Why is it I can pound the hell out of Thorn and she just won't die?

So I’m kind of sick of running after a Thorn player, every hit landing and she ends up surviving and managing to kill me in a one on one close quarter duel. I don’t understand it.

If Gal’s DPS was nerfed, OK, but for ■■■■’s sake nerf the defense of these sniper characters who in no way should be able to best me close quarters and take the pounding they do.

Thorn is a lovely angel that has 0% hell. As there is no hell to pound out you are doing zero dps.

Although it states that Thorn is a sniper in her character description, she is not a sniper. She is a close to mid range character. Look at her skills. A close range multiple arrow shot with a wide spread. Effective at close range, pointless at sniper ranges. Her blight extends a mid range distance from her, unless you take the skill that increases it by double the amount, but that’s a decent ways down the helix tree. My last bit of evidence, a good Thorn will lose a sniper battle with a good marquis every time. The fact that she has to let the arrows charge for a few seconds to get reliable accuracy, for long distance shooting, makes her an unreliable sniper. Her ability to jump in and out of fights quickly, her huge maneuverability late game, and all her skills makes her an excellent mid to close range fighter. I will add that she is the perfect character to get rid of a Galilea. Her AOE attack, Nd the ability to run circles around her makes her one of the few characters that Galilea should really worry about. Thorn also has her own bad matchups as well though. A good Montana using his slowing shots can net the team an easy thorn kill. If you are able to hit her with the shield throw stun its really bad for her. Oscar Mike keeping his distance can be a nuisance. Melka is a huge pain for Thorn. Her own maneuverability and her great damage over time can deal with a pesky thorn quite easily. Marquis is very effective if he can keep her at a distance, same with Toby, but if she gets close he needs to run. Actually ran into someone who played a good whiskey foxtrot (literally the only person I’ve seen use him very effectively) and he was a giant Thorn in my side. Pun intended. Any melee character that can slow her can kill her quite easily. It all comes down to matchups. If you are Galilea, the worst idea is to face a fully mobile, high level thorn 1v1. Especially if you mis your shield toss. If the person is using thorn effectively anyway.

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Also as a sidenote, I don’t agree with the latest Galilea or Miko nerf. This is coming from someone who has never played them, but has played against them both many times. Both had their weaknesses, but the majority of people complaining haven’t figured them out yet

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I played both, the Miko nerf shoulda left the self-heal the same but reduced the AoE heal helix. The Gal nerf… instead of nerfing her, they should bring her in line with this Stevie Wonder-esque vision they allegedly have for what she ‘should’ be.