Why is galilea so good at harvesting tears?

Literally every game I’m in with scrubs and pros alike someone complains about galilea. Obviously they get killed by her alot and QQ but everyone dies to just about every character sometime so why does Galilea get so much flak from people who get owned by her?

Her kit is bloated.

Look, I get killed by every character some time, but I also killed every character in return. Like, loads of times. Why do I need 4 people to kill Gally? That’s ridiculous!

It doesn’t take 4 people to kill her it just takes 1 marquis to own her. Why does every one want my favorite character nerfed?

Someday you gotta lose the training wheels

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Because she has to be nerfed. Go read some of the other topics, and the things other people read totally make sense.

And no, a good Gally will shield in the direction of the Marquis and he is instantly useless.

Edit: Oh and I want her nerfed because she makes my favorite charcater 100% useless.

The shield can only take so much damage before going down. I like to play galilea because its fun to feel unstoppable and galilea is the only hero that offers that. The tanks like montana and ISIC just don’t feel as invincible as they should be, like players can still kill them.

Yeah, only 1000 damage. Not nearly enough to notice a Marquis, block his fire and get out of his view. Totally not.

The point is it can still go down so you can’t just block forever.

That’s NOT the point. She can take loads of damage with her shield, and she also has health. Look, Gally just has SO MUCH stuff. Silence, stun, name it and she has it. Now add that she deals ridiculous damage and you can easily see why she is so OP.

I understand you, you don’t want your fav char to be nerfed. I’ve heard some talking on the forums of nerfing Miko’s healing done too, and I’m just hoping it won’t happen.(Because I feel it’s not OP. Their Kunai damage, maybe… Don’t care about their damage though…) Anyways, if Gearbox decides to nerf someone, we can’t really do anything about it.

She doesn’t really have that much health, kelvin has more and deals out more damage. Stun is the main thing going for her right now.

I’m OK with nerfing her if they make Montana basically unkillable, then I’ll play him, I just want to play an unstoppable tank character.

You understand that Kelvin has NO shield whatsoever? They are a tank, they need loads of health to keep up with the tank character which do have shields.

Montana is quite unstoppable, especially with… Any assists. I’d say Reyne or Miko. They can really help the big guy out! But I think Montana is really fun to play and very hard to kill.

And if you want to play an unstoppable tank char, you should find an unbalanced game, mate. No char should be unstoppable.

ISIC is the only ‘Tank’. Montana and Gali are not ‘Tanks’. The fact that she feels tankier than tanks is telling of how overpowered she is.

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Montana can still die tho. Their should be a character for every playstyle, so that way those of us who like to be unkillable can do so.

No… No there really shouldn’t. Maybe try Miko? If played right, they are quite unkillable.

ISIC is another character that can still be killed as a tank.

Tanks are not supposed to be unkillable. Nobody should be. They are just HARD to kill. And if you die a lot, don’t blame the char. ;D

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So basically what you’re saying is, Tanks should still be killable, but your character who is totally not overpowered, and is NOT a tank, should not be killable. But she should be absolutely lethal at the same time.

Well this guys a troll, nothing to see here folks.

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Thats not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying galilea is currently fun to play because she is so hard to kill, more so than tanks, and if she gets brought down I would like to see some of the tanks get brought up to the level of being unkillable because it is a playstyle that myself and others find enjoyable.

DUH! Of course OP chars are enjoyable. -facepalm- That’s because you get a high score because of them. Must stop feeding the troll…

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