Why is hammerlock and his sister black

I guess we care about skin color more than we’d care to admit. So much for 2020. Let’s try again next year :joy:

same here… just thought he was a tanned english chap :rofl:

then all this “ugh hammerlock is black” BS started and i was like… “OMG! who the hell CARES”

Just discovered Hammerlock is voiced by the same guy who does Sebastian in Black Butler. Now I won’t be able to unhear that…

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I just stumbled onto this thread. I too have believed all along that he and has sister were white. I thought it in the back of my mind but never once gave it 1 second as far as actually “pondering” it.

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And that’s how it should be…if a character is written and presented well there is no need for Identity Politics. All I want are strong characters. And a decent enough story…I’ve loved this franchise for a Decade now, and I was so happy when BL3 was announced!:metal:t3:

Pretty much the same for me. It’s that British Victorian Era “Gentleman” Hunter stereotype. I certainly took note of him looking a bit darker, but I probably thought he was either suntanned from stalking beasts all day long, or it was just the general look of textures in borderlands 2. Mordecai also became a lot darker between bl1 and bl2.

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Just to put in my two cents…

I always thought Hammerlock was a white guy. He always looked white to me when I played Borderlands 2. Actually I thought he was still white in Borderlands 3 and they just overdid his shading. It wasn’t until I really looked at him that I realized he was black. He does look a lot more white in Borderlands 2, maybe it’s because you first meet him in a frozen tundra and the snow’s brightness makes him look white.

As for Aurelia, I never even bothered to look at her in TPS. I played Claptrap and a little of Jack, not even sure if I owned the Aurelia DLC (was it free??). The only images I remember of her from that time were promos, and I remember her looking white and just assumed she was because I thought Hammerlock was also.

IDK. I personally do not care either way I just found it a bit confusing is all. Like more confused than I found out he was gay because his sexual orientation was never something I even gave a thought to until Borderlands 3. When I saw that I was like “oh, cool, they make a cute couple, and I like Wainwright so sure.”

and why are we still discussing this? :rofl:

clearly half the people noticed they where black and don’t care and the other half don’t know they are black and… don’t care :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Apparently, this is the internet or something, so it’s mandatory.


I mean, we wouldn’t be if people didn’t keep posting here.

:notes: This is the thread that never ends, it goes on and on and on… :musical_note:


it just has that… you know… racist vibe hanging over it :rofl:

though, it’s as racist as we want it to be :yum:

Well, no - there are still the FORUM RULES which remain in effect. Fortunately, however, moderators don’t have the power to see what goes on between people’s ears unless they let it leak out through their keyboard. :dukecigar:

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that’s true :wink:

Hammerlock is apparently the Borderlands equivalent of “The Dress.”


:rofl: you sir deserve the internet for today :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

i can’t breath hahaha


So tempting to close the thread with @Genericktag’s comment as the last post… And so close to doing it too!


Please do lol

Do it, boo! (Not that I would tell a mod what to do…) Would be the happiest ending we can get out of this whole damn thread.

Unfortunately, you lot have ruined that idea! Unless you wish to receive a visit from Deletious the Ultra-Invincible?

Ah, I think I see a way out this dilemma…


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