Why is Make It Sparkle with Sharing is Caring so broken?

I think the Hoplite actually gets really bad because the health penalty increases for every one on the field? But I might be thinking about UCP version.

I would never take Unstoppable Force if that speed buff weren’t my favorite thing for this. But her trees really are super counter intuitive. Sure. BSS has a drawback, so maybe another shield skill is nice. And actually, it does work…okay…with the Terra. But any and all “instant delay” skills irk me in general. Cause that ruins both melee and Firehawk shields. There’s nothing worse than using the firehawk and having it start to recharge, but never make it back to full. It’s just so upsetting to know you lost your wave walker.

But Shock Storm, a critical Kill skill, on a character who is designed to barely crit SUCKS. Like. Maybe it could have been an Overkill Skill. Or someone made a mod where it procced if the death was caused by Shock. Is that too strong? Idk. How often do you have enemies get hit by it? Idk. Now, you could argue it’s more for DT kills and the Critical thing was just a toss on for Gaige…but the way they wrote it suggests the DT part was the tack-on. I mean. Right now. I realize DT might end up causing more deaths with my new build so it might be worth it…but. Does a DT Shock Storm get any Wires Benefits? What’s the DoT like? Hmmmm.

Can a critical melee kill proc it?

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http://www.blstats.com/skilldamage.php doesn’t differentiate between who triggered it so seems like Gaige’s elemental multiplier should apply … If only there were ways to test such things …


I guess I’ll have to see if I can test it when I get the chance. I’m not sure if I’ll find a tool or anything to accomplish that. But. Who knows. I just need a day off to do it.

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Shock Storm blast radius is really, really small.
Last time it was discussed, the damage seemed ok but the range didnt really hit anything near.

What is a shame, as it could be a nice option for Catalyst builds.


If the black hole was also a roid, this would make a with claws build ridiculous :joy::sob:


Just some DT action on the old Level 72

This still works at L80, in OP levels though Gaige needs to help DT.

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I also commented this on one of these youtube videos : " not sure slag is the best element to sparkle him with. If they’re mostly flesh use fire and throw some homing teslas (legendary equivalent from gaige). Vs mostly armor sparkle him corrosive. And keep an accurate slag weapon (low anarchy ?) on gaige to slag tough nuts for him …

slag vs slagged * 1.5 ; fire vs slagged health * 1.75 * 3 ; corrosive vs slagged armor * 1.75 * 3. Its the elemental splash you care about most, not his non-elemental melee …"

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I agree, with the previous set up that I have I used the Grog and Chain for emergency heals. Use a slagga for slagging, a weapon to make DT sparkle and a harold (my second wind). However while slagging the enemies, I always hit DT changing his sparkle to slag.

So now I changed it to Magic Missile as my slagging tool. and use a moxxi (heartbreaker, hail, kitten) as my main to keep DT in the correct element.



I’m actually working on an idea, gotta get the skill points just right, for a build that’ll take advantage of the SparkleRoid. I don’t normally match elements because I like having four entirely different weapons, but I’m gonna try this concept of “Clinical Cha0s”. That’s gonna rely on a combination of a sparkly DT, DFA Loops, IO, and Slag singularity grenades to see if I can make Shock Storm do work. Matching Elements should make it so me and DT just melt stuff together. My main aim for that build is to use Railers. Because they can hit an enemy or two, then a surface and proc a no penalty Close Enough, and sometimes, nth degree. A well placed Railer shot could hit as many as five or six enemies.

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Although Make it Sparkle can be useful, I really don’t like it as a capstone, I just wind up getting it by happenstance at this point, because I spec fairly heavily into her shock tree. To be totally honest I really hate Anarchy as a skill and even a concept with the way it’s presented in the game. So I don’t really play very Anarchy heavy builds as is (never really above 200 stacks) although it is very difficult not to use since almost all of her real DPS is tied to it. The general arrangement of her skill trees, and the counter intuitive nature of several of her skills are something I’ve been lobbying against since before the release of the UCP, but she really didn’t get much love from it. Anyways Make It Sparkle can be useful for helping Deathtrap deal with machines if you give him the corrosive bonus, since they are a little more resistant to melee damage, that’s why I like to also use The Impaler on him as well, since it gives him that spike damage as well. I still believe The Hide of Terramorphus is probably the best shield for him if not just a really high tier shield for him. Truly I really wish that Wires Don’t Talk and Upshot Robot were her capstones in those respective trees with some larger buffs, and her capstones were just game changers. I requested that in the UCP, but I’m not even sure if that’s possible, nor do I think anyone even cares since Gaige doesn’t really seem to be a priority. I’m sorry if I sound kind of bummed out. I’ve spent too much time on Youtube and made the foolish mistake of reading some comments and engaging in some “conversations” on why playing as Gaige is possible WITHOUT pre-stacking then Shamfleeting your way through mobs. People really believe that’s the ONLY way to possibly play Gaige and also the best way to play as her. Quick question does anyone know for certain which skills (shield ones in particular) that also affect Deathtrap that aren’t listed? I remember someone figuring out that Made of Sterner Stuff gives you a fair amount of fire resistance, although that isn’t mentioned on the card, so I was wondering if any of that kind of stuff is going on between Gaige and Deathtrap with some of her other skills.

