Why I'm disapointed

I totaly love the gameplay of the game. It’s so fun and really different from other games. There is a few issues but for most I can deal with it.
There is just one thing that for me totaly ruin the game experience. And it’s the matchmaking system.
When I play a game I like to play with people with similar experience in the game. But when you get matched with people from totaly different level it doesn’t make any sense.
Half of the game is already decided in the lobby. When you get matched with random people of under lvl 10 and ennemy team got a full premade of level 90, how is that balanced at all ?
And there is also of course the problem of the AFKs and DC… On my last games, out of 4 games, I had afks 2 times. And either when it’s on my team or ennemy team I don’t have fun. I don’t like winning a game because I have 3 high level players and a full team of low levels. I don’t like winning a game because there is afks in the ennemy team.
So this game have great potential, but if they don’t fix the matchmaking issues, I don’t think it’ll last long.
I leveled up to level 30, but I’m seriously growing tired of this. And I think I’m gonna stop battleborn, at least for a while, and see if they fix something, because right now it’s just disapointing…

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My friend and I had a similar experience the other night. We played 6 matches, 2 of them had AFK players (both Miko’s), all of them an overwhelming victory or defeat and in all of them the winning team (by a landslide) was the team with the higher levels in matchmaking. This has been more or less my experience since day 2 of the game.

I bought the game to have fun for an hour or two in the evening. I keep finding myself spending the majority of that time wishing I’d chosen to do something different. The game’s great when the matchmaking happens to pair two relatively equal teams, but I’m getting a bit tired of grinding through the bad matches to get to them. I’ve rarely experienced that problem in other games I enjoy.

The important bit:

I think by now it’s clear to pretty much everyone that there’s serious issues with the matchmaking in this game. I’d like to hear from GBX that they acknowledge that they have a serious issue here, state clearly what they plan on doing about it and give us a timeframe we can expect those changes to be implemented in. Maybe it’s the case that GBX doesn’t think there’s much wrong with the matchmaking. In that case I’d like to see a qualified developer give a technical explanation of how it works behind the scenes exactly, like other MOBA’s do.

Currently I’d rate the communication between GBX and the Battleborn community as poor, but I hope this gets better soon. When I pay $80 for a multiplayer game I feel entitled to detailed answers when the quality of things as vital as matchmaking come into question; without having to try to piece together hints of what the developers plan to do via forum posts and 3rd party websites.

Why I usually don´t end up on the receiving end of the sealclubbing-matchmaking, I have to agree it´s pretty unfair and dull most of the time …
So often me and my pal (lvl 60+) have been matched with 2 or 3 very high rank and very potent players, while the other team was full of newbies :confused: … in those cases there weren´t even premades bigger than 2 involved … so no reason to not even out the teams as good as possible.

I know it sounds pretty pretentious, but actual close and challenging games are most fun for anybody. It´s nice to have my winrate riduclously high for a team based PvP game, but having the enemy team go afk or surrender within the first few minutes of the match is actually no fun for either side …

This has been criticised and discussed several times now though … so the devs should be well aware of it and I hope they do their best to fix it quickly.

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Yeah thanks for the replies guys !
I see I’m not the only one feeling that way…
Well I guess they might hear what we are saying some day and hopefully look into the matter. But as you said, I would really like them to tell us a bit more what they are doing.

I’d say: give it some time for the ELO to have gathered all the necessary info and stats for it to work properly. This is the first time GB made a moba esque game so they need some time to balance it out. If MP is truely unplayable for you, just go for co-op in the meantime, or put it away for a bit. But come back in a month to check if the problem has been resolved.

How many tens of hours of gameplay or weeks of realtime will that take? This is me after I’ve given the ELO time to have gathered all the necessary information. If it hasn’t done it for me by now I have at this point zero faith that it’s going to happen without some serious improvements to the system. That’s why I’m asking for the developers to provide some information about this rather serious problem.

Also, I didn’t buy the game for the co-op.

Well if you’re not enjoying the game and have no faith in it being patched… I see a very simple solution, mate.

So do I. Express my concerns to the developers, bud.

But you have no faith in it getting better you just said… Why complain to something you regard as a brick wall?

Well, you misread it entirely for one.

" If it hasn’t done it for me by now I have at this point zero faith that it’s going to happen without some serious improvements to the system"

As in, the ELO system they claim operates behind the scenes isn’t working and I want more information about that from the people I paid $80 for this game 2 weeks ago. I expect a patch. That’s the entire point of this thread.

Lol, you edited the comment


Yes, to clarify it more… Is that a problem? :slight_smile:

No, but I didn’t misread it then, did I? Maybe you shouldn’t have said “Well, you misread it entirely for one” since you know I didn’t?

But I’m sure you’ll edit that out too :wink:

You said I had no faith in it being patched. I told you what I actually said was that I have no faith that the ELO system actually works at this current point in time. So… yeah. You misread it.

Also, I didn’t edit anything out of my last post. I added the last paragraph and left the first bit the same. But I’m sure you already knew that.

Ok, fine then, I’m going to quote a previous statement to keep on topic:

And I told you to wait for the system to gather info and GB to balance it out. Creating a new system, as you mentioned, also takes time (more still). You are talking about gameplayhours but you can put the game aside, can’t you? If you can’t, then at least it does something very right since you can apparently overlook this "massive flaw"in the system…

Yes, and I told you the game has had 2 weeks and tens of gameplay hours to discover my skill level. I told you that I don’t have any faith that the ELO system will “balance it out” over time in its current state. I told you that what I want from GBX is a good explanation and a time frame for when this issue’s going to be fixed.

And your solution was “Hey, just stop playing that non-refundable $80 ($100 after tax) game you bought just 2 weeks ago in hope that it might get better.” If you don’t find my argument to be valid for whatever reason, that’s fine. But I made it very clear what I want from GBX and I don’t need somebody to tell me I can just stop playing the game. I’m well aware of that already. I’d rather not, because as I’ve previously said I enjoy it a lot when the matchmaking actually works.


If you don’t find my argument to be valid for whatever reason, that’s fine. But I made it very clear what I want from GBX and I don’t need somebody to tell me I can just stop playing the game.

Ok, that’s fair enough.

I’m not a mod or something, but:


I wonder… If… No, when ranked ladder and competitions will be here and there are famous pro-players, will we be able to talk about them? :stuck_out_tongue:

People keep saying this, but it isn’t happening. How long exactly does the game need in order to figure out that sub level 10’s who are pugging shouldn’t be matched up with level 50+ that are in a full premade group?

It isn’t rocket science to figure out that these pre-made teams have massively inflated win/loss ratios and are stomping others into the ground.

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