Why is life so gross?

today i caim across an old but disgusting


This video is not suitable for young children viewers discretion is advised.

and i watched it? why did i? ■■■■ cant get image out of my head!

Lol very interesting

why would you post that let alone watch it ?

I had to I saw this and I thought I should

I’m wondering if this is against the forum rules, you know, posting this kidn of stuff of from YT without even saying in the title that it’s content is not suited for the younger ones.

I’m sorry I’ll edit.


Im not gonna watch that video but I know this is probely a good respons.

Didnt watch, but i can say that isnt the most disturbing thing that i have seen.

Yeah, why don’t I just… remove that video. Yeah. Bye bye.

@DarklordKioko, please do not embed videos that contain disturbing or graphic content, just provide a link. And always make a disclaimer before doing so.

Thank goodness.
Image is being stupid… imagine the eels good man here.

Okay I understand

Dammit I want to know!

EDIT: I didn’t realise this was 9 days old. I though this happened today.


I’m still curious though.

You are lucky.

I too am curious, and I likely have seen worse. It sounds interesting, whatever it is.