Why I'm not playing Battleborn for the foreseeable future

I think the only thing that has changed a lot since beta is that now you have more premades and you will have more and more players grouping together.

Your team of random players doesnt have to be awful, your opponents could be well coordinated and get a lot of early kills which will lead to a hard/impossible comeback of you and your mates.

Unfortunately when you face a well-coordinated premade you understand within 1-2 minutes that the game is lost and since award system doesnt have any bonuses for MVP for lossing team players leave or try to vote for retreat (which usually doesnt happen to me due to someone very “smart” voting against it).

As the community develops i will really look forward for solo and group queue.

Up until now Matchmaking looks to be focused on getting players actually playing with the shortest wait time. There was a Q&A today and it answers some matchmaking questions.

Overwatch has the exact same issues! You’re going to get matched against pre-made groups when you play with a PUG. And you’re going to get rolled. This is not a new phenomenon. Not saying it isn’t an issue, but it is not exclusive to this game.


Exactly. I know we all care about this game and it’s evolving performance, but seriously… people have these amazing expectations for how the game should be after 1 week of launch… without an official patch even!

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I’m quite confident that if I was playing with completely random people each time, the matches would be more balanced than they are XD
[/quote]They’re not really, unfortunately. I mean, they’re a bit more balanced, but the system is still horrible. A group of level 5s is not likely going to compete with a group of level 20s. Of course, those levels are arbitrary as you could be a high level through PvE alone but suck at PvP, but it’s all we have to go off at the moment.

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Try it again after a couple weeks. I’m sure matchmaking will be better by then.
[/quote]The problem is, without a Gearbox dev directly coming out and saying that it will be fixed within the next 2-3 weeks, players will leave in droves and not come back. Many of those players are still entitled to refunds, and many of those players will look elsewhere. The problem will only get worse as time goes on too, and in 6 months it will only be the elite still playing.

In all honesty, once I’m done with the PvE story in the next day or two, I’ll likely get my refund/store credit and use that on a different game. If Overwatch has a proper ranking system, that will likely get my money.

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Randy talking about changes in the coming weeks and months

I agree, Gearbox need to set a date when they’ll fix the matchmaking by, otherwise affected players may be put off.

Feel free to get Overwatch if you want, though they’re not the same game and isn’t really a replacement for Battleborn. Personally I will be playing both Battleborn and Overwatch :slight_smile:

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Oh, I’m aware they’re very different, but as I’m not a hardcore FPS player (I play some Borderlands and that’s the only FPS since Half Life) they essentially offer me the same thing. If one can give me good casual fun against players around my (low) skill level, while the other doesn’t it’s really a no-brainer which one I choose.

As for playing both, not a chance. I was apprehensive enough about coughing up $80 for one FPS and did it only because I assumed the makers of Borderlands had their stuff sorted (that and it’s a nice FU to Blizzard). No way am I going to fork out another $80 for a very similar game. It would be one or the other, and I have no issues with getting a refund and throwing that $80 at a different company. That company likely won’t care about my $80, but Gearbox certainly should.

They did say changes are coming soon. As for a direct ranked matchmaking for PVP? I’d say within a few weeks.

If you feel Overwatch is your tying though, try it out. I tried the Beta and it was exactly what you’d expect: crisp gameplay, but severely lacking of game modes. Awesome graphics, but heavier character imbalance. Fun to play as each character, but lacked anything to earn or achieve in the beta.


Considering Battleborn is in a not great state right now but I keep coming back to it regardless, is a good sign. It’s just too damn addictive lol

Oh yeah you did say you were done huh? Well with currently how the game is (which I feel is solid) just wait a month down the road after some fixes, new maps, and new characters. It’s gonna be awesome.

For update goodness.

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About two days ago, someone said that the more they played the more matchmaking got a little better. So I took them up on that offer and yes it gets a little better but I still have problems like 70% of the time lol

Moreso, I’m playing the campaign most of the time since that has the least problems other than those super unoptimized maps.

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Yeah I feel you. Glad to see you hanging tight!

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I’ve played for 36+ hours. I’ve won my share and lost as well, it’s part of the game. Most of the games I’ve played with are randos. Some know how to play others don’t. If you have a mic, instead of being silent give advice. The more people that learn how to play, the better the community will be.

After reading the Dev response on Reddit on how matchmaking was done, I decided to trust the system and give it a shot… Went into Incursion queue solo and didn’t leave matchmaking if I saw what I perceived as “imbalance.” They said matchmaking is based more on skill and behind the scenes algorithms, than Commander Rank… So be it. My team consisted of all solo players, no groups, and only one other person on mic. The other team had 4 in a group, and one solo. My team’s highest ranked player was me at 23 or so. We had a 17, 7, 4, etc. The other team had a 70, some high 30s and so on.

I went into the match expecting to get hammered and was ready to crap all over the Devs in turn like an immature, falsely entitled tantrum-throwing man-boy… “They lied! Matchmaking is broke!” “QQ!!!”

What actually happened… Instead of just playing lone wolf I unmuted my mic and started to communicate. A Thorn responded. The others could hear us. I started calling out positions and pushes… It was working. We were working as a team. If you haven’t figured this out yet please allow me to explicate. TEAMWORK AND COMMUNICATION ARE OP!!! They wound up surrendering after we took out the first sentry. A gg was had by all, and I learned a lesson.

Tl:dr - Matchmaking isn’t broken. Commander rank does not equate skill. The higher your command rank is the less time you’ve spent IRL. That’s it. Teams of 20 and under PUGs can crush over-leveled premades. Unmute your mics, strategize with teammates, and find something legitimate to throw tantrums about, like global warming or GMOs.


I don’t believe you. I’m not very good you see, so if the problem isn’t the characters, or match making, then my skill is the problem. This simply can’t be…

Jk. Good stuff. Glad to hear some success stories.

Battlefield had matchmaking ?

Find a good team to play with. Problem solved. When you cant, play a game mode other their than incursion. Capture can be really fun, haven’t tried meltdown but I heard it’s fun.

The matchmaking issues are definitely going to be fixed in the near future, not sure if you read the interview with Jythri on reddit. So take some time away from the game for a little while, but definitely come back because this is a solid game with a lot of potential.

The ONLY issue I have with Capture is the Varelsi. They dropped Helix points that instantly level you up, doesn’t matter if your level one or level nine, you always go one level up. I think it should be changed to an XP value of killing a Thrall and capturing the point. Otherwise, I like the mode quite a bit. It’s a nice change of pace compared to your usual minion pushing.