Why is Galilea still so OP?

It’s those curves. The girl still has all those curves. Totally OP. In Overwatch you can see that Widowmaker’s curves were nerfed, but Gal still has all of hers.


I’m glad they nerfed her again. I wish they would nerf her some more… all the way back into the coffin she crawled out of.


Because she was so much fun to play before, if they had just left things alone people would have wasted years and years of their lives playing as her. But, thanks to Gearbox, Galilea addiction has all but been stamped out. Think there’s still a clinic for Galilea addiction in Tampa, but it’s on the list for budget cuts.

darn i thought this was a serious post i had a decently funny response ready and every thing :frowning:


All the funny was taken from you. They have won. Muahaha

Honestly, she is the best and most well done character in the game.

Her stance alone sells the character. The only other one that comes close is Deande’s.