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I too am not a fan of HOW Anarchy works, and was trying to think up how I’d remake it, and my basic idea was to rebrand the tree as the Anarchist Cookbook, and start with some kind of “adds splash damage at cost of…” And hadn’t figured out the trade off. But basically the tree would focus on making splash damage do more stuff. Increased DoTs. That kind of stuff. I intended for there to also be a “Making The Monster” tree instead of BFF and an early skill there would be “The Monster Made Me” which would be the claws. And then each tree would have a crossover skill that didn’t need the other skills, but greatly benefited. So like, the shock tree would have a “your melee does shock damage” which would be BETTER because you had claws. And the shock Anarchist crossover would be something like the splash damage having the higher DoT chance. And the Capstone of Anarchist would be that, when DT loses all health, he singularity explodes.

But yeah, I refuse to prestack. BUT I will go hunt Varkids in tundra to warm up.

The free time I have to play is scarce enough, I refuse adamantly to waste that with pre-stacking. Rational Anarchist and Typecast Iconoclast get me going fast enough. The only place with literally not a single enemy between Gaige and a target is when I farm Uranus and there’s no need to pre-stack there.

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One person made a mod to turn Rational into an instant 600, but that’s only fun if you’re trying to make claws work without roid or just want to drop DFA FOREVER. I was just using it because “well, people prestack, this is just instant pre-stacking” turns out. I actually enjoy the experience of gaining power as I go more.

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The only time I pre-stack is when raiding.
Playing LBT allows me to kill with DoT until the stacks start going crazy.

This is amazing on paper, especially if you use the Quasar to group and spread EB. The main problem is SS range.
Maybe even a regular Catalyst with +5 or +6 in SS tied with WDT and EE boost. You give up EB chance and IO, but get damage from SS.

Railers do bypass targets?

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I think this build would be using the slag singularity to keep the damage from everything higher. But a quasar could be awesome too.

And yeah, native ricochet cancel CE penalty

The Ricochet and CE synergy?

Wait, hold on, gotta read this

singularity grenades Don’t roll to apply effect … It will NEVER slag. They just do the pull and impact elemental damage. So slag singularity not so hot since slag has poor elemental damage multipliers all round (*1 vs flesh/armor/shield) Never worth picking up IMHO

actually , testing this at a different point on different char with different singularity slag grenade … there was a roll to slag … So maybe they all do roll to slag ( pure failure on my part) or - much less likely some of them don’t roll to slag … still failure in my part for generalizing with small test sample size…

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Looks like a quasar and a slag slow hand it is!

Looks like I gotta do some testing this weekend. I read stuff before and NOW I have to verify it. Even so, target piercing remains a good thing to have… But now I have to test this more thoroughly. Damn it, internet

Interesting, but as Anarchy is now it’s not TOO bad it’s just not well realized. Although changing splash damage mechanics would be freaking beastly. Lol. So I’d love to see an idea that cool fully realized. What I proposed some time ago is just retooling Anarchy as a bookending skill. So you start the skill tree with Anarchy and you end the tree with Anarchy. I would completely get rid of With Claws, because in all honesty it is a ridiculously half done skill that should NOT be a capstone. But With Claws would have worked better as a game changer. As far as the capstone goes I would have done something I call Anarchy Pro. Essentially it’s Anarchy, but better as the name suggests. I’d change the values as so and add others
Gun Damage: +1.00% per stack
Accuracy: -0.50% per stack
Fire Rate: +0.50% per stack
Reload Speed: +0.75% per stack
These are just some numbers I’ve been floating around, but it’s just really a proof of concept. Also by getting to this capstone I’d give her a new “unlocked” skill that’s only available if you take this capstone, which augments how Discord works, and I’d rename it… Discord Pro.
Discord Pro
+8% Health Regen per second
+75% Accuracy
+50% Movement Speed
+3 Bullet Regen (Not Sure How BL2 Works Out Bullet Regen. LOL)
Now these both seem pretty powerful potentially which they would be, but the downside I would have for both of them after taking Anarchy Pro is that you can now acquire “Anarchy Debt” This means your stacks can fall below 0 and into negative values. This deactivates your Anarchy until your stacks go above 1 and you stack from there. Also dying gives you -50 Anarchy stacks now. Also running Discord Pro, below 0 will give you health regen, but none of the other bonuses and cause you to gain negative stacks.