Why is it that the laser sploder assault riffles don't work with my skins

i mean ive got pretty much every legendary weapon skin and the only one that looks good on it is the ink and kill. the thunder head, deep nebula, psychodelic, and even the butt dazzle don’t show any of there fun animations on it. it just changes the color of the gun but you lose all of the nice animations that usually come with legendary weapon skins. The only ones that still keep there original looks and animations is the ink and kill which is barely noticeable and the it’s poop! skin. i hope that they eventually address this even though it is a small annoyance but it is a heavily used gun in the game and from experience a very rare drop

Tell that to the 5 I have in my inventory xD

Well out of the 7 days worth of play time on Zane I’ve found 1 lol and beaten everything except a couple proving grounds trying to 100% all the maps and do them as I go. I had to tink hoarder farm for 3 days just to get one and I literally got pretty much every gun in the game from doing that lol I’ve even got every cute man and crossroads with every element and a couple Lyudas. Maybe I’ve just got the worst luck in the game. Although I had the luck artifact on with -75% health on tvhm mayhem 3 rofl figures