Why is everyone still voting for Overgrowth?

Y’all are killing me here.

I mean, Echelon has always been a better map than Overgrowth and Monuments is the best of the three. Even if your opinion is different, wouldn’t people be picking Monuments just because it is new or because they’re sick of Overgrowth. Oy.


o.o because the new maps are beginning to run their course with more and more people.

Hello. Could you please be a little bit more specific in possible gripes?

That is a bit wide as a concept.

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Haha, I haven’t been able to play Overgrowth. Not even close. I’ve definitely learned Monuments though.

Its the best map?

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Familiarity, perhaps. Also, simplicity. One lane, team fights at choke points, whoever controls mid controls the turret that controls mid, and controls mid thralls. Monuments forces you to think and diversify, it’s a complex map and more akin to Echelon than Overgrowth, I prefer the other two over Overgrowth for those reasons.


My friend and I joke that we should suggest Battleborn be renamed to Overgrowth. Skip all of the match selection process.


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Overgrowth still seems to be the most balanced. Echelon and Monuments are okay but there is too much access to the sentry where snipers can easily take it out. Also, this is a personal preference but echelon and monuments are too…orange.

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Funny part is on monuments even though they buffed back dooring its actually easier to prevent.

I’ve already discussed this in another post but I think they should do away with map voting completely. Put them on a rotation because even though one map is seen as superior, they all have positives and negatives and they are all worth playing. Just because one map might require a different strategy than another doesn’t mean it’s an inferior map.


I would like to see a map rotation as well. Or bring back that "map of the day queue"thing they tried. Overgrowth is still a fun map. Overgrowth and monuments play really differently. You need different strategies for both. I like monuments more because taking control of mid is a lot harder. At least it feels that way now. Whenever the enemy team pushes up you can easily get behind them and try to push them into your sentry, putting them in a position to get trampled by you or your sentry. Or sneak underneath and grab double thralls while your team keeps them occupied. My team won a game because of this, they were pushing hard and I went under unnoticed, brought the thralls up, let them attack the sentry while I got behind them and kept them there. It was great.

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i dont get to play it that often. i get monuments most games now. i think the people that vote overgrowth are typically more competitive and strong objective players. people that really appreciate monuments are players that dont necessarily succeed against good players objectively, and they appreciate monuments because they can just jump over you/behind you and damge the sentry or force you to pull back from the push you earned to cover the backdoor.

so, in short, the people that prefer monuments dont really like basic, objective incursion.

Yeah, I don’t know about that. I like Monuments because there is a lot less opportunities for cheese and backdooring, which are strategies the tryhards seem to like. Monuments funnels you into that lane and the Sentry has that crazy sniper cannon, so it’s a lot harder to cheese that first Sentry. Also, a lot of the buildables are behind walls and stuff so they’re harder to snipe to death.

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Oy. Because overgrowth is the only map the cheese puff troll teams can keep the rando solo pubs locked in a base, which is their demonic form of fun. The close quarters makes things like traps unavoidable, and ults unmissable, where players tally kills by playing sniper turrets for 20+ minutes. They’re boring bozos but it’s okay, everyone gets their kicks. I prefer movement, opportunity for group attack and counter help, which only really exist at double thrall camp in overgrowth. The map is too small and congested overall

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“Why is everyone still voting for Overgrowth?”

Because people want to play on Overgrowth…

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All three maps play differently - many prefer the one-lane push-pull of Overgrowth over the other two maps.

Monuments isn’t bad, but ranged heroes can still snipe the sentry with relative ease and without much threat of retaliation. Furthermore, the multiple approaches that Monuments has, to many, feels clunky and many will still gravitate towards controlling the mid lane. I’ve yet to see an instance where one or two heroes make a meaningful play via the several approaches present in the map.

The general consensus with Echelon is that being pushed into your base generally results in a steep uphill battle - while this is true in Overgrowth/Monuments, Echelon’s map layout amplifies the negatives of being pushed into one’s base (exp/shards become more scarce).

Of course, this is all a matter of preference, but there’s much to be said about the player base’s affinity for Overgrowth.


i wish i played against the teams you play with and against, because half the teams i play against essentially backdoor the whole game on that map. if the other team gets mid map control, they just go up on the ledges and jump over you and start trying to backdoor, or at the very least, cause you to have to abandon your push and deal with them backdooring

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