Why is battleborn so unbalanced?

God I loved this game when it first came out but the more I play it, the more I hate it to the core! The hero’s are not balanced at all! Either is the matchmaking. It puts low level players against super high level players making it a ■■■■■■■ slaughtering ground for us low players. There isn’t tactics to this game at all. Everyone just picks the most op characters and runs straight to our bases and spawn camp us. I really REALLY wanted to love this game and still think it’s better than overwatch but dammit gearbox fix your ■■■■

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The tactics to this game is all about cooperation. Good cooperation beats other teams that aren’t every time. If you’re having troubles against a pre-made team that would be your problem. It’s not like this game is something that doesn’t take skill, it does. Every character can be countered if you know what to look for and how to do it. This isn’t some skill less game like Overwatch.

The matchmaking isn’t the best I’ll agree, but it is by far not the worst. The worst matchmaking award goes to Dead By Daylight which will set up new players who have nothing against killers that have full sets of ultra rare perks. At least in this game command rank, and character rank does not change enough to make people overpowered. The perks unlocked can still be countered.


Well I don’t believe that there is “tactics” in this game at all. Everyone I go against just rushes and I go against the same op characters everytime. I’ve tried using different battleborns to try and counter them but it always seems they fall short

Matchmaking is the real problem. Playing against people on either side of the skill spectrum (highly skilled or not so much) is not indicative of the games balance. A truly skilled player can make any character look terribly imbalanced and make and entire team of new players look like fools. I’m not saying the game is perfectly balanced, that’s unreasonable and they’ll be working on that till this game dies, but the real issue is match making. You’re absolutely right, its 100% unfair and Im sorry but thats just an issue we must all deal with for now.


Have you tried communicating with your team? When I play with my two other friends we rarely ever have the problem you’re talking about. The only time I’ve ever had that problem was against a 5 man pre made team, and even then it’s still a rare occurrence.

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See I have no friends that play. They all play stupid overwatch. Talking to randoms is like talking to your own butt. Most of them just blow me off or tell me to ■■■■ off

See I can understand the battleborns and each have there ups and downs but dat matchmaking is the true culprit and is ruining the game for me

Who are the op characters in your opinion? Be more descriptive

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Let’s see, alani, galilea, kleese, rath, phoebe, and the new one pendles

I think a better questions would be
How long have you been playing?
Can you tell us any specific situations the game felt unfair without any reasonable way to combat it?

I’ve been playing off and on since it come out. Okay so I was playing as caldaruis and playing meltdown. A enemy galilea had no health left and my teammate (which was rath) tried to gank her. With no health nor shields she came up and killed us both in almost like 5 seconds. The game just started. It feels like no matter who I am, I cannot kill her

Alani is easily stopped by wounding anyone she might try healing. She’s nowhere near as OP as she used to be. Wound potentional heal targets or her and she’s useless. Her CC’s are easily avoidable by watching the ground.

Galilea is easy to take down at range. She’s territorial so keep your distance. Her main use is to pull you in and keep you in her desecrate, so as soon as she pulls quick melee her away and get out of her space. Any range character or someone with aoes can push her around easily.

Kleese is a bit of a problem for now until they nerf his health, but aim for his rifts. They’re his main defence. Without his rifts he loses his support. He’s a big target so lay fire into him and he’ll drop easily enough. Watch for his taser if you’re a melee character.

Rath is squishy. He can easily be dropped by anyone who can put out damage. Watch for the tell tale signs of his ult. Most Raths will slam you up and ult, but if you’re quick enough you can quick melee him away while you’re in air and get away. Ryena or Alani are good at saving you from Rath’s ult.

Phoebe relies on her slow. She will teleport in, get the slow and lay down quick dps. If you can avoid the slow you can turn the battle around. Her silence is pathetic. Keep your distance until after she wastes her slow.

Pendles is easy. Orendi or Ambra can counter him HARD. Ambra can have revealing sunspots and solar flare.


That’s a lot of good advice man thanks. What about caldaruis? Any tips using him? I’ve picked him up as my main and he is pretty great. The build I try with him is speed and damage. Annoy the hell out of the enemies and come in for the kill. But sometimes I feel he is just not dumping enough dps down the field to be amazing

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Caldarius is all about moving in and out and trying to juke out the enemy. Flashbangs with bleed are the best in my opinion. You want to get the lateral boost and not the increased height, that way you can double jump and zoom around the battlefield. His lateral boost isn’t affected by slows so you can keep moving fast and get away easily. You want to slip in and wound people when there’s a healer around, get the 3 grenades as the CC’s on each one add up, so you can technically have an almost 3 second blind and more bleed time.

You don’t need reload speed with him, but attack speed and movement speed fear is great on him, with maybe a cooldown reduction (for more blinds/bleeds, and to always have your get away skill on CD)

Now that he has wound on his alt attack, you can ue his skill to slide into battle, wound quickly, then lateral boost out, while firing your gun or flashbangs at anyway one behind you.


Not the characters I expected you to name. @tolkenwhiteboy78 hit the nail on the head with how to counter pretty much all of those characters. The only thing I’d add is Kleese is hard countered by ranged characters. Keep Kleese from setting up in the middle with rifts and he can’t hurt you. As soon as you see a rift go down, take it out. If you let him sit in his rift fortress dropping mortars and all that on you he will destroy you, don’t let him take over like that. He touched on it but just to expand, Kleese can be kept at bay very easily if rifts aren’t a factor.

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That’s exactly the build I have for him. I am pretty damn untouchable. Brawlers try and get in my nuggies but back peddling and flash grenades are a wonderful way to get the hell out of there… OKAYY I WAS WRONG THERE ARE TACTICS IN THE GAME… haha. I’ve been playing this whole time and just got out of a game that I went 22/12 in. I finally had a good team for once and not a bunch of nubs that think it’s call of Duty

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@tolkenwhiteboy78, with those 4 posts u are imo a shining example of this forum at it’s best :dukeaffirmative:

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He is very nice and knows his stuff

Well I am on right now on xbone if any of you guys wanna play. I currently cannot use the party function because some butt hole reported me but my gamer tag is cataclysmic nyu.

I’d love to pick you up for a few matches. Unfortunately I’m on PS4, but best of luck to you.

Thanks, I honestly just try to voice my own opinions on here, and if people seem like they’re willing to listen give them a helping hand @Deathisfunny Is actually a lot better than I first expected at taking constructive criticism, so I’m glad I popped in and gave some advice. I hope it helps, and keeps his time in game enjoyable, because isn’t that why we’re all here?