Why is hammerlock and his sister black

Not sure why people are surprised that there is confusion about this. After all, how long have people thought Jesus was a white dude? I think a lot still do. In fact, I bet a lot of people actually think Jesus was an American.

My only question is…why does anyone care either way? Black looking white dude. White looking black dude. How about just cool mustachio dude? You’re welcome. I solved racism. :grin: :zipper_mouth_face:


Hammerlock has always been Black? Gee…you could have fooled me. I mean, we are talking about ‘The Great White Hunter’ with the bionic arm, no???

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It’s what the writer who created the character said. And I don’t think he’s actually referred to as a great white hunter anywhere in the game? Sure, he fits the look/stereotype, but that doesn’t really matter since this is the Borderlands universe we’re talking about and not some actual place you could visit where it not for travel restrictions.

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Don’t bring that into this, keep politics and personal jabs out of a thread that was already locked once today.

As for the actual topic, I’ll throw in that I too just thought he was tanned from his travels, or maybe Mediterranean. But, really he is probably, or probably would be, more than just black considering it’s the future and there would be plenty of people who are of mixed races. Moze is a perfect example, just look at her name!
Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna in order, that is Hebrew, (a made up name), Chinese, Arabic, and Russian.

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thats the people who claimed, they got banned form the forum because they “didnt accept” that fl4k is nonbinary xD

Not Armenian, then? I don’t know too many names, but it is reminiscent.

Also, conversation is drifting off-topic. Let’s get back on-topic (such as it is) please.

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Oof. That’s a whole other ridiculous thread I remember. He’s a robot. And it’s a joke on that he is a robot that is assumed to run on binary!

A quick search only came up with Moze, so it appears to be made up, but may have been inspired by Armenian. I could be wrong though.

I’ll count to 10…

I dunno bro. But he sure doesn’t look African American to me. At all. Nor have I ever seen/heard a “By Jove I think he’s got it!” Type of Englishman. No, he’s not referred to as a ‘Great White Hunter’, but that sure is what he looks, sounds, and acts like. Perhaps the character designer and writer should have communicated a little better. Seems to me this detail may have been added to have more ‘Representation’ in the game. It’s all good either way. But obviously I’m not the only one to find this sudden character development odd. IMO? Hammerlock would have served this purpose better had he actually looked Black. Now that Cowboy character (his name escapes me)–you can tell HE’S a Black dude!

Hang out with people from the Caribbean some time. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. And accent is a meaningless thing too - all it tells you is where someone grew up, not what their background is.


I don’t see why Hammerlock would have to look the part through his mannerisms? Like I’m a little confused about that one. His ethnicity isn’t his personality. Sure it can be a sign of origin in the real world, but that’s not always the case, and these are space people.

Yeah he was probably made black to diversify, but it’s also just a way to make characters stand out from one another. Whether or not you could see that he was black, his appearance was still unique. Not just his clothes and accent, but his face.

Also regarding FL4K, the joke is they probably run on ternary coding, as opposed to binary coding. So they are LITERALLY nonbinary. They even have a funky little pin jabbing at it.

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No need. Where I grew up (and still live) is as diverse as it gets brother. As is my family tree. I just always figured Hammerlock was The Great White Hunter because that is what he looks/acts like. Not strange to hear Black peeps with British accents at all. What was pretty strange to me at first was visiting Germany and hearing Black folks with German accents speaking German! That was pretty wild at first, but also very cool. Clay. That was the Cowboy character I couldn’t think of. He’s cool AF. I’m looking forward to his DLC.

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I’d point out that a “black” person with icy powers that somehow make their skin really pale, would look exactly the same as a “white” person with those same powers. Like albinism, pale skin is pale skin, regardless of ethnicity. Seems possible 2K Australia knew she was black and decided it wouldn’t matter since they were making her skin unnaturally pale anyway. They may have thought that we’d have figured that out since her brother’s black, but lots of people didn’t realise he was black and took her pale skin as proof he was white.
As for her being based off Killer Frost, I’d only seen her onscreen, so didn’t make the connection, but it makes sense. And lots of ice powered characters in comics get pale white or blue skin, regardless of their ethnicity, so proves the point that her skin tone is meaningless for determining her ethnic background.
Not sure why they decided to make her darker in B3, but maybe they were hoping to end this discussion and accidentally encouraged it. :man_shrugging:

Or she just tanned a lot from being outside on Eden 6 so much. Can confirm, we get 4 shades darker in the summer.


Wow…haven’t been on in 2 days, and this is still a discussion?


This could have all been avoided if Hammerlock had been given a killer Fro in BL2!


The problem is that his facial features are not common among black people, the Dimple chin is a trait found in Europeans, Asian and Middle Eastern heritage, Also somebody find me a picture of a non mixed African that can grow a handle bar mustache as straight as that and then there’s the whole “Van Pelt (Jumanji movie)” white english big game hunter shtick he has going on and it’s understandable people thought he was a very tanned white guy, hell I thought he was Indian(no, not native indian) Therefore I believe everyone here is at least HALF right and Hammerlock is not “Black” he is HALF Black. I guess we’ll just have to fill in the other half with our imagination.


I agree that he would probably be in real life, especially considering it’s the future, but since he is just a character in a video game…

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Does it really matter? It’s a vid game…

I love the accent…the panache…

Met an English Major from the Parachute Regiment when I was in the Army and we were training together. The guy talked just like Hammerlock.

His men loved him and I got the impression they’d follow him anywhere. Seemed eccentric as heck but knew how to soldier…

Every time Hammerlock talks…I think of that guy.