Why I will be voting for incursion now on over Meltdown

ofc I like capture and kinda like face off but they, along with Meltdown all have the same problem, they’re too short. In a long match of Incursion Level 10 is gaurnteed within the last 10-8 minutes. I urge Gearbox to raise the score to 400 or 500 like it rightfully was in the first place and I will happily vote it over Incursion

I get level 10 easily in capture since the update. Face-off you have to continuously pay shards to pop verelsi camps to level up faster. Meltdown you should be able to get lv 10 if you are evenly matched. Sounds like you been getting some easy win games?

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Meltdown is the only one with a bit of an XP issue, and it’s not even that bad IMO.

Even after the exp buff? Now it feels the exp is not the problem but how the game still gives to much advantage to the best team ( either more experienced, more organized or just overall better).

They also reduced the threshold and elite bot health last week. So the other team’s elite bot “advantage” (or power level, basically) will increase for every fifty points they are ahead.

It’s not that unbalanced; would you win a match of normal meltdown if the other team had 200 more points and they were at, say, 460 or something similar?

It’s not just the leveling, it’s the time also, I mostly get to Level 8 and the game is over in under 15 minutes

Capture is meant to be a fast match. You can increase your xp gain by camping out on the control point for 20-30 seconds; I do that and usually hit L8. The boost to starting level and shards also helps.

Meltdown is much better since the last patch. The big issue is in imbalanced matches. In an even match (a 300-250 score) I am almost always L9 by the time the finale begins. Buy as many buildables as you can, and focus on wave clearing in the mid-game.

Probably not, but I’ve seen it happen on numerous occasions. I’ve never seen any team come back from a decent advantage with the elite bot. Rath and I (playing with Shayne) both used our ults on the elite bot just to prevent it from advancing and we maybe got half it’s health down after pummeling it for some time…while fighting off the other BB…and we have to do it on the other side too?? It feels like an advantage for the winning team regardless of the health of the bot

I don’t play Meltdown that often (for that reason) but it seemed much more immersive pre-patch

Perhaps they should contain the Ultra bot to one lane? Or shorten timer every time an ultra bot dies?

I personally would love the one-lane idea. But I love chaos lol… not sure how others would feel about it.

If they had the ultra bot in one lane, he’d probably have to be beefier as well.

That’s warranted. I actually think it’d be cool if it had greatly increased health and moved slower to make it a 5 minute or so journey to the Minrec. Like preventing a (very slow) freight train from reaching the town.

This would allow BB the chance to die or teleport back to base and return to the scrum without costing the team. As of now, if you die, it’s GG.

It’s clear that GBX wanted to encourage people to play out the entire match. I loved the old Meltdown, but I recognise that most games were decided in the first 3 minutes. That’s not surprising, since most games are REALLY decided in the matching phase, when the teams get assembled, before anyone had even chosen their BB. However, since a good many of us want the experience and lore as much as we want the win, getting people to stick it out is a benefit to the overall community.

The current Meltdown doesn’t actually address the issue, other than by making games shorter, and therefore less of a drag to play through to the end. I’ve yet to lose a match where we had the advantage going into the Finale, regardless of how small the advantage was. I don’t think I’ve ever won a match where we entered the Finale losing (there’s one that was almost perfectly even entering, and I lost track of who had the advantage). Clearly, if the goal is to promote suspense, a new method is needed.

A NEW METHOD! (How utterly unsurprising…)

Instead of having both teams spawn two Ultra-minions, or one team spawn 2 and the other none, have each team spawn one minion at the start of the Finale. Keep the advantage mechanic, but maybe tweak it so the difference isn’t so great. I would suggest that the minions start in opposite lanes, but having them randomly selected works as well. The endpoint is the same: first minion across the goal line wins.

This forces both teams to make a choice between defending their own minion and slowing/destroying the opposing one. Do you do a 5-man escort? Try to stomp the other side’s Ultra? Split your team and go for a delaying tactic while you escort your Ultra? Since there’s always a chance that your opponents will choose a bad strategy, you’ve always the chance to steal the match!

My biggest disappointment with PvP is that Incursion and Meltdown require minimal strategic thinking; they’re effectively just grinding. I want a game that forces teams to make choices, then punishes them for making bad ones. :imp: