Why I'm not playing Battleborn for the foreseeable future

EDIT: I’m currently playing again as someone convinced me that matchmaking got a bit better after 20-30 games. I took them up on that offer, and for the most part they are right. It’s still not good but at least I’m matched properly about 40% of the time now :slight_smile:

Matchmaking needs a complete overhaul.
It’s completely and utterly broken at an unacceptable level. Before the trolls start telling me to “git good”, I’d like to inform you that I had hardly any matchmaking issues during the open beta and actually consider myself a pretty good player.

I know how to use a couple characters quite well and must have put in at least 20h or so in the open beta and an additional 9h now. Couldn’t have been happier with the beta, I was almost always paired with players of a similar skill level and it was fun because nobody was at a huge advantage/disadvantage. The matches we played were dependant on how well our team co-operated.

Sadly this is no longer the case, at least not for me. Since release, balance and matchmaking has gone backwards and am just not enjoying the game anymore due to being utterly annihilated every match. Believe me that I’ve tried really hard to change my strategy. I can tell when my team is playing well and when we’re genuinely playing badly; however most the the matches I’ve played were lost due a huge skill gap between teams.

It’s extremely frustrating to play given how almost every match I’ve be paired with players on a completely different level of skill. I wish I could get my money back as it’s completely ruined my good initial experience with Battleborn. I might give it another try when these issues are resolved, but as for now it will start accumulating spiderwebs in my Steam library. Even Battlefield 4’s awful release was amazing compared to this… the game doesn’t even run well at all on my GTX 770.

Rant over, have a good day.


Battlefield 4 still has the helicopter bug near the beginning of story that never got fixed.

Even though I no longer play Battlefield 4, it was actually well balanced and the matchmaking works…

Yeah. After being unplayable for months at launch. Lol. This game is fine at launch. It could use improvements but lets not be overdramatic about its flaws


But I’m not being overdramatic at all. Everything I’m saying above I honestly mean 100%. The matchmaking is so attrociously bad for me personally that I cannot play a fair game.

This may not be true for all but it certainly is for me.

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Try it again after a couple weeks. I’m sure matchmaking will be better by then. The game’s new, and CTT and OB players are stirred in the mix, making matchmaking inaccurate right now. Until then, find yourself some fun games! I’m enjoying Overwatch right now, wanna play together?


http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/100-hours-of-battleborn-some-thoughts Feeling the same bud.


I’ve not been able to download it unfortunately. Battle.Net keeps erroring out on me :frowning:

How does this show matchmaking and its failure?

Skill based matchmaking wasn’t in effect during beta so if matchmaking is not working it stands to reason it shouldn’t be worse than the beta. There are a lot of factors involved of course…

Regardless your sample size is small if your only counting yourself. Let’s throw in the other guy posting here about matchmaking issues and that’s still too small. Plus, gbx have been commhnicating that balancing and fixes are coming but they don’t want it to be “knee-jerk” so they are waiting for more data.

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Yup, matchmaking is pretty insane atm. I made a post about it earlier… I included a pic of the MOST FAIR match-up I had recently and the level/skill difference was still insane!

Seriously… how am I supposed to have any fun when I’m in a totally random pug (no one grouped with friends) vs a team with 4-5 friends who are MUCH higher in level. Like… when I’m on a team (I’m currently rank 17) where all the other players are level 8 or below while the other team is in their 20s or even 30s how the hell am I supposed to accomplish anything?

Heck a few games I was in, I was literally the ONLY player on my team to get a kill and I was playing as Miko for goodness sake! Yes, you read that right… MIKO! I did almost 100k in healing to other players (in a fairly short game) and was STILL the ONLY player to get a kill. W T F!!!

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So you think that a totally random group of people levels 3-8 who don’t communicate against a full team of 5 friends that are in their 20s and 30s is fun?

Also, screw Overwatch.


@Ki11bot I’m not a huge fan of Overwatch from what I’ve seen. But it’s very difficult that any game’s matchmaking system is worse than Battleborn’s. Again I’M HAVING THIS ISSUE.

This doesn’t mean you will be affected too, you have to see this from the perspective of affected players. Disregarding this as a non issue is incredibly short-sighted of you and just shows how you don’t care about the game.

I am planning on playing again once Gearbox aknowleges this problem and makes the required fixes. As for now it’s literally unplayable for me unless I feel like getting my ass handed to me…

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@anomalousintent I’m quite confident that if I was playing with completely random people each time, the matches would be more balanced than they are XD

Like you I normally have a pretty high score with the team I’m on. The last game I played, I could tell my team was competent and quite co-operative in chat. I’ve actually already encountered one cheater (playing as Thorn) using aimbot and everyone on our team agreed that having 25 kills when everyone else didn’t even have 10 wasn’t realistic even for a good player. If you were in their line of sight you were guaranteed to get hit every time.

It’s like the game is intentionally trying to pit me up against extremely good players I have no chance against!

If it is that frustrating there are plenty of methods to get teams to play with. Join some groups on psn, heck ask for people to play with on the forums. I promise most of this community is good and friendly and will play with you if you are patient with those learning too. This eliminates the chance of randoms at super low levels if that bugs you so much. If you want to join me and my friends on PS4 while we’re on you are welcome to.

Psn: TubaofStealth

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Most of the time I play on a full team. Our lowest rank is 20, so…does this mean we are all good? No, that rank is nothing but a ‘time played’ counter.

There are plenty of times were we get owned by a random pug with no one over a rank 7. It happens, sometimes you destroy and sometimes you get destroyed. If I play solo I don’t get worked up over the match. I just focused on practicing my skills.

As many have stated, make some friends and and team up with them to have more cooperation, this helps greatly when trying to win. If your going solo, try to be more casual about matches.

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I feel like you haven’t read my post. My issue is that the people I’m playing against ARE too powerful, it’s not just that the level difference is significant.

AllI want is that solo or small party players are not being paired against full parties.

Play with a group of friends. I’ve found that I get the best experience in this game playing with friends. Till then wait out a matchmaking fix.

If you play ps4 you can roll with my group.

@chairman7wjr Thanks but, I’m a PC player.