Why is it. I watch streamers youtubers go back to maliwan takwdown n legendaries are flying out

And i go and i dont see anything but purples and greens and maybe one leggo off kraken?

Wtf is going on anymore… The devs must think we all are like this… Ive lost hope for this game again because of this.

Are they playing a special version of the game?! I have 12 luck some times.more and i never see jack… Well maybe a jackhammer from Wotan… Like i did the other day.

I notice some ppl like.myself dont get any drops and other ppl its raining for them consistently.

That cant be just rng where a persons whole game sucks for weeks and days.

This game is depressive now.


Youtubers are playing advanced versions of the game. They have access to DLC, patches, and hot fixes early.

That’s why none of them are releasing content this week. They’re all playing the DLC that releases on Thursday and the patches. This allows them to make videos that will be ready the day the DLC releases and also allows Gearbox to have a group of outside playtesters giving input on what works and what is broken still.


How the hell can they tell gbx what is broken when its raining goodies for them?


Thats why this game sucks if theyre depepding on streamers and yt To tell them what’s wrong for so long.

Thats why we have dumb sbit like bighead mode cuz itll increase their views by roblox/minecraft kids on twitch?



No answer for that one, other than to say it explains a lot.

But one thing about BL3 that I never see mentioned is “Luck”.

Your base “Luck” is a fixed variable that is applied to your character at the moment it’s created. You can create two identical characters and one can have a much higher “Luck” than the other, and will throughout the time you use that character.

I have two Zanes. One has legendaries drop for him like candy. It’s been that way since he was create and he’s at max level now. The other I stopped playing at level 40, because by level 40 he had only found about a dozen legendaries. I could go farm Graveward with him and he would be lucky to get 1 or 2 drops per kill while the other Zane would average around 5 per kill.

I’ve never seen a thread about it, never even seen it mentioned here, but I’ve reproduced it on several different PCs using several different of my friends copies and accounts. Two identical characters can have drastically different base “luck” from the moment of creation, and that will carry through the entire life of that character.


I don’t know maybe you are just crazy unlucky. I don’t do it very often but that last 3 times I did it I got a plethora of M6 legendaries and MTD exclusive drops. Maybe my luck will dry up the next time I do it after this reply and go on a drought. :upside_down_face:

Im not alone… Theres 100s 1000s like.me… But theyve left the game because theyre smart and im not.

Anyways it can be 30 of us and one of u guys syaing everytbinga great and we are no longer relevant or matter. Lmao

There’s a thing called Edit,they also don’t show the countless times they themselves have not got anything,they only show a final polished product and the many followers who also give them them gear,I’m definitely not hating on them,I even like some of them,but to most of them it’s a business.


I had normal well drops. Until.mayhem 2.0 loot.the universe etc.

We had a gigantic forum.about wotan not dropping and there were ppl here saying he drops fine…
Literally… Had tons of us doing hundreds of runs nada.

They even made two hotfixes about it for takedown.
So pardon me if i feel some ppl are full of crap in general.

Anyways i used to.be able to get deducated drops well… Infact turning off mayhem makes legendaries fly out like a Pinata or whate er that thing u beat n candy flies out of is.

Ive tested n tried it ive up loaded feedback multiple times. Im sick of.this buggy piece of.garbage state

What mayhem mode are you playing? Are you in tvhm? Are you shooting wotan’s legs after the kill?

i ran takedown and i got good drops, playing in tvhm, m10 and shooting the legs.

That’s something I have been wondering about. Does NVHM or TVHM make a difference in the boss drops? I’ve seen the difference per M level but not vault hunter level.

Afaik, there is no difference, but who knows, some reporting they have no drop but i am getting tons on my runs and at least 2-4 dedicated drops.

This sounds like a conspiracy theory :face_with_monocle: usually I don’t react to these kind of posts and I don’t want to believe that I’m writing stuff like this (but I do), because if somebody, it’s me who doesn’t know too much about rng, about REAL NON-STOP FARMING and stuff like that. But I have around 800 hours in this game, which is… nothing I guess? But still, I feel your pain 100% and I saw your several posts which I couldn’t let it fly and I just had to react to this one. Been there, done that. It seems like these streamers are holding the leg of an RNGod. Actually, sometimes it feels like RNGod is holding the legs of these streamers. Both of them. They have everything. They are always prepared, it seems like they always find out the right formula for builds, for farming and everything. I can assure you, I never went beyond Mayhem 2 (in the Mayhem 2.0 system) because it’s just… not worth it for me. This game is bleeding in a lot ways. From bugs to drops, from rng to loot pools, from technical issues to everything. I resigned to things and I’m trying to enjoy the game (for the parts which can be enjoyed of course). I pre-ordered the Super Deluxe edition, because I’m with the series since BL1. Yeah, I was hyped at least like twelve F’s, “The biggest BL game we ever made”. “No micro-transactions or whatsoever”. Again, I feel your pain and this comment isn’t against you. I know this makes people even more mad, but chill out man. I went from that “hyped as twelve F’s” to disappointed after some months. Even though the reason for it is a bit different, but rng and stuff I wrote play part of it. “You can plan a pretty picknick, but you can’t predict the weather”.

I’ve asked myself that question several times. I’ll watch a streamer or video of an M10 run with the same class I’m using at the same Lvl and their results are (even along the way with the lower enemies) very different from mine. Only GB or the streamers can confirm what if anything is going on there, but I like to believe that it all comes back to RNG and luck. Maybe that’s a head in the sand view, but it helps keep me calm, suppress knee jerk reactions to things I can’t control and keeps me enjoying the play.

I play regularly with a friend who plays on Nvhm M10 and is always complaining about drops and we’ve had this same discussion before,I’m at Guardian rank 465 and 13+ into the green tree for luck and Tvhm M10 and have both wild swings of great drops to next to nothing,if I remember in Bl2 it increased badass frequency which meant better loot,Tbh i’m not sure this is the case in Bl3 and is still being debated as to wether it effects anything.

Not all of us got early access (sad torgue noises) and I always get generous drops from MTD. Puppy seems to be having some bad rng.

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They are the same.

That’s how it seems to me. I haven’t played TVHM as much as new, but when I did, I saw no discernible change in drops.

I get tons of drops from the Maliwan Takedown on every run. Maybe you know this or someone already said it, but are you shooting the legs of the Kraken/s and Wotan? That is where most of the drops come from.

“Just thinkin’ bout them legs. MMH!”