Why is krieg so popular?

I’m asking probably a dumb question but everyone seems to love krieg. I played him some in borderlands two and he didn’t really stand out. I was wondering if he was in the tales from the borderalands. It seems I’m missing something like with maya and all that. I’m not saying I don’t like him but I don’t have much backround to him.


AAAARRRGH! I like him for the craziness and madness he just is. A MEAT BICYCLE MADE FOR TWO!! When you reached the one cap stone SHUT-SHUT-SHUT-SHUT UP! he was such a madness Machine and I had just a lot of fun with him. WHO WANTS THE FIRST SLICE?! He was Really diffrent from all the other vault hunters. It was interesting to see his struggle with two DEATH-BIRTH! personalities.


He’s nutburgers insane, gets bonus XP from suicide bombing, and enjoys setting himself on fire. Plus he has the best lines.

He is pretty much the embodiment of Pandora’s craziness. He is absolutely insane, has 2 clashing personalities in one body and basically covers all kinds of things psycho enemies do, which makes it fun to play to give enemies some of their own medicine. But he has a sadness to his character due to how he is unable to communicate with others, which makes his love for Maya even more sad. And his sane personality even has a moral code to not shed the blood of the innocent and if the insane Krieg ever did harm to any innocent people the sane personality would kill them. There is just a lot of depth to his character(s).

Also, in my opinion he is one of the most well-designed characters in all of Borderlands as he has 3 distinct basic playstyles that work off each other, which makes switching builds very entertaining, which is helped even more with all the skill interactions he has going on.

Overall Krieg is pretty much the most Borderlands character possible, which makes him very likable.

But not everyone will like Krieg, that’s for sure. In the end it’s just personal preference if you like him or not.


in my opinion?
he was the vault hunter with most self-story development out of the most popular batch, the BL2 6.
He had his own personal deal with his insanity, two voices, an inside part other players didnt even hear, talking about his past to himself sometimes, and his own trailer.
Involving HIS story, and meeting maya, wich would develop in a huge ship that over some DLC lines and BL3 echos is pretty much accepted by GB now.

There’s also the theories that he could be tina’s dad, which i think were debunked so dont take my word for it either.
He is also a great insight into the slag experiments.
And needless to say, his gameplay is sweet as hell too. One of the most fun in BL2.


  • OG playable class with the most story to discover and theorize about
  • Gameplay on point
  • Biggest ship in the series with best girl
  • The fact that the developments of BL3’s worst part affect him personally is a huge hype train for what will happen in the DLC

What they said.
But also, Release The Beast and Bloodsplosion feels great, really kinetic and had an amazing sense of unstoppable momentum. Compete and utter badass.


Personally I like him because they captured the quintessence of the psycho which is the emblematic borderlands npc in a playable character. I really like the psychos they are so funny and Borderlands would not be the same without them, so it was an excellent idea to make one playable and give him all those psychos gimmicks, in addition it is well done and and enjoyable to play. It’s matter of taste here, so even if I explain it to you… What you really need is TO BE CONDUCTOR OF THE POOP TRAIN!
Also Krieg is not featured in Tales of Borderlands, he is not even mentioned here.


Potty/Demented/Sadistic humor. (GBX being very PC in BL3, and is something I miss from previous titles. They put too much emphasis on potty/child humor now, even though game is rated 18+,…)

As others have mentioned, using his action skills made you feel POWERFUL. We just use action skills to trigger anoints now.

In a tough fight being Krieg in BL2 surrounded by enemies? Wait till you are almost dead and then the slaughter starts.
Facing a bunch of loaders? Melt them with fire, not acid.
Low on health and AS isn’t up yet? Catch yourself on fire and others on fire to heal.

His best builds can be put together without much gear, as some of his best gear can come from story quests or easy farming or doing heavy damage with his action skill.
Easy Farm: kerrblaster/flame of the firehawk/UHarold(don’t even need DP)/Hellfire
It takes longer to get the best of the best gear. However, this will do fine on any OP level and can farm it all in one day.

'Cause I wrote a few guides for him. :dukecigar:

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Krieg was the only VH specifically designed for UVHM since he was released after that was out. So much better balanced and really fun to play.

Also there is this:


Let’s not forget his gameplay:

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I’m in the neutral camp on Krieg simply because I’ve never played him for more than 6 levels.

Not his fault, I just don’t like melee in the BL series, I can’t do it well. When I tried him I tried to make him into a sniper, with the horrible results you would expect.

Looking forward to seeing more of him in the DLC just to get more familiar with his character, if not his play style.

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Haha, that screen clutter is reminiscent of BL3 before they toned down the badasses with launchers.

I’d say part of it is his character design in being insane with 2 personalities in his head along with being a bandit psycho and the other part being that he was fairly easy to get to a ridiculously OP state once you played him enough to get up his skill trees a bit.

Little bit late now, but Krieg had some outrageous gun builds. Blood Bath at 10/5 alone gave 500% weapon damage after you killed an enemy with a grenade, along with downright insane fire rate and mag size bonuses.


Man I love Reaper builds :skull_and_crossbones:

This is what he’s talking about:


Or that Flesh Crunch :boom: :boom:


That makes me sad about Maya. Ah well.

I need to go back to Bl2 a play Krieg. Like @RavenOfArisia I also generally avoid playing melee characters/builds.

Is it confirmed that DLC 4 is going to center on him?

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Pretty much confirmed. Randy said we’d be going into the mind of a psycho, and the teaser is Krieg meditating. I’m guessing something similar to the Claptastic Voyage where we went into the mind of Claptrap.

Back when Fastball was God-tier :frowning: