Why is it so INSANELY difficult to get good gear drops i.e. Epic and Legendary? Over 100 missions played, never get Legendary gear even on Advanced or Hardcore mode.. W T F!?

I’m played A LOT of missions (well over 100 now) and in all the time I’ve seen ONE legendary gear drop. I initially played on Normal mode which is when I found the ONE legendary I’ve ever seen drop but I started playing mostly Advanced or Advanced Hardcore after that. I’ve done many many successful Advanced mode runs on most of the missions… heck today I did a two man Advanced Heliophage and got a score of 150k and a Gold medal… got nothing but GREEN gear as a reward… All that hard coordinated teamwork and time spent to demolish Heliophage as a duo and we get some crappy green gear as a reward… just seems- wrong to me.

Since double xp started and the Advanced public queue went live I’ve been doing nothing but Advanced games in public queue usually with 5 people… I didn’t pay attention to the first few games (didn’t get any Legendary gear though) but out of the last 7 Advanced mode public games I’ve played I’ve got nothing but green gear and one blue gear. For the most part I’ve been getting gold medals or at least silver and the missions are completed as fast as you’d expect. We do good, kill most everything, have lots of extra lives, get any pickups/boxes/chests etc we see, obliterate the bosses, complete random challenges more often than not… what else am I supposed to be doing?

I don’t understand why I can never get a legendary… heck I almost never find epic gear either. Seriously… I don’t want to have to play hundreds of missions per legendary drop.

I feel like I’m doing something totally wrong here… like somehow something I’m doing on these missions is making it so legendary gear just will not drop. Some people have played less than half the amount of missions as I have and somehow they have 10 freaking legendaries from random or boss drops. What the hell? Seriously… what the hell is up with that? What am I doing that is so radically horrible beyond all comprehension that is preventing me from getting any good gear drops?

I’ve also spent 100,000 shards on gear packs a lot of them were the Epic gear packs and a good amount of faction packs too… didn’t get a single legendary out of spending 100,000 shards. How does that even happen? I thought statistically speaking I should have found a legendary after buying as many gear packs as I did… really I should have found several of them but at this point I would’ve been happy to just find one… but I didn’t.

Why am I so unlucky? I can’t figure out what it is I’m doing wrong… I mean, I suppose I may just seriously be outrageously unlucky beyond all reason and it may very well be that simple however I can’t help but feel like I’m actually doing something very very wrong.


Legendary is purple right? Epic is brown? I’ve played probably half as many games as you and I have at least the first row in my gear page with purple gear. Also 2 browns. I play only pve. Sounds like your getting hosed man. Im sorry.

Idk, I personally have played about the same maybe slightly more and have over 10, some drops some from epic packs. RNG is what it is I suppose “shrug”

It sounds like destiny where some get decent loot an others in the same time get absolute shat.

Rngesus just hates you


No, Epic Gear is purple. I have plenty of epics but I usually only find green or blue gear. Legendary gear is a grade above epic/purple which is what I never get. You apparently have 2 legendaries (which is twice as many as I have excluding Lore Challenge gear) while having played half as much as me…

Item rarity (in ascending order) is:

  • Common (White)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Orange)

/Edit: Got ninja’d on this one :smile:

As a long-time gamer, I know its hard to see from the inside perspective, but you’re actually not doing anything wrong.
Although there is always room for self-improvement in a game, loot drops are the only true exception to that.

As for mission rewards, I normally get Common or Uncommon gear from story missions, with the occasional rare item mixed in.
I have to say, I got my best gear pieces from faction packs. It also helps while looking for specific secondary stats.

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I feel you man. I’m approaching 50 hardcore runs on The Renegade trying to get one of Hylis’ juicy legendaries and none so far. Worst thing is that even should I eventually get lucky there’s this ugly chance I get bad stat rolls and it won’t really be worth using.

