Why is it always daytime?

is it always daytime when you load a character, ive done a number of save/quits at various times of the day and its always daytime when i load that character right after any save/quit, doesnt matter if i was in the middle of the night when i save/quit, middle of the day, just became night or just became daytime, it always loads as daytime, seemingly midday

edit… asked this question after seeing stuff about tubbies spawning and whether or not they spawned more during the day or at night and in my brief experience, i seemed to get more tubbies at night…

For some reason the devs just though that that time is ideal to start with. It’s just cosmetic anyway.

That Tubby at night myth is mostly based on confirmation bias and coincidence. I’ve done many Dust runs for Tubbies and I got plenty during the day, no issues there.