Why is all my extra content I paid for 0 damage?! This is horrible

Please see pictures attached.

A little disappointed about paying over 100 dollars for this extra content for this…

Can a dev please let us know what’s going on here?

Or can I get some compensation for this?

One of the main reasons I dropped all this money was to be able to actually use what I paid for.

20190913_135739 20190913_135731

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Did you activate the items before or after starting a character? If after, did you just pause the game to get to the Social menu, or did you quit your current session first?

I already had my character created, pressed the pause button, went to the social tab, then claimed my items.

Edit - I am not the only one reporting this issue. I have just yet to see a valid response, and nothing on these forums.

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Well that blows that theory anyway…

This seems to have happened to a number of folks; all I can suggest at this point is filing a bug report through a support ticket - hopefully the support staff will be able to help out as well as let the development team know about the issue.

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I will create a ticket. This is truly game breaking and I can only hope this is fixed before the content is irrelevant after leveling for a while.

Either that or some kind of compensation for the loss of what we all paid for.

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I just got my items at level 5 after finally figuring out how to get them and even the “legendary” stuff was well below the current greens I had equipped…at level 5. Massive disappointment and a waste of $100 so far. None of the “special loot” is special at all…it just made for some decent spending money so far.


Amen to that. I feel like all I got was the skins and at least the season pass.

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My season pass won’t even download :confused: Just keeps refreshing the Playstation Store screen -_-

Just saw another post mentioning that the problem might occur if you go and redeem the items while in a vehicle - can you confirm if that was the case for you?

I was not in a vehicle no.

This was right after I created my character.

I have created a ticket and included the link to this post.

Hopefully I get a reply, and when I do I’ll be sure to update this post.

Like many others I’ve had a glitch where I’ve opened the mail whilst in a vehicle and have o damage weapons…does anyone know if this had a fix on place/scheduled…it’s a lot of money to spend and not getting everything that was included

Threads merged. Unfortunately this does seem to happen randomly. You will need to file a support ticket - the link is posted up-thread a bit ^^^^

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