Why is fast travel so complicated and frustrating hard in this game?

Why is fast travel so complicated and frustrating hard in this game?

On other Borderlands it was so easy and fast. I came to this game and wow it’s so hard to use the fast travel network.

I warped to the same spot. I warped to a wrong planet. It wouldn’t let me warp to a place until I took the marker off the warp marker and then replace it.

I don’t know why they would ruin something that wasn’t broke.

we can’t fast travel anywhere on the map on previous borderlands games.


I find it rather simple and easy. And more convenient, I think - IIRC you had to actually use a fast travel station to do it in previous games.


What (I suspect) @nat_zero_six means is, you can’t fast travel from anywhere in the previous games, you had to use a fast travel station. Here, you can pull up the map and jump to any unlocked fast travel.

Honestly, I’d say it’s easier, but will take a bit getting used to, especially if you accidentally travel between stations on the same map when you open the map to figure out where you’re going.


The back button is not the back button, its Y or triangle. That confused the shiz out of me for the first week or so. Same thing in the mailbox, the inspect item (right stick) actually deletes the item! Lol. Have fun. :slight_smile:

This is exactly what i mean.

Bad troll, lol that is a first.


It’s not that hard, tbh…
Hell, in this BL you can even fast travel to every place you want from wherever you are…

Maybe spend a few minutes trying to understand it more calmly?


Its kinda funny to me that i cant fast travel to sanctuary properly.
There was a bug before the second dlc that glitched it out and now I have to select the point by really klicking at it.

This was a big thing when it happend and people thought the fast travel to sanctuary is broken and again, there was no statement from gearbox what so ever kinda like yeah its just a bug they come and go lawl.

It’s kinda been a thing with the cursor on the sanctuary fast travel map, if you’re on console just tap up on the dpad which will automatically put it over the icon,it took me sometime getting used to this early on and have gotten used to it and i really don’t miss the way we used travel in previous games


Dude i know about that its just hilarious that this didn’t get fixed for about 4 months now.

This is the thing I find most frustrating, especially when viewing different regions on a map trying to figure out which is the one with the incomplete mission/challenge.

I don’t know which medium you play on, but I still, fast travel was highly improved compared to previous borderland games. You now have multiple fast travel point on the same map and can fast travel from anywhere without having to quit and reload the game.

The only difference is that instead of doing a freaking long list and a messy map they made it into a more structured list with sub category. I hardly see how this is a challenge to use


Zoom to the map you want, click and hold on any Fast Travel icon (or vehicle) on the map itself or on its icon’s button in the navigation bar, and you’re there? Not having to touch a Fast Travel terminal to hop around a map has been fantastic.

The gap between the regular maps and the proving grounds in the map list is weird though… like I keep waiting for future map content to fill the gap, but it never does.

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For me there are issues with the act of holding down the input to fast travel to a location, doing it on the map seems kinda janky. The one reliable way for me is to select it via the list on the left and then holding E. And yeah, on Sanctuary, I click on the list item three times to make sure the “hold to fast travel” thing won’t get interrupted.

I honestly think it’s been simplified. It takes a few hours of playtime getting use to, but it’s genuinely more convenient. You can fast travel from anywhere to any unlocked fast travel station, you can fast travel to your vehicle from whereever you like without having to go to a Catch-a-Ride, it feels faster in general.
It is also the thing enabling the new save system, where if you savequit, you will spawn at the next New-U station rather than the nearest Fast Travel or the most recent map entrance.

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Same. That one is a little annoying.

I like the fast travel from anywhere but it feels useless to see those travel stations that can’t be returned to anymore at the end of levels.

Even with the Sanctuary bug, I will take BL3 Fast Travel over Bl2s version.
You can Fast Travel from anywhere. Stuck on a ledge with no way out but death? Fast Travel. If your vehicle is still alive, you can Fast Travel to it. I use my vehicle sometimes as a strategic FT point.

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It is definitely a something that challenges your muscle memory. It actually took me a week to figure out I didn’t need to navigate from point to point with the analog stick and I could just use the D pad to navigate the different points. That alone saved me so much time.

Holy ■■■■, I literally never saw anyone complaining about bl3 fast travel hahahahahaha, that’s insane.
BL2 fast travel was terrible, you had huge maps with a single fast travel station and if you wanted to farm something, quitting the game would put you at the beginning of the map (you had to find an entrance to a new location to not have to walk all the map again)