Crap sorry. I thinking of other loot games where purple is legendary. But yeah I played about 50 missions have 2 legendaries.

Also mostly on normal

I’ve played roughly 160 missions and have maybe 21-24 pieces of orange gear (not including character legendaries). All hail the RNG gods.

What do you do to gain favor with them?

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Dang man, I REALLY wish I had your luck. Should I start praying to Rendain? Should I do some sort of Varelsi chant or live blood sacrifices? I’ll do it man… you think I won’t but I seriously want some dang legendary gear… Tell me what I need to do!!! I will get on my hands and knees and beg Rendain while kissing his feet if I must…

Seriously though… you’re amazingly lucky compared to me. Like the exact opposite of me.

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I sacrificed my first born daughter, but I hear a virgin goat works just as well. Honestly, I guess I’ve just gotten lucky. Void’s Edge and The Algorithm seem to have high drop rates and I’ve done those quite a bit.

EDIT: Advanced/Hardcore difficulties seem to have higher drop rates as well so that could help.

I think sadly this is how it goes. The rich get richer. Peons keep getting sh*t

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See, I want a trade system because I hardly ever use any of it. I feel like such an ass because of it :disappointed_relieved:

cough* Gearbox? cough*

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Yea, it’s frustrating to put so much time and work in and get absolutely nothing while someone else can play 10 missions on normal mode and wind up with 5 or 6 legendaries just from that.

At this point, I wish there was some better/faster way to earn credits. Even if you’re super duper quick with beating missions or in PvP games it’s hard to earn a lot of credits quickly. Then again I’ve had no lucky at all buying gear packs so maybe it’s pointless anyways.

It’s like when I was in college my roomate studies a few hours per week I spend all my time studying he does better than me. Frustrating.

That’d be kind of cool actually. I have some gear I know other people would want (not legendary stuff mind you but good epics). For example, I don’t really play Marquis much but I have 3 pieces of gear that can all be used TOGETHER in the SAME loadout and combined have well over -50% Recoil meaning if Marquis picked the Helix option to reduce recoil he’d have 0% recoil… I’d have to imagine that’d be kinda nice. Or I have gear all combined to have 50% reload speed… but I use that myself sometimes on Oscar Mike, it’s kind of crazy really.

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@jjand302 made a thread about this. Feel free to add to the discussion :wink:

The rng gods hate you. I got 6 legendaries before I beat the game on normal. I feel bad for you

It makes me feel like I shouldn’t even be playing on Advanced or Advanced Hardcore anymore… if people are getting so many dang legendaries on normal mode I should just do that and demolish the missions super fast (or at least faster than on Advanced mode).

I friggin love Battleborn man… PvP is fantastically fun (other than the ridiculous matchmaking sometimes) and story mode on Advanced is fun but I tell you what, putting a huge amount of time and effort in trying to get gear that it seems like I’ll almost certainly never EVER get makes me want to just to move on.

There are legendaries that can be AMAZING for Miko (who I love to play as in PvP) for example and if I’m in a competitive versus match with another Miko (or even another support hero i.e. Reyna) who DOES have the gear he’ll do better than me even if I’m significantly more skilled than him. That’s really what bothers me. One of the legendaries I want increases sprint speed by 30% and I can use other gear with +sprint speed on it and be insanely fast (which makes a HUGE difference for Miko). There’s other great legendary gear for Miko too… like the one where every 6 seconds you drop a health pack on the ground that anyone on your team can pick up. Some lousy ass support player who happens to have some awesome gear can make a huge difference (or at least more than their own skills would normally allow) for their team even if they suck horribly and I’m amazing but have lame gear.

I can’t tell you how much more fun I’d have in Battleborn if I was able to get the gear I wanted… I just thought that maybe if I put enough time in trying to get some gear that I’d eventually get it… welp, after over 100 successful missions and 100,000 shards spent on gear packs I literally have NOTHING… AT… ALL to show for it. I want my damn shards backs.