Why is HW: Remastered's media campaign so HW2 centric?

While Homeworld 2 is a great game, the majority of Homeworld fans (like me) seem to favor the first game quite a bit more. There have a been a few videos showing the remastered Homeworld 1 stuff, but there seems to be a much greater focus by Gearbox on Homeworld 2. After reading all the news about having to move HW to HW2’s engine and problems associated making such a move, do you think Gearbox is:

A: Afraid of criticism from the community for possible HW2 features added to HW1? I’m sure there are some that had to be included to make it work, but to what extent? Things like fuel, squadrons and interface are still big questions. Homeworld’s minimalist interface was perfection. Seeing it turn into HW2’s UI (a 3rd of the screen turning into menus) would break that immersion. And since so many people new to HW will be buying the game, you want them to have that same experience we vets did all those years ago.

B: They know Homeworld is the game people want and are purposely holding off showing too much before release. Makes sense. They don’t want to spoil the game. But then again, they did show off the Garden of Kadesh mission. Arguably, the mission most HW fans wanted to see the remastered version of.

Gearbox has talked about preserving the experience ever since they started work on the remaster. I’ve already bought it and will enjoy the ■■■■ out of it regardless. But I have to say i’m a tad nervous.

Two more weeks! Woooooo!

C: HW2’s assets need less updating, so have been finished and ready to take media-ready screenshots of for longer. IIRC Bitvenom mentioned in a thread on the old forums that the in-engine cinematic porting process was only in a working state a few days before the PAX South show build was built for example.

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To add on to C, Bitvenom also said that we’d be surprised how old some of the assets and gameplay are that we’ve seen relative to what they are currently working with.

In pax vídeo when they show taidan ships they are kinda bugged, so I guess they still had a lot to work with hw1, hw2 got ready sooner, just guessing, but I’m with you, kinda nervous about how hw1 will show off.

Honestly, I don’t know that I’d read much into it. At PAX we were showing Press HW1 stuff almost exclusively right up until the larger ‘PAX Demo’ level (that 37 min gameplay vid IGN recorded). I mean, the HW1->HW:RM delta is HUGE - and super high impact. HW2->HW:RM has a big jump - but it isn’t, for obvious reasons, quite as much. There hasn’t been a specific intention to bias towards showing HW2 assets. At one point in the PAX gameplay vid we end up going into a level that really focused only on Taiidan units, for example.

well its obvious. GBX’s marketing department are all vagyr sympathizers.


I assumed it was because you wanted us to wait til launch to savor the HW1 ships in all their remastered glory. :smiley:

admires his Taii Dessy wallpaper

Edit: Oh look the HW1 story trailer is out. I think I was right. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s pretty much this but there are a few other factors at play too. The HW1 backgrounds were also only recently finished and we try not to confuse things by showing factions outside of their natural habitats. Also, HW2 falls under my aegis and I’ve been working on this for around two years now so the instant action test maps I’ve made are HW2 centric and they are easy to fire up and record.

So yeah, no conspiracy. But I am a Vaygr sympathizer.


I will admit i got this to more to play HW1 than HW2. Though i do enjoy both games. My preference is HW1. It seems some of the older fans feel as i do since they started playing HW1 from the day it was released. While newer fans seem to like HW2 better because that is what they played first, then played HW1 afterwards. It matters not. If GB managed to keep the HW1 gameplay mostly intact we will enjoy BOTH games.

I think it is better this way. There are some things I want to find for myself, like watching that hatch open when I build my first destroyer, or seeing what they have done with the junkyard dog and the ghost ship. It would spoil it a bit to see everything before the game is out…

I think the reason was obvious. They knew that many of the assets and mechanics HW1 used to have will be lost as they ported HW1 content over to the HW2 engine which was different than HW1 naturally. So while many things remain the same some others have changed or be scrapped such as the fuel or (kamikazi & force attack - most likely). Now with the release getting closer these things popped out into daylight - after the people pre ordered. Marketing wise it makes sense.

I believe that’s why we saw so little of HW1 content even their 37minute video showed no combat at all imagine why?

I can life with the changes of course but it’s still somewhat disappointing that few of the core features of HW1 were scrapped out of laziness or due to complex ancient coding which surely could have been changed and altered to make the necessary arrangements for implementation with a little more time spend on it.

Anyway it’s no big deal I’m just glad they are doing this remastered edition. It was and still is one of my favorite game franchises nowadays.

I saw this video doing a great comparison of the Gardens of Kadesh on youtube. Alot of things stand out, but one that i haven’t seen mentioned at all yet. Here’s the Video. http://youtu.be/YyXvpQEQJyc

Your Mothership/Fleet is in the background (and I’m sure it’s whatever YOUR fleet is, depending on your play) in the classic “cinematic”, but notably absent in the Remaster. When the Cinematic starts, instead of slowly zooming into the mothership with the ambassador undocking (going thru your fleet along the way), It just focuses on the docking bay near instantly to help hide/mask that they don’t show the fleet in the same way. Near the end of the cinematic, the Mothership does appear on the Remastered end as the Kadesh approach, but no fleet still. HW2 Engine Limitations it seems. HW1 engine seemed so much more robust in everything but graphics :(.

I still can’t wait for the remaster, Though I know I will be playing the Remastered AND Classic versions for sure!

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I noticed that even without comparison, but i was like “oh, maybe it’s early build bug…” and now this is the smallest thing i worry about…

I’m not sure thats a limitation, probably they just hadn’t finished scripting the mission, but still wanted to show the cutscene. What I noticed was that the “ambassador” corvette in the original was a special model, with no gun turrets, but the remastered one is a standard heavy corvette with two turrets…

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It’s confirmed that ambassadors corvette was a placeholder.

Yeah I didn’t mention that since it’s been noted before already, and we’ve been informed that will be fixed before release

Watched coverage on mission 4 earlier… Is it just me, or does it seem like the dynamic difficulty that was in HW2 now in 1?

Dynamic difficulty was in HW1, it’s just that AFAIK HW2 had infinitely scaling dynamic difficulty while HW1’s was capped, eg you’d never get more than 5 frigates in mission 3 no matter how big your fleet was.

Speaking as somebody intimately familiar with the engine(s), format(s), etc - I disagree. HW1 did much less, and it was generally much more hard-coded. The HW2 ‘NIS’ (non-interactive sequence) format is many, many times more robust, capable, well formed.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with seeing HW1 as ‘better’ than HW2 or even HW:RM - but understand it’s an opinion. They’re very different beasts - but as each (HW1/HW2) is over a decade old, they’re both still beasts in terms of their codebase and many rough (though fondly remembered) edges.


Dynamic difficulty was in HW1 for sure. But not in any way close to the insanity of HW2. It was one of the things I hated the most about HW2. Getting punished for doing well. I remember having to scuttle a bunch of ships before entering the next mission just so I wouldn’t have to face an unbeatable wall of Vaygr heavy cruisers. I hope its not like that in HW1 Remastered.