Why is Borderlands 2 challenging to solo?

So I wanted to play Borderlands 2 again and this time with all the DLC, since I never played the DLC. I am currently playing as Mechromancer (lvl 30) and from the start I have just been going into Fight for your life so damn much. Why even have shields if they die so fast. Also I have decent guns but enemies one level higher than me still take long to kill. And just recently I tried killing the Pumpkin Kingpin, but of course there are little dudes who heal him which makes the fight that much harder. Am I playing the wrong character for solo? I mean I don’t have anyone to play with and really I like to just play alone most of the time. God I really hope Borderlands 3 is solo friendly. If anyone can help me out here that would be awesome. I play on PS4.

Borderlands 2 is wonderful solo… co op is just icing on that cake in my opinion.

Are you free to post your build and let us know what gear you’re using? If you’re not familiar with it, use this site (click on the skills to make your build; when done, post a copy of the web address in your reply).

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This is my build currently. My class mod is Purple: lvl 25 Tenacious Technophile (Shield capacity +255, Shield recharge rate +25%, +3 str of 5 gorilla, +2 fancy mathematics, and +2 interspersed outburst.) Shield, Green: lvl 24 Interior Adaptive shield. Relic, Blue: Proficiency Relic, Cooldown rate +22.6%. and Gernade is Legendary: Lvl 25 Lobbed Bonus Package.
I use Shotgun that can be emptied fast for stacks and I also use Pistols, assault riffles, and the fourth depends.


I think that’s a pretty good build, and that gear seems fine off the cuff. Is there some way in particular in which you’re more vulnerable to taking a knee, or is it across the board? Are you getting swarmed by enemies, or is ranged fire just hitting unusually hard?

I don’t want to give some generic advice about staying behind cover, matching elements, using slag and all that (that’s the speech for the cadet about to step into UVHM), but in principle, you should be doing okay with this setup.


I play mostly solo, and have taken all six characters through to UVHM successfully. Some are easier than others for certain fights, but all can get you there. Each one does require something of a different approach, though, and that can be a problem if it doesn’t mesh well with the way you prefer to play the game.

Looking at your build, there’s nothing particularly bad about it, although in NVHM I prefer to have at least some health regen from Cooking Up Trouble so I can regroup between mobs. I’d probably trade off so I had points in either Fancy Mathematics or Blood Soaked Shields, but not both. You’re also not getting the best use out of your class mod slot, since only one of the three boosts is applied. (You need at least one point in a skill to have the class mod boost applied.)

I would suggest looking for a level 30 class mod that fits more of your skills, since even the same purple class mod at level 30 would give you more boost. And you might want to look for a relic that does more than one thing - there are some pretty good ones!

I noticed that you have invested a LOT in shield skills. So I’m guessing that you’re trying to charge in and face tank a lot of damage? If that’s the case, you may want to try a more strategic play-style. Note that if your shield is down (can happen fairly easily if the enemy has shock weapons) and your health is 50% or less, you’re particularly vulnerable to going into FFYL. That’s a good time to reload (to trigger Discord) and back out (while letting Deathtrap cover your retreat.)

If I’ve misread your approach to the game, apologies.


I say I probably get downed because I get swarmed or there was an enemy I didn’t see far off that is hitting me. Also yes I do run in a try to pump as much shotgun shots as I can since my shotgun is one shot then relode to get stacks. They say Mechromancer is supposed to be easy to play but managing stacks and all gets a little overwhelming. I like that character but at the same time I just wanna shoot the hell out of stuff and not have to worry too much.

little side note if any of you play on PS4 (if you still play Borderlands 2 at all) my PSN is MegaToxic

Try and get into the habit of checking your minimap regularly (like you check your mirrors while driving). It also helps to scope out an area before you jump in, and identify cover, safe zones, barrels, etc. You can jump in, but don’t be tempted to over-stay and over-reach (that’s my problem in Battleborn versus, sadly). Jump in, take out the highest priority target, back off, regroup, hit again.

Gaige is also very agile, so make use of the height and distance you can get on your jumps - you’ll always move faster sideways than going straight back. Jumping over enemies (or over to the side of them if they’re large), turning in mid-air, and landing some shots before they can shoot back is a very rewarding play style. Above all keep moving - standing still to shoot is death, especially as you push through higher levels.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is your shield which IIRC was only level 25 - cash in some golden keys in Sanctuary and see if you can get an at-level shield to drop. Type is not as important: a purple adaptive or turtle will give you a large shield capacity, but a spike or nova willl give you give you much faster recovery. (These things are always a trade-off).


Solid advice right here ^ :slight_smile:

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Personally I’ve never found Gaige easy to play. I either avoid her stack tree entirely, or if I do, then I use discord. Still though, I’d rather not mess with anarchy. And I have read many things about how her mech can behave oddly, so I am very particular about which skills of hers I use. There are whole threads about just her skills that I suggest you peek at.

Easiest class to play solo is probably Sal the gunzerker. Though, some things are harder for him (small flying jerkbags that Maya could just freeze in air with her phase bubble or axton could just drop a turret for)

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