Why I'm not playing Battleborn for the foreseeable future

My friend always complains about LoL solo que cause when you group with pugs you never know what your going to get. 4 other guys that started on release or 4 other guys who played 100+hours in the open beta, CTT, or EA.

The game dosnt have an exactly robust player base yet(YET! :)) so i dont think the game matching only premades vs premades(unless it was a separate mode? idk still sounds bad, would take players out of other ques) would work out very well. I do think most premades of 5-players will move to ranked mode when that comes out, so there’s that.

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I feel your pain OP. The biggest issue I have is the team of randoms that are getting thrown the wolves by getting matched against a full pre-made team. Playing matches like this just takes the energy right out of me and my friend that plays this game with me on occasion.

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I’ve decided to stop playing Battleborn for awhile for a few reason:

Marquis cheese.
2 Maps per mode is actually getting rather boring.
Snowball effect is too great on Incurision.
Too many disconnects on both teams.

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So many cheats now… Devs know whats going on? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvup_D4Vzf8

lol, game needs report system already


2015 video during CT

I am having a lot of fun in multiplayer at the moment. But I have noticed this “snowball” effect on incursion. Once the first sentry is out, it’s pretty much game over. There have been close calls after the first sentry kill, but the whichever team got the first is the one that wins. Only have 12 matches under my belt, but every match ends the same. I was thinking that if you lose your first sentry, maybe you get a couple larger “counter” waves of minions and thralls on your side to help push back and get an edge

I’ve already encountered a few, this really sucks and you can instantly tell when it happens!
Of course I’m not playing BB until these issues are resolved.

I think the Shepard spawn is the issue, if they stop giving an advantage to the minions of the team who DESTROYS a sentry it should balance out. If anything give it to the losing. Team

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Lol they are already complaining now infact its worse then this forum.

The usual “this character kills me too much nerf it!!”


“Everyone is better then me and i dont want to put effort in to improve the game is broken”

etc etc.

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I haven’t been on the Forums since CTT, but I have played a lot since then: CTT, then BETA, and now full release.

What I will tell you, from my experience at least, is that match making on PS4 is getting better – much better in fact.

Back in CTT, I could absolutely guarantee that when I saw people with higher command rank or pre-made teams in Meltdown, that we would get curb stomped. These days (up to and including last night), I’m seeing much, much closer games all around.

I think a part of the problem (for now) is that ELO/Skill-based match making doesn’t have a lot of data to work with at the moment. There is no way for matchmaking to know that I have 30-40 hours of Thorn play under my belt, all it can see is the games I’ve played since release.

This is the same for everyone who has been with this game for a while.

It’s not perfect and I can’t speak at all for what it’s like on the PC, but I have had a least five games in the last three days that have been within 15-30 minions. This would absolutely never have happened in CTT/BETA.

I say all this not to convince you that you’re wrong, but to say that you should give it a bit of time. There might not be a clear, cut and dry solution to match making that they can make, until they collect a bit more data.

Hope you’re having a great day.


I have experienced 3 decent matches that were what I would call close. I have only played 39 games siince launch, but I have won 34. I lost 2 that were even games one of which we had a DC and that is what evened it out. The rest were 4 or 3v5s that I lost. I don’t consider that a good match making system. Almost every game is a stomp. It doesn’t matter if the enemy team has level 40’s unless they have a Galilea running around with 3 legendary items. It hasn’t been a fun step into the Battleborn launch, and not because I am losing.
imageMy stats may look like garbage but I generally focus on minions and turrets and it works just fine.

The capture game was probably the worst. I literally sat on the capture point as Marquis and Owls and killed them as they left spawn protection. That doesn’t shout match making to me.

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I’ve got to agree with you on that last one. I found capture extremely aggravating with pretty much any character which isn’t a tank. The points are too quick to capture and heroes with a lot of firepower can in many cases single-handedly own a point. ISIC comes into mind…

I pretty much only played 4/5 matches on capture and then stopped playing it all together.


I think the only thing that has changed a lot since beta is that now you have more premades and you will have more and more players grouping together.

Your team of random players doesnt have to be awful, your opponents could be well coordinated and get a lot of early kills which will lead to a hard/impossible comeback of you and your mates.

Unfortunately when you face a well-coordinated premade you understand within 1-2 minutes that the game is lost and since award system doesnt have any bonuses for MVP for lossing team players leave or try to vote for retreat (which usually doesnt happen to me due to someone very “smart” voting against it).

As the community develops i will really look forward for solo and group queue.

Up until now Matchmaking looks to be focused on getting players actually playing with the shortest wait time. There was a Q&A today and it answers some matchmaking questions.

Overwatch has the exact same issues! You’re going to get matched against pre-made groups when you play with a PUG. And you’re going to get rolled. This is not a new phenomenon. Not saying it isn’t an issue, but it is not exclusive to this game.


Exactly. I know we all care about this game and it’s evolving performance, but seriously… people have these amazing expectations for how the game should be after 1 week of launch… without an official patch even!

[quote=“filippo333, post:15, topic:1416205”]
I’m quite confident that if I was playing with completely random people each time, the matches would be more balanced than they are XD
[/quote]They’re not really, unfortunately. I mean, they’re a bit more balanced, but the system is still horrible. A group of level 5s is not likely going to compete with a group of level 20s. Of course, those levels are arbitrary as you could be a high level through PvE alone but suck at PvP, but it’s all we have to go off at the moment.

[quote=“salsacookies1, post:6, topic:1416205”]
Try it again after a couple weeks. I’m sure matchmaking will be better by then.
[/quote]The problem is, without a Gearbox dev directly coming out and saying that it will be fixed within the next 2-3 weeks, players will leave in droves and not come back. Many of those players are still entitled to refunds, and many of those players will look elsewhere. The problem will only get worse as time goes on too, and in 6 months it will only be the elite still playing.

In all honesty, once I’m done with the PvE story in the next day or two, I’ll likely get my refund/store credit and use that on a different game. If Overwatch has a proper ranking system, that will likely get my money.

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Randy talking about changes in the coming weeks and months