Why is audio within the game ALWAYS cutting out?

Why is audio within the game always cutting out in BL3? a lot of my friends have the same issue.

When spawning a vehicle, all of its audio will be missing most of the time. The only thing i’ll be able to hear are the thrusters.

When people are talking in the game explaining missions, all the sudden, mid-dialogue, their voice cuts out and you cant hear them any more. Happens in cut scenes, too. Audio cuts out and you can hear everything but the person speaking.

Also happens with music in the game, a lot of the time, when music starts, it just cuts out and you can hear anything, while the other people you play with, can still hear it.

This is really annoying.

Also, not to mention, towards the end of the game, after you beat Troy, the audio in the cut scene never matches the mouth movements of the characters. This has happened both times I have gone through the story, and two times that my friend went through the story.


Last night I had severe audio issues, they’ve been minor up til then.

Solo play cutscenes are out of sync always and vehicle noise is always gone. Coop, lmfao! Sound? What sound?

The only really bad out of sync cut scene … I’ve noticed … is the one at the end of the Troy fight. That one is really bad.

I play on PS4 and the audio has only dropped on the odd dialogue sequence but what I have noticed is a slightly longer load time and settling in period after fast traveling. This has seemed to gradually increase as I have added more character saves as I made a few mules so may be a factor if you have been running more VH’s.

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I’m on XB1X and also experienced severe audio issues today. Out of the blue I started to get sound cutting out and very rapidly I ended up playing in almost unbroken silence.

This happened to me a few months ago and sadly the only option then was to uninstall and then reinstall the game from scratch. Really not looking forward to that as it took several hours :sob: :sob:

Ps4 here. This may account for the sound cutting out for some players during play time. It’s happened to me a few times. Not nearly as bad as I’ve seen some say.

But, on my second playthrough with my one and only (at the time) VH on TVHM, the cutscene after Troy is off by at least 5-7 words. It’s been like that with every playthrough since.

I get the vehicle audio issues on Nekro a lot I always thought it was the floating box causing some anomaly but then I had it happen on pandora the other day so their went that theory