for 49 regen. The huge survivability and self-sustain outweighs a 16% AS buff IMO, especially when the regen is instant instead of scaling. Means my healer can focus on other targets, and I can keep IDTGA up easier. I made the loadout and helix changes just because of the LL buff.

In general, I value staying alive over getting a kill.

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Combination of the 2 :stuck_out_tongue: attack speed is only better if you have a miko pocketing you and for the reasons I gave above Miko isn’t really a good choice right now.

Copy cat >.>

I care about the silence and slow because they can both be applied after being pulled into a debuff field. Not only have you been pulled out of position, you can’t use a skill to escape at level 4 and at level 8 you can’t even run out of it, all of that on top of damage amp is excessive.

Some characters having low damage ults is unfortunate in some regard, but Caldy as an example has insane mobility and good close-range DPS to make up for a somewhat weak ult, he’s one of the best chasers and escapers in the game but he requires skill to use, Gali just needs to activate one skill to do everything that most other BB can’t. As for all ults, around half the cast have ults that outdamage SFP, whether in one single hit or in potential damage, and most of those have better DPS on their primary attacks, Orendi is a casting glass cannon, her skill damage may be high but it’s supposed to be and she can’t take a hit unlike Caldy who can dodge most incoming attacks or Gali who has high health and potential regen.

Perhaps we both are, maybe we can agree on something from this.

You don’t have to go far to see that I’m not Deande’s biggest fan (HA) and I wont disagree that since the buffs she’s on the stronger side of the cast, I was a Deande main once, but put her against Galilea in a fair 1-on-1 and none of that will matter. She doesn’t have the CC nor the survivability of Gali, she has the DPS yes but a tanky character with mass CC like Galilea doesn’t care much for a DPS race. I don’t think the two are even comparable, Gali’s on a different level and Desecrate is much more devastating than a predictable, avoidable, and beatable decoy. You can’t fight Desecrate nor can you avoid it when Gali’s in range.

Isn’t it? Three characters have pulls, two are directed and have to be aimed, Gali’s is a button press vortex.

Hedronic Arc has to be used in conjunction with Attikus’s melee and Tag Team, well, a slow cast AoE, and it doesn’t get the pull until level 10. OH, as I was writing this… Okay then, there’s the other AoE pull, a level 10 augment. That’s why I didn’t consider it, it’s so late-game you rarely see it. Hardly character defining nor nearly as influential, unfortunately for Shaurox.

This is a cop-out, I’m not arguing for or against Phoebe whatsoever. But for the record, I’ve always said that she has more health than she ought to for her DPS output. But, to compare the two, Phoebe has no health regen, no life steal, and only one CC. Gali’s one of the very few BB who can beat her in a 1-on-1, as I was saying earlier, in this game survivabilty more often than not beats raw DPS, although the CC is also a contributing factor in a Gali-Phoebe duel.

I’ve considered making a thread about it, two polar opposite archetypes in one. Bizarre.

Well the SEoA can, but not like that’s relevant to a melee.

I’m not here to make suggestions on how to balance characters, but Desecrate is by far her biggest problem. I don’t know how much would be too much, that’s for GBX to decide if they ever, well, decide to.

By playing a character you may better understand their intricacies, but you don’t need to play a character to know their broken aspects. On the contrary, it’s rather easy to recognise something that’s overperforming by being on the opposite end of it. I never played Benedict, not once, and after he was buffed it was very clear that he was broken, I didn’t have to play as him to know when I could suffer on the other end of it. But, during the Bird Hunt I did anyway, and a fun little experiment that was… The same goes for El Dragon, I’ve never played him, yet I was on the receiving end of his clap and ult pre-nerf enough times to tell the difference. If this were a co-op only game then I’d understand your point, but with nearly 1,400 PvP matches I think I can tell the difference between bad players and good players, and likewise bad characters and good characters.

Now, how about we acknowledge that we wont agree on this and debate about something else? This is going around in circles, as has the Galilea debate since beta, and that’s why I didn’t want to say too much about her in the OP. What about that Boldur guy, huh?

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@Dr_H0H0 @beta382 just to pick your brains, do you still pick the silence level 4? Or do you go for overkill with the survivability with CI, or is the DoT more attractive with the “universal” reductions to other characters.

I made similar choices, but I stick to 35 hps and Chaotic Infusion. The 49 seems like overkill, and I prefer balanced builds.

If i don’t have a support I take the heal as it also helps keep my wave alive otherwise I always take the silence.

I don’t think they are comparable. Just that I think Desecrate and Holotwin provide a lot of bonuses for one skill. But I also think that is balanced by their cooldowns and overall kit.

Kleese’s Ult and Aurox Beckons are the others. I see in your next post you got one of them.

