Why is everyone so mean to each other in PvP?

Why is everyone such an ***hole to each other? I don’t think I’ve had a single PvP match in the last 2 days where someone wasn’t calling someone else a ■■■■■■, or ■■■■■■, or ****sucker. Is there something in the water? Is there a virus transmitted by wifi where everyone becomes mean to each other?


Simply put…some people are just bad at either the role they are playing, or the mechanics of the game.

Like, I consider myself quite good at the game, but I have to play in solo queue a lot. There’s only so much I can do in Meltdown when I’m the only one in my lane pinging like crazy, and my 4 other teammates are in the other lane and not winning.

Either that or players pick a healer and never heal, or go headfirst into the opposing team trying to 1v5, or think that the game is team Deathmatch.

Like people are bad at this game, and it gets pretty frustrating when they can’t preform basic mechanics.

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Welcome to PvP gamer culture my comrade. This is why I don’t play PvP when I can avoid it.


People are the worst. Anonymity makes it worse. I can call you a ******* **** *** **** until you cry (or I do) and guess what happens to me?

Nothing. Worst case scenario, I get a report notification and a mute. boo hoo. Granted, I don’t do that because I’m a decent ■■■■■■■ human being 95% of the time, but the point stands.


Since the CTT I’ve not heard one person be nasty. Seems like you have been having bad luck with your games. Obviously it’s gonna happen, but this isn’t CoD land, so have faith.

I met someone in a random mission last night who sent me an invite after we failed, we went on to have a great night, and the one game we played in incursion was damn right awesome.

There are threads for finding people to play with, try that, maybe you’ll hook up with coolio forum dudes/dudesses :wink:

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Unfortunately, this is the case with anything competitive. And when anonymity comes into the equation, the likelihood of such behaviour increases. Should be thankful at least the community here isn’t at the toxic levels of LOL or Dota.


I thought all those kids had moved on to Overcrotch already???


Apparently not. half my games yesterday were full of whiny tools berating the lower leveled members in the squad. Never mind their personal preformace was abyssal compared to the CR rank 2 guys who were doing just peachy.

And here I was hoping they would actually bugger off to overwatch. soon we can hope.

I’ve actually left games because a teammate told me i’m the reason they were losing and told me I would be found, ■■■■■, and killed. I have never played a game before where I felt physically threatened

I’ve been looking for clans since the game started but I haven’t found a single one. Not even on the Discord server. I have given up PvP for the most part.

I’m very sorry to hear that. Maybe one day we’ll all be able to work towards not being awful. That day is not today.

I don’t think there’s enough weed to make that happen

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Damn. I’ve had literally one rager, and it was an enemy I crushed. I immediately mute anyone with a mic though. Too many dorrito munchers and squealing children who’s inattentive parents bought them this game. I’ve had several people invite me/add me. And a month later, we still play periodically.
Dunno what system you’re on, but I wish you luck.

Young, sexually-frustrated testosterone + anonymity = absolute wanton destruction

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This example was in pve. Got in a match with a 40 something, 10, 5, and 2. Had the biggest ass hat 12 year old cussing and berating everyone saying how bstupid we were for not buying the turrets he wanted (we bought thumper he wanted stinger :joy:) or how crappy the level 2 was and he should just leave. Me and the lvl 40 something we’re trying to help the lower levels and the level 10 didn’t talk guess which one was the ass hat? Yup the level 5 child who thought he was the best thing since sliced bread that came in last place in everything. ( the level 2 he was screaming at the most came third lol) the lvl 2 muted the kid and we all laughed at him (the lvl 5) everytime he got mad and did crap to piss him off on purpose

Why are people like that in PvP you ask? Because toxic people are drawn to anything that is competitive. They boost their low self-esteem by destroying someone else’s.


dorrito muncher?

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One could argue the taunt system in place encourages this. Who cares who’s funniest when were all laughing… Me? me. ME!

Eating crunchy food with mic on…usually loudly. It…it sounds super creepy o.o

Sorry you have had bad experiences. This is why I use no mic in pvp unless I’m running with friends (and we use a private party so randoms don’t bother us). I’ve found most offenders are kids/teenagers.


And they somehow manage to continue eating like… Constantly. There is no pause of them grabbing more food where their toon stops - it’s like they have one of those beer hat things! But with chips!
And I just stick with the mute non friends til they’ve either messaged politely, proven they’re good and friendly, etc.