Why is all my moze builds not working?

hmm you can download the chrome app and use it

lol such a hassle thanks might already have that app

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not bad at all

Yeah that’s 1 of 3 of my moze builds I have two others one is a hyperion allegiance same thing different guns separate character though and a torgue allegiance moze diff build though

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thank you for sharing it

np guns don’t need anointments but the standard none iron bear spamming ones are the ones you would use when you get there as it’s built around killing with infinite ammo and hopping into iron bear when that either starts taking to long 4 anointed 5 bad asses as an example and just wrecking every thing the relic and com are needed for the build though as aoe damage roll on your relic boosts iron bears damage alot

also thanks for the help with posting pics lol normally don’t post pics on any thing lol

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any time thanks for sharing

If you’re playing on PS4 it can be a lot harder due to the fact that MoD doesn’t regenerate grenades or ammo from grenade based splash damage, except in a couple of case.

If you don’t already, try using the Big Boom Blaster Shield to compensate.

The other thing worth doing to make sure you have enough grenades to not die, is use a weapon that does splash damage. Multi pellet guns seem to get more back faster. If you like the Shredifier, try a Vladof Faisor. It’s alt-Fire shotgun does splash damage.

Another thing worth trying is using a Mindsweeper com, the grenades that spawn from hitting crits will help keep you alive with vampyr.

Other than that, have a look at the pinned post up the top of the forum it has a list of guides and links to get the most out of Moze if you’re still stuck.

It can be done, but being hamstrung by MoD not working makes it hard for us PS4 players.

Good Luck

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well I was also struggling a few months back on M4 even if I try the youtube builds.
I guess things changed when I started aiming for the crit spots. lol.
TTK significantly improved.

IB survivability, just do the dash/jump to keep moving instead of being a big stationary target.

Also most of the builds here on this forums works well even if my annointments/rolls are crap :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. Pick up CCC. 3 points.
  2. Use top tier legendaries
  3. Go for crits
  4. Summon iron bear for fire support and more dps. (Security bear does a lot)
  5. Dump iron bank + Max fire in the skag den.

That should fix your probelms.

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I think he’s referring to CC (Click… Click here) which is an ok skill but not build defining. Works great for 0 ammo rockets.

Furthermore, you need to look for anointments that synergize well with your weapon and build. Consecutive hits requires some careful planning but works great with some weapons, while 125% fire n2m works great with the Pearl Artifact by stacking a bonus projectile. If you have an auto splash gun definetely consider n2m with a single point in FitSD.

This completely relies on your personal preference. Use IB as much or as little as you want. Auto Bear is only truly useful with a few Hard Points so keep that in mind.

This is false and a waste of points. Single point in FitSD is extremely helpful, the other 4 points are almost always useless. Even when they’re somewhat useful they’re still nothing but a point sink.

The biggest waste of points in your build is Explosive Punctuation. It’s a bad skill that should be avoided. It’s made even worse by not having >5 points in it. I’ll link some useful resources for information in a moment, I’m on mobile.

Edit, here’s a ton of links that can give you great information:

CDR thread and why EP sucks How to efficiently raise Moze CDR

The current moze meta, and what’s going on within the build Current Moze Meta build

Why Short Fuse is so important and how to use it properly

Here’s a list of Moze FAQ everyone should read before to get a basic understanding of a lot of common Moze knowledge Moze FAQ

General Damage Formulas for Borderlands 3

Build Master Collection

When you want to bend the rules of the game Bust a Bear

Guide all about mind sweeper if you want more info on how that works Mind Sweeper Math

Skill analysis for Moze

Top gear guide covers everything from weapons to class mods Top Gear for Moze

List of Splash Weapons and which can get the Splash Anointment

Great guide if you don’t want to get into numbers Moze Damage - Math without numbers

Most of these links can be found in the Community Resource Thread


whats your guardian rank btw? because not having things like topped off, overkill, hollow point can make a big difference. Also, what are the random bonus on your green monster? so far it seems like the shock soulrender with 125% fire is your best bet and having things like AR dmg and Dahl crit on class com is a big boost on your dmg

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What did you think of my build just curious

how are you going with moze now man?

Personally I’d change a few things, but I’m afraid it would change the idea behind your build more than you’re comfortable with.

I’d go to SF instead of Forge as you have 5/5 SRPM and 8/5 in SSB so you’ll gain a lot of damage on foot. If you’re going for a more IB focus then I’d drop forge and make your way into DiB.

I’d stop Bottomless mags at Specialist Bear as well, but if you want SftR than it is what it is. Forge doesn’t have a huge use case with Raging Bear as there’s not a massive downside to reloading like with Blast Master.

But again, that’s changing everything quite a bit.

Yeah tbh it’s a hybrid infinite iron bear build using your weapons to kill most things till it either starts taking to long or your not in the mood for using your guns then using iron bear with missiles to nuke the area (not using the nuke perk though lol) I hate not having a viable action skill this build does alot better than you might think it also atm doesn’t really have anointments as m2.0 is on it’s way

I also run the identical build and com for a hyperion allegiance version of this build omg it’s awesome never run out of ammo while your guns become pinpoint accurate lol

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rank is 75,58,50