Why is Borderlands III awsome

There is a completely opposite thread, and even without that I reckon this game deserves one named like this one :slight_smile: So let’s get to it:

1] It gets funnier, wittier, larger, more surprising and generaly more fun the longer you are in game. I didn’t believe this! Omg at first 10-20 hours I was like, well, meh, it’s not very great, but still it’s a good FPS and I love Borderlands world, so what the heck… Later on, and whats strange, after a pretty long time actually, the game started to burst with new ideas, jokes, plot twists, really really great environments, builds started to make much more sense… wow, just wow… Thanks gearbox, this is awsome.
2] Amara’s special melee skills + sprint + powerslide + shotgun. It’s preposterously funny.
3] The amount of effort devs put into listening to ppl and creating bug fixes and updates

All you ppl add your why this game is awsome :smiley: to this thread.

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I do honestly appreciate the effort that has been put into the anniversary event so far.

Sorry my list isn’t as long but I’m still waiting for more fixes to have more compliments.

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I REALLY wanted more than anything in this year, to be enjoying Borderlands 3 as much (or even more) as Borderlands 2. But so far it seems that it’ll be impossible.

Anyways, the things I like:
1- The Handsome Jackhammer and the Doom gun
2- Guns feels so good
3- Characters like Rhys, Katakawa, Balex, Jakobs, Typhoon are awesome
4- The first 2 Vault monsters are pretty cool
5- Customization is pretty nice: the skins, colors, the room, the vehicles.

I think that’s it :slight_smile:

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Because the Jakobs pistols are so awesome!

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New enemys are cool, especially those annoying jabors.
Money and ammo from kills stays on the ground longer than bl2
When you leave an area and come back lockers and ammo boxes can be opened again without quit and restart.
Gun Guns Guns. Did I mention the guns!
Over all good game. Not many bugs for me, i feel bad for the ones with bugs hope it gets fixed soon.
Basically it feels like more bl2 just better. I love it.
Did i mention all the new great GUNS!

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the guns feel great, love the shared locker (just wish it was much much much larger), like the skill trees and the aguments to skill powers. the maps are fun and like that there are a lot of things to find.

it feels like BL2 just not as good.

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I think it feels better than bl2, it just needs more. Hopefully we get big dlcs to flesh it out. Some new end game should be coming as well. I think its going to get better. Better than b2, mayby not. Hard to get any better than 2 was. So many hours into it.

for me the gameplay feels so much better than borderlands 2. In Borderlands 2, there were lots of ■■■■■■ guns, but in BL3 there are many many guns that are good and lots of fun, also in early levels. The gunplay feels great. Powerslide+Shotgun to the face, sending Psychos flying in the air feels awesome. Fire Blasters melting bandits like a plasmagun from Turrican or something and even cool Beamweapons are on board. I love BL3! :slight_smile:
At the moment my favorite char is Moze - I have some nice grenade mods and got a dozen grenades to throw, while they are constantly regenerating - this causes the entire screen to explode! Mr. Torgue would be proud! :sunglasses:


I like the fact that it feels more like BL1 than BL2. The gunplay is awesome. The VH feels more fleshed out. Maps are big and full of life. Proving grounds are fun but could have more incentive to do them. The guns, so many good guns overall.

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Balex!! :smiley: yes…

Snipping for over 200k damage and not using a sniper rifle

There should be a sniper rifle called The Scissors that fires two bullets outwards and they join where you’re aiming. The red text would be “For snipping.”

And if you fire it while running the damage is converted to melee damage.

I like the guns and gunplay. I like the story. I mostly like the dialogue. I like Wainwright, Ava, Typhon, and Balex. I like most of the returning characters. I like being able to completely level up my characters without being pushed into gameplay on difficulties that make me want to go play something else. I like Radiation. I like colour customization for characters. I love some of the side quests. I like being able to reset missions in TVHM. I like the Easier setting, even if it feels like a placebo. I like cereal. I like chocolate milk.