Why is everyone complaining about drops?

It feels like everyone that is complaining about drops have never played borderlands 1 or 2 if they have then no one would be complaining. Some drops on borderlands 1 and 2 were 1 in like 6+ million chance to get them to drop Godrolls. It blows my mind how easy these drops are to get if you just play the game. Even if you don’t have alot of time to play everyday there are posts everywhere online of people giving or trading items. I really hope they leave the drop rates where they are at now.

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I don’t know about that but the issue more on dedicated loot from certain rares and bosses. Legendary world drop is plentiful but it seems to make it a whole lot worse. Moreso in higher Mayhem difficulties.

Annointed is what many would want (and is why I have a bad time finding items people want to trade) and annointed doesn’t seem it happens a lot on desired item.

To me I think this game is even as the old games with how harsh the desired loot farming is. I believe something has to be done with dedicated loot especially it becoming annointed the higher the Mayhem difficulty is. I just don’t like how the loot in this game handle even if it spams so much oranges on the ground and barely to never any dedicated loot to farm


It’s not about getting a godroll, it’s that the dedicated drop rate is very low, and then some of the best items are attached to bosses that cannot easily be farmed, such as a Trial Boss, which once you beat you have to replay the entire trial again to get back to that boss. That’s 10-20 minutes of playing just for one attempt to get an item that only drops 2% of the time, and only drops an anointed version 0.3% of the time.

Yeah, farming to get the perfect God Roll has always been an investment of hundreds of hours, but it’s never required hundreds of hours just to get a dedicated drop to drop any version of the item at all.


quick note to all, been doing the Moxi Dlc on M4 TVHM because I was under the impression that was the only way to get the new Mods, that’s not the case. I swapped to M3 hoping to simply get some normal mods as the Flak mod is broken at the moment with any Dots re-setting the crit bonus, I got 5 of the new mods in 3 runs no different than M4 and a fek load easier and quicker as you try to get the combo your looking for

I played the earlier games. But I also know that walking 3 miles to school and back in the snow uphill both ways doesn’t make the one way trudge reasonable.



“Game should be less fun because of previous games. You should grind your entire experience for one gun you might not like to be too burnt out to want to use it by the time you find it.”


BL3 is not BL1 or BL2… First of all there is a huge amount more variety to not only items but rolls on items. Secondly world drop rate is hugely high and dedicated drop rate is extremely low (1-3%) so no it’s not “easy to get these drops just playing”. It’s easy to get a ton of random ■■■■■■ legendary drops that maybe trick someone who doesn’t know jack into think they are getting it easy. Next just because BL2 and BL1 did it wrong doesn’t mean they have to follow the same broken path. (A program to load items I guess we’re no longer allowed to mention apparently since it got moderated ugh) was meta for a reason because the base game system was trash. Finally, some people already have the jobs and would like a game to feel like a game not a job.


As for world drops bl3 is far far far more generous than bl2. As for dedicated drops … well there is another level of complexity with the annoitement, plus the qol is worst. Exemple in bl2 I want the Bee I go kill Hunter Hellquist It can take a while for him to drop it, but Hellquist is always in his spot and if he drops it the Bee not something else and I am done even if it is not perfect roll it works. In contrast in Bl3 I want the Cutsman,I have to look for Borman Nate who is not here most of the time, when he is here he drops all kind of legendary but not the cutsman, and when he finally do,it is not the right annoitment or none which dont work,so frankly much more of a chore to get it right


Everyone is complaining about drops because the drop rates are bad.

World drops are ok I guess, not as plentiful to me even on TVHM M4, but it’s not the problem:

Dedicated drops and annointed drops are.

Also, just because something wasn’t good before doesn’t mean we should carry on the tradition of mediocrity.

Expect better for yourself, you deserve more from a game than being the subject of some mad experiment with impossible to find items causing innumerable hours wasted.


There were certain Godrolls that were insanely rare look them up. Some items alone were 1 in 10000 chance to drop but getting them God rolled ha good luck


there is no gear hard to get like a 6 million chance.

The main problem is anointments.
In bl2 when I dropped something I wanted I kept it and called it a day when said item was, let’s say, acceptable. Never looked for a good roll myself.
Now the definition of acceptable is the right item with the element I want and the anointment I want. The last part is what makes it all much, much more time consuming this time around. The right anointment makes so much difference that cannot be overlooked.
Imho those 50% more damage anointments make way too difference. They should be the icing on the cake, offer interesting gimmicks, not be so necessary.


It’s a new game, it’s time to adjust your expectations.
This is not Borderlands 1 or 2.

Plus a lot of stuff the people above me already said so, fortunately, I don’t need to repeat it.
Mediocrity, poor game choices previously, bad rates on needed anointment and class-specific gear, extreme difficulty in farming specific items, all those things (and a few more).


If you don’t understand why people are upset please take a gander to this thread where it is broken down:


IMO, the direction they took anointed items, and Mayhem scaling was all wrong. The issue with drops is you need specific annointed damage stacking rolls on all your gear to make the highest difficulty not a grind to kill standard mobs. If the anointed gear wasn’t so dramatically superior to non-anointed, and required for maintaining an engaging gameplay loop in Mayhem 4, I would see no problem with the drop rates.

I was originally in the camp that thought gear should be rare and grindy, but I just don’t like the direction gear is heading in, being useful only if it adds 50% additional rainbow of damage on action skill end or during action skill.


I have many, many hours in the previous Borderlands titles, especially BL2 having taken part in a lot of the community 1Life and Hunt events. And I can assure you that, of the usable weapons that would get you through UVHM and OP levels, they were no where near as hard to farm with near or perfect rolls as the annointment/rare spawn drop system is in this game.
This game will never have that kind of ongoing support from the challenge community unless things change for the better, it is no fun at the moment and people will just put their time and effort into other games and this one will die a slow and tedious death.


This reminds me farming Secret Armory of GK and Crawmerax for like 300 times and not having a SINGLE pearlescent weapon. In BL1 I have never seen a single one…


i didn’t really think pearlescent or atlas guns existed for the longest time playing BL1, took forever to find either.

in the GOTY BL1 P4 remaster, the Legendaries feel like they are raining from the sky. I played the P3 version back in the day and never saw a glint of gold.