Why is hammerlock and his sister black

It’s not a problem for me but I never felt like it
Tyreen is black to me^^

And Claptrap is Druish ,Boom.

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Folks in here do know that you don’t need literally black skin to be ethnically “black”, right? I’m seeing a lot of weird assumptions based on the particular colour and tone of characters’ skin and it’s just, uh. A bit silly really :smiley:

Especially since no other skin tone or apparent ethnicity gets this kind of attention, it’s a bit weird.

@jmthsauer - there are a lotta black folk in Europe, just for the record :wink:


Well… Do you mean black in the context of they or their families migrated there or were brought there during colonialism, or do you consider a particular part of the native european population to be black?

Like, I generally don’t think in terms of race or skin colour to begin with, but I think if you are gonna argue about it, dividing the worlds population only into Black/White/Asian is just a crude and primitive system.

When you can’t tell if someones teint is just the natural colour of their skin or if they are tanned, I’d say that’s not black. That can be mediterranean, middle eastern and probably a whole lot of other ethnicities, too.

They’re black stop being dense.


I mean it in whatever way people can mean it in.

For someone who doesn’t think in terms of race or skin colour, you’re sure trying to make a weird argument about the diversity of various countries across Europe.

Hammerlock is black. Aurelia is black. If you want to phrase it differently, they’re people of colour.

It doesn’t matter if “to you they look tanned” or some other whatever. It doesn’t matter where they’re from. This is Borderlands, the diversity of the human race is not something that’s relevant to 21st century Earth. What you personally find realistic reflects on you, and not on the game, sorry. And please don’t make my arguments for me, I didn’t divide the world’s population into anything, thanks :wink:

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If anything I made that argument either for the writers or for the person that started off the post.

I agree it’s possible to miss if you’re not looking for it… but once you do look, they’re black.

And to the “Oh they just look tan” argument, I present this link

Specifically #15


And #47

The 3 above are clearly POC. And the Hammerlocks fall with in this range of skin tone.

So implying their skin doesn’t look black enough really doesn’t hold much water.


Is the 3rd one supposed to be a rendered Hammerlock?

Never once thought about this issue. Other than noticing he has darker skin, I have never once bothered to think about whether or not this is due to his race or just having a good tan. It’s a cell shaded video game about people living on an alien planet and shooting murderous psychos, who seriously cares about an NPC’s “Earth race”.


its actually not the skintone but more the facial look, no curly hair and behavior that makes them appear “white”
snobby, hobby hunter
i might just be racist against white people right now xD

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This actually sparked a discussion between me and some friends, and I see what you mean. I’d say they’re mixed race.

They also made a good point; why does it matter? None of these people are from Earth, and it’s obvious race wasn’t a factor for their characters. They were designed with unique skin tones so they looked different from each other. Who cares if they’re black, white or anything in between?

But hey, if the writers say they’re black, I can roll with it.

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Lol I can just Imagine Hammerlock on one of those talk shows where they have some form of a racial identity issue.

This needs to be in the game FR lol , I would love it!! Lol

sure doesnt matter
but there are some “obvious” examples like roland
and then there are examples like the hammerlocks
as i said, tyreen immediately made me think of rihanna
she has more the face
aurelia has that very hooknose, alistar got that mustache and both have no afro hair
its fantasy but when you compare it to our world, roland and maybe tyreen kinda remind me of afro people a loooot more than the hammerlocks

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I know enough people with permanent skin colouration who have facial features that look just like other people I know without it. To the point I’ve been tempted to take B&W pictures of them then adjust brightness and contrast so you can see just how similar they look.

sure, i mean there are albinos in africa
and there are veerry dark skinned people in europe and you can tell the difference :smiley:

You’re right, yes. But it doesn’t change the fact that it has no impact on anything. The games and characters don’t bring attention to it, so why do we?

Really just curious as to why it matters, that’s all.

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I honestly can’t see why it would matter either. And it’s not like this topic didn’t come up before BL3 was announced (let alone launched). As @Psychichazard pointed out way up ^^^, the truth has been out there for quite a while.


Might have to do with the characters getting a visual makeover for Bl3. Like, Aurelia specifically is a LOT darker now than she was in TPS so it kind of looks like she sort of became black outta nowhere (if you look at the OP, that’s literally it). Though to be fair, it might have been some kind of technical issue in the Pre-Sequel because she was very clearly black in the concept art for the game, but didn’t look at all like that in the actual game.


i dont know man
i didnt bring it up
just tossing in my opinion here

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