Why is....B0re so unpredictable!

With Velocity at 11/5…or no Velocity…tried both…Using a Twister.

On Hyperious…Bots lined up PERFECTLY…Hit boxes overlapping like CRAZY…

Sometimes instant death.

Sometimes not.

I have seen no pattern to whether velocity makes a hoot of difference or not. If anything it seems to help get your shot there in time when the elusive Bots are lined up perfectly.

Hyperious’s hit boxes are a shade taller than the Bots so I have even manueverd the Bots so they are on slightly higher ground for a more perfect line up.

Makes no seeming difference.

I am averaging winning 2 out of 3 times but this does not seem like “good farming” as you have to re-make the run through Washburn Refinery each time you lose.

Longest run of wins was 5 in a row.

Or is this about what to expect when B0ring Hyperious.

I did get two nice Sledges shotguns back to back…very similar to the two Hornets I got back to back earlier.

But my method seems slower and unreliable at best.

Pro Tips anyone???

Proc chance.

B0re isn’t a chance mechanic, though. You can go into D Peak and 1-shot spider tanks 10/10 times by shooting them in the neck.

It has to have something to do with how they line up.


Is that about the same results as you guys get…win about every 2 out of 3??

Am I expecting too much?

Problem is on a Loss…then you have to make the whole Washbun run all over again.

I have like 2000 hours on Zer0 and I still don’t really know. lol I’m right there with ya: long before I ever discovered the boards, I always ran full points in Velocity and never really had issues.

Now I don’t put points in it (or one at most for 6/5 with a mod) and I still don’t have issues. Maybe it’s just that particular fight, maybe it just doesn’t care at all, maybe I’m just lucky, but the b0renado doesn’t seem to care about that skill.

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I usually win this fight 9 times out of 10. I found that bOre is more effective when bots are shielded so I pop them first without killing them. I also often finish him off by swapping to a ninja mod / roid shield. The only time I die is when minions go down too quickly and hyperius is too far from the killing blow range.

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9 out of 10…I could live with that!

I must just suck…no surprise there…LOL

Assuming I know virtually NOTHING about melee and hit boxes…

Lets say I have a run where I can get him down to a little under half health with B0re…

And …if I wanted to finish him off with Melee…

Where are his hit boxes when he goes into “Mr. Jumpy” and becomes HUGE?

How do you even reach his head for the crit spots with melee?

Are Crit spot and Hit Boxes the same thing???

Hitboxes are invisible simple shapes you dress the model in to check for collisions. Simple shapes are used because it’s way way faster/cheaper to check if a projectile is inside a box or a sphere than a model itself made from thousands of polygons. Crit spots are just ordinary hitboxes, but marked for the game to treat specially, like calculate extra damage, highlight in deception, and the like.



So are there specific hit boxes on Hyperious (or other enemies) that are viewable?..or at least the most desired?

Or does a Melee player merely slash at anything on the body?

So a BIG enemy you are simply slashing at the trunk or the legs?

And a Backstab would be any slash on the rear 50% of any enemy??

Sorry to ask such stupid questions. Guns/Grenades/Artillery/Mortars/Air Support…I know about. Melee game mechanics…NADA.

This is not really specific to melee. Hitboxes are just for the engine to deal with collisions on a timely manner. You just deal with the actual model. Big enemies you punch what you can reach.

Ideally you want both a crit and a backstab, but a lot of times you can’t have both. Just a crit is more damage than just a backstab, but backstabs are easier to land.

I don’t know how it does backstabs exactly. Like with dukino’s, would a punch from the back on the front leg be a backstab? would a punch from the front to the back leg be a backstab?

If I were to guess, I’d say it only compares how you are angled in the world vs how the enemy model is angled, like if the enemy is facing directly north, as long as you are facing “northwise within east and west”, you get a backstab. That’s how I’ve always treated it atleast. I’d be very surprised if it was otherwise because of all the extra work required making and distinguishing ‘front’ and ‘back’ hitboxes.

But if you wanna be sure, just run around dukino and punch her legs at different angles and compare the numbers.


Whelp…I was just 1 for 4…

So I am getting worse…LOL

This was with Velocity at 11/5 which seemed to help yesterdsy…today it was like the Twister shots were going through too fast and not spinning around enough.

Will go back to no Velocity tomorrow and see if I can make a difference.

I actually think Flakker/Ahab will be a hell of a lot more dependable than this but you will still have to deal with “Mr. Jumpy” in the end so maybe not.

Or…just bring my Commando in and Chuck the bejesus out of him with Avengers…fight takes about 3 seconds with the right gear.

This video shows. I do mine slow so people can see what the build is and the weapons…and the exact spots to stand and aim points…especially for Avengers. Also…I’m an old guy and I just do things slower…LOL


boring is not an exact science, you just create the conditions as best you can and cross your fingers


Thanks…This I am finding out…LOL

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FWIW, I’m about 2/3 there with Zero, as well. Easily 10/10 with Axton, Maya, or Sal, but fastest when I get it with Zero.

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if you want 100% you could always go CA :slight_smile:

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Fair suggestion, of course. I have CA in my build, but usually do that fight with a Twister.

One tip that I saw someone mention in a video while using Zero is to stand behind the pipe where you can avoid the opening novas and then throw your Deception clone into the wall- something about that throws off his cycle and makes it easier to attack him with Bore…

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CA would require all the work to stack…

Get the bot with both his arms off…on the floor…

Then build a pot full of stacks

But you are still dependent on ammo and If I am not mistaken…this will only work once with that set of stacks

And is it fairly instantaneous…or several runs on an unshielded Hyp?.

Go into the vendor to get more ammo and the stacks are gone so you’d have to do the entire setup with a Crit Machine all over again.

Does not seem like a fairly fast method.

Am I completely off base on this??

I’m under the impression that B0re is a function of framerate at some level? That might explain the inconsistent experiences here.

In answer to stacking Critical Ascensi0n… yeah, it’s not fast (it seems more like a way to make it technically possible to “snipe” raid bosses than a quick farming method).

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