Why is Make It Sparkle with Sharing is Caring so broken?

I know about the ricochet, my doubt was about the bypassing :smile:
The only E-Tech Im used are Vladof Blasters, the Topneea and PC. Dont exactly know about the properties of the others.

I think the Quasar would get the most from the setup itself, as you are specing down the LBT and probably using the Catalyst COM.

Edit: let me know about your results!

I know for sure that Railers Pierce bodies. But I definitely need to find out about damage. It’s not a big loss either way, but that means I also have to check the Yellowjacket. Lol.

Weird vaguely related question: does anyone know how to format a build guide to look nice? I mean, I just finished hell month at work, so I can probably learn, but if anyone here wants to co-op with me on this, I’m totally down :joy:

Pretty much all the formatting code stuff you need is in this guide:

That should contain everything for both BL2 and TPS you’re likely to need. Otherwise, just take a look at some of the other guide threads. There’s a bit more esoterica (tables! spoilers!) in here: NEW FORUM BASICS.

If you get stuck, feel free to send me a PM. BTW, it may be easier to create your own PM draft to start writing up in - that way you can check the formatting as you go. Then you can just copy/paste to a new post and you’re done!

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Oh, yes. I was actually going to PM my friend on here with it to edit and see what they thought as I went, so definitely gonna do that. Thanks for the link! I just gotta get the time to do it! Super stoked to share though.

Railers do turn into half damage on a Close Enough. That was incredibly disappointing.

The Yellowjacket on the other hand does way more damage than the card and I can’t even figure it out. Card reads 290k. Direct hit is 801k. CE hit is 574k. Direct Critical is 1335k. Spalsh is 348k…


Also. the wiki said the YJ had native ricochet. It does not. Which really makes me look stupid for saying it did multiple times.

Minus bone
Direct : 576k
Splash : 250k
Crit : 960k
CE: 413k
Card: 290k

And because y’all are cooler than the other people I was talking to. Peak open card READS
Damage to dummy is


Damn it. I did this with BAR on

No bar. No bone. Only skill is CE.
Card 290
Direct 494
Splash 203
Crit 785
CE 349

SO. Here we go. A CE will cut a damage in half. But. The splash stays full.

No bar, peak opener shocket does 1995k. Thats still like, triple card value. And it’s all splash.

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