Why I'm about to rain haterade on Battleborn

I’m not here to talk about Overwatch. I’m not here to talk about how Overwatch will annhiliate this game in sales and replayability. No, I’m here to rain haterade on Battleborn because this is not Gearbox at it’s best and for $60 we deserve Gearbox’s best.
The main reason I’m about to rain haterade on Battleborn and point out everything wrong with the game is actually because of the fans. Yea, I’m suprised too. Suprised that the fans would be so blind as to ignore or brush off Gearbox’s mistakes constantly instead of making the developers accountable for their actions (or in this case, inactions). The only answer I can ever get for everything wrong in this game is “I’m sure they’ll fix it”. Unless you actually work at Gearbox you cannot be sure that they’ll do anything.
Now that that’s over with, let’s count the things that I’ve been told will be “fixed”

  1. Long queue times in MM
  2. PUGs vs Premades
  3. Overgrowth geometry
  4. Echelon still causing people to crash
  5. Character-specific gear having RNG stats
  6. The backdoor nerfing that Gearbox did last night on Alamo-7 Armor. Seriously Gearbox, at least have the decency to put it in the patch notes.
  7. The disjointed and bare-bones storyline
  8. Advanced Saboteur being almost impossible to complete
  9. The mere handful of maps currently available for PVP
  10. framerate drops
  11. player collisions. OMG the player collisions.
  12. no indicators when playing healer when people are about to die.
  13. Performance issues

When we as fans fail to hold developers accountable we get games like Duke Nukem Forever and Alien: Colonial Marines. When we hold developers accountable we get games like Borderlands 2. We cannot expect developers to do the best when we do not expect the best from them.


You forgot a fourth one: make yet another pointless thread about items that have already been brought up repeatedly and bring nothing new to the conversation except for sweeping generalizations which cannot stand up to any type of scrutiny. Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonel Marines were already well into their production cycles when GBX acquired them, which is why they were basically finished and sent out into the wild. If GBX had made either game from scratch, we would have gotten something more like the original Borderlands.

You’re entitled to your opinion and can express it, Anubis, but seriously, do a little research next time before you decide to start a new thread, especially one where nothing new is said.


I am so bloody suck of a new “i hate BB” type forum every single day and stupidly they all see to be by the same few users in a weird rotation… if you dislike it so much leave stop QQing on the forums every day, move on with your life. If $60 on a game you dont like (which you should of read up fully about before hand) is the biggest mistake you’ve made your life can’t be that bad… Also complaining that an advance difficulty is hard is kinda pointless, Sab is hard sure but thats most likely the people your playing with, sorry i know people hate hearing that but its advance deal with it this is made worse by people who havnt done much normal go straight to adv but ./shrug.

The game will get balances and fixes as it goes on, every game does. Deal with it or quit no one is forcing you to play.


Again a thread that lists some of the many problems that exists since beta and again the same guys jump in to defend it with “it will be fixed” like its your mantra,
or insulting people who just want to express that the speed how these things are handled is simply not ok for an full price aaa title,
the next thing will be a mod closing this because we have so many threads of that kind (which are all closed).

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Haterade has too much salt in it for my tastes. I prefer something sweeter. I found this new dark ginger ale at the nearby grocery store that I really love. Not too sweet and has a nice kick to it.


I could make a case for short attention spans due to cell phones or the entitlement attitude rampant in society. But nah it’s easier to QQ on a forum and generally irk everyone.

We already know all of this. GBX is on the job. All games get patches and changes, it’s common. If a game does not chances are it’s dead on release. We are hardly overlooking things. Rather we know from the devs and mods that they are in fact aware, working on it and thus we choose to be cool and enjoy the game whilst we wait.

Ill also politely add that on console half of that list is non existent. On the ps 4 my queue times are less then three mins, zero performance issues to speak of and the rest is actually better answered by the, what zillion or so posters who handled that. Can we please stop pouring salt on everyone’s day. I think lots of us are right fed up about now.

Closed because of the drama.

And read the forum rules, please.