Phoebe also has a basically instant cooldown escape, the ability to shield stack, near perma 30% damage reduction, and one of the most powerful Ults in the game. Not to compare, but I thought I’d point it out. She also has an AoE slow, hella quick cooldown silence, and the wound no one uses.

Similar to Hoho, I waffle between heals and silence. If there are characters with escapes I plan on engaging, then I take silence. Otherwise, I take the heal. The pull is enough for canceling skills, so I’ll only take the silence if I want to prevent them (e.g. claw lunging away from me).

That’s the common misconception many players make across various pvp games and in Battleborn is no different. In BB, it pays to play the character that is assumed OP by peers and even by the general community.

In some of my very old posts about similar threads, I used to think Galilea was OP too. Mainly because just like you I was on the receiving end. My perspective changed when I played and fully mastered her. I recognized she isn’t broken as I thought she was. I learnt all her weaknesses and where she falls short. That allowed me to counter her easily. I no longer see Galilea as a threat if I’m in a group of coordinated experienced players.

I won’t deny Galilea is very strong but so are many other characters in Battleborn.

Maybe our definition of a character being OP/broken is different. Personally, I only consider a character OP/broken if that toon has no counter, minor weaknesses and can defeat all types of players and characters easily. For example: Benedict when he used to crit with his rockets, did more damage per rocket and fired infinite amount of rockets with the reload animation glitch. I was defeating players (that I know were a lot more skilled than me )with ease. Now that was broken! All of that, got fixed and he is just a strong character now.

Since we’re arguing potential capabilities here it may seem redundant for me to point this out, but Phoebe is one of the few characters who you do want more DPS on, she’s a hardcore duelist and since every stat increase that’s percentage based is multiplicative, considering her already outrageous values DPS is the way to go for Phoebe :wink: In many ways her and Gali are polar opposites, but Gali should not be able to leave her territory to approach Phoebe and win a 1-on-1 engagement that she (Galilea) has initiated.

I disagree, and I don’t take the community at its word, I base my opinions on experience. And as I said, I have a LOT of experience with this game. You can play a character all you want and sure you can learn the ins and outs and even gain an understanding of their weaknesses by experiencing them yourself, but it’s not until you play against someone who is as good or better than you with a certain character that you truly understand what it’s like to fight them. I didn’t learn to fight KU by playing him, I’ve played him maybe five times and don’t like him, am I wrong in saying that he’s not OP just because I haven’t played as him, or that his level 9 stun is devastating? I don’t need to play as him to know what he’s capable of. It’s easy to blind yourself into thinking that you’re just really good with a character if you play them excessively. I’m not saying that you’re wrong, I just disagree that playing a character is the best/only way to be able to formulate a credible opinion on where they stand in the ranks.

Umm Gali meets all the criteria for your definition of OP. I’ve played her extensively before and after buffs(and I can post screenshots for proof), mastered her, and I can say that she is indeed OP now after her survivability buffs. If you want reasons, read some of the stuff I’ve posted above.

I’m just going to make an example to demonstrate how Galilea doesn’t even meet 1 of my points.

Let’s take the third one: defeat all types of players and characters.
Galilea vs Kleese
A beginner skilled Galilea can defeat beginner Kleese? Yes,
A noob Kleese doesnt sit by his rift network and thus will die easily to Gali.

A beginner Gali can defeat an average skilled Kleese? No,
The Gali player will run into Kleese rift network and die. He will even use the pull when he is already inside the fire

Average Gali can defeat an average Kleese? Maybe
if Gali can pull that Kleese out of his network and stun him before he goes back into it

A skilled Gali can defeat a skilled Kleese? No
A skilled Gali will try to pull Kleese out of his rifts before deciding to attack him but Kleese will be in a spot that even if he gets pulled- n in any direction by Gali he will still be by his network. Ending up melting Galilea fast.

When I stated to master a character I didn’t just mean to get her to level 15. I also meant to use her against very skilled players and see how they deal with her as well. You’ll be surprised how such players make quick work of Galilea:

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Ever thought about how a good Gali should never try to approach Kleese who still has his rifts up? Much less alone? You’re setting some of those examples in Kleese’s favor and territory. Kleese can kill any character with ease if they try to fight him in his territory without taking his rifts down or going in alone. Not very good examples. As for the master part, I would consider myself as someone who has indeed reached a skill level to where I can fit your definition of mastered.

I was just counter arguing your statement

“Umm Gali meets all the criteria for your definition of OP.”.

I’m a very good player with many different characters including Galilea. I always try to pull a Kleese out of his network if I can. Yes, I won’t even try if I see him sitting in a spot that even if pulled him, won’t be enough to get him out of it. Kleese is a major threat to melee characters after all but out of his network he is